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Telemedicine is the Fastest Growing Segment of Medicine: Increase Access to Healthcare and Promote Continuity of Care

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Integrating Telemedicine in your practice

Empire Medical Training’s “Integrating Telemedicine in your Practice” course offers an unbiased viewpoint of the fastest growing segment of medicine. Telemedicine can help improve access to care for your patients, can help provide better health care, and provides an on-demand resource for your patients. IF these reasons are not enough to integrate Telemedicine, know also that Physician providers of Telemedicine are also increasing their practice revenue, reducing practice overhead, and improving their work and personal Lifestyle. Physicians from around the nation have developed thriving new practices using Telemedicine and the additional reach and power that Telemedicine provides. To reap these same benefits, you must fully understand the inner workings of Telemedicine and understand how to be compliant with your Board of Medicine as well as with Medicare and other Insurers. There are many guidelines and strategies for achieving success with Telemedicine and that is the design of this course.


In this instructional course we will go over all the pros and cons associated with integrating Telemedicine as well as a review of technologies available to transition or acquire additional patients. Newer telemedicine platforms now integrate with your EMR, allow for billing of Medicare and commercial insurance companies, and is user friendly with a number of features.

Telemedicine, when integrated properly , will be a welcome new feature to your practice and this course will provide you with detailed training on how to integrate Telemedicine into your practice. The following is a brief overview providing a short list of some of the advantages to consider with Telemedicine:

Advantages | Benefits of Telemedicine

  • Clinicians can extend their patient base beyond brick-and-mortar facilities, extending hours, and creating new and more convenient models for their patients.
  • Improves patient engagement with remote monitoring allowing physician interaction with their patients to engage them in pro-active, self-care.
  • Expands access to care to reaches more patients such as the elderly, chronically ill, or remote urban areas.
  • Improves clinical workflows and increases practice efficiency, telemedicine reduces practice overhead as patients fill the void for canceled appointments and does not require additional personnel.
  • Increases practice revenue.
  • Reduces patient and physician costs.
  • Improves healthcare quality.
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Integrating Telemedicine


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Empire has designed this instructional course for practitioners to review all of the latest technologies available to assist in blending telemedicine within a present practice as well as presenting the various rules and regulation to achieve this integration.  In particular, Empire will educate the attendee on the following considerations to successfully integrate telemedicine in your practice:

  • Licensing & Credentialing Requirements for regulatory bodies (FDA & CMS)
  • Regulatory Obligation
    • Different States (practice to patient)
    • State Board of Medicine Permissions – initial requirements
    • Other Regulatory Obligations and Privilege (hospital credentialing etc.)
  • HIPAA Privacy and Security (employee and software/technologies requirements)
  • Technology Requirements & Integration Considerations
    • Staff Training
    • Ancillary Diagnostic Devices
    • Integration with present EMR and Workflows
  • Billing and Coding
    • Facility Fees and Professional Fees
    • Location Billing Services – Reimbursement Scales
  • Marketing Essentials
    • Patient Onboarding
    • Getting Patients to utilize new telemedicine services
    • Promoting the Advantages of Telemedicine to Patients

Implementing telemedicine services is not just about the investment in systems and does require knowledge of the laws and the efforts of everyone involved to make it happen.  Practices need to be able to adapt and innovate to be successful in telemedicine and Empire Medical training will give you the necessary knowledge to create new telemedicine services.  If done correctly, telemedicine will add new revenue streams for your practice and increase your bottom line for years to come.

Empire Medical Training utilizes the resources board-certified physicians who perform these telemedicine procedures who will share their numerous years of experience and identify the benefits and pitfalls to ensure success.  They will review all of the topics above as well as the level of integration that works for you.  Transitioning a small or large part of your practice in telemedicine services helps position your practice moving forward.

Telemedicine is growing at over 15% per year and will continue to grow as a new model in healthcare.  We live in a digital age and as technology improves and develops this new aspect of medicine will continue to grow due to advantages to physicians and patients.  Don’t miss out on the latest in medicine – telemedicine and telehealth.

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Certification & Course Materials:A Certificate of Completion is awarded to all attendees who successfully complete the course materials and testing.  Attendees receive complimentary access to the color manuals, ancillary materials presented, and administrative forms through our physician portal allowing attendees to begin positioning your practice to incorporate telemedicine upon completion of the training.

This course includes references to present FDA, CMA, and state laws, this new segment of medicine and the requirements can change and be updated by states in the future.  Learn from our expert physician faculty who presently perform telemedicine services routinely and will provide you the invaluable tips on how to optimize these services for your medical practice. 

Join your colleagues and friends by adding new services that benefit both the physicians and patients as well as take advantage of the additional incremental revenue and patient satisfaction for years to come.


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Upon completion of this program, attendees will have a thorough understanding of the following concepts:

  • Acquire the necessary understanding of including telemedicine and telehealth can do for your medical practice and patients to enhance care.
  • Understand the immediate benefits and possible pitfalls incorporating telemedicine procedures.  Review federal guidelines and insurance regulations in regards to out-of-state physicians performing telemedicine services.
  • Review latest telemedicine technologies and software, HIPPA requirements, and integration and compatibility with various EMR software.  Ranking of most popular types of telemedicine software and expected costs.
  • Gain a full understanding of the limitations of telemedicine and telehealth including billing, lower reimbursement for rural areas – the reimbursement rates are associated where the patients are and not necessarily where your practice resides.  
  • Understand the various compliance issues for our-of-state physicians in relation to employee training, prescribing, and limitations of procedures.  Learn the most common forms of telemedicine and telehealth presently being utilized.
  • Review the other ancillary technologies presently being used for diagnostic purposes in telemedicine and telehealth applications in substitution of the physical exam requirement.
  • Review the possible capital cost requirements, patient onboarding issues, and investment of time and efforts in creating this new profit center.
  • Acquire the necessary product information, pricing and marketing strategies associated with the procedure. Discuss specific marketing techniques to help promote and position yourself as a leader in telemedicine services and how to grow these services outside your present market area.

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Integrating Telemedicine in your practice - Agenda

time description
8:30am–9:00am Registration.

Introduction by Empire Medical Training and Physician Instructor, Overview of Integrating Telemedicine in your Practice, Review of Agenda/Objectives


Review present federal guidelines in offering telemedicine and telehealth procedures within your present medical practice.  Discuss the benefits and advantages of offering these services for both physician and patients.  Review shortcomings and limitations of telemedicine and telehealth services.

10:30am-10:45am Break

Review different business models that are presently being utilized and to what extent by various medical practices.  Discuss malpractice insurance, state registrations, and other federal, state, and possible local requirements.  Review most common medical services presently being incorporated through telemedicine.




Introduction to the array of software and video technologies specializing in telemedicine and telehealth including cost, scalability, billing options, and integration into EMR applications.  Discuss ancillary, portable diagnostic solutions and other devices to enhance telemedicine services.

2:30pm-2:45pm Break

Step-by-Step guidelines and items to complete before offering telemedicine services, how to plan for these new services, and administrative concerns in integrating these new services.  Marketing these new services; identify your target area (local or remote areas), national or states, and specific marketing strategies to promote your new business model.  Discuss patient on-boarding of present patients and what to expect integrating new telemedicine services.

4:00pm-5:00pm Questions and Answers – we are sure you will have many…

DISCLAIMER: Agenda listed above is for reference only and may be subject to change. The final agenda will be emailed to you a few days prior to your course. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact our office at 866-333-6747.

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