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Your Solution for Group Education

Are you a physician, dentist, or nursing group, hospital, or healthcare organization looking to provide the highest quality and personalized training to your organization?

If so, you have come to the right place, as Empire Medical Training not only has a plethora of resources but also has over 25 years of experience in training organizations, ranging from small to large groups, just like yours.

Whether you are based in the USA or outside the USA, Empire Medical Training has delivered customized training programs throughout the world, including programs in Australia, Hong Kong, South America, and many more.

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Areas of Focus

Empire Medical Training is proud to be the only teaching organization offering a full curriculum in Aesthetics, General Medicine, Anti-Aging, Pain Management, and Practice Marketing and Management. With over 52 courses and topics to choose from, ranging from beginner to the most advanced levels, you can be sure to adequately train your group.

Methods of Training

Empire is known for offering the most effective and varying training options that includes:

methods in person live patient hands on training

Group Training

The best solution to educate your entire medical staff. Ideal for small or larger groups (10–150 students per day)

methods on demand education

In-Person, Live Patient, Hands-On Training

Immerse yourself in the procedure you are learning through comprehensive fully immersive education.

methods on demand education

On-Demand Education

Discover online learning for the ultimate convenience. Continue your education journey while staying at your practice.

methods livestream qa

Livestream with Q&A

Receive answers to your medical questions from our faculty of industry experts after watching your chosen course.

methods preceptorship education

Preceptorship Education

Learn at your facility or ours with private one-on-one education to satisfy your short and long-term professional goals.

25 years of group training picture

25 Years of Group Training

Each option offers unique benefits for the individual; however, for larger groups, Empire offers a highly structured, cost-effective mechanism to provide training to your group.

Empire has developed and implemented a training model that has been successfully utilized over the past 25 years to train physician groups of up to 150 students in a single day (larger groups may require additional days).

“When it comes to group training, EXPERIENCE becomes an important differentiator among trainers.”

Stephen Cosentino, D.O.

President of Empire Medical Training

faculty picture

Top 6 Reasons to choose Empire Medical Training for your Hospital or Group



Most Complete Curriculum from beginner to advanced levels

While many groups contact us for training in Aesthetics, Anti-Aging, or Pain Management procedures, Empire has extensive knowledge, skills, and experience in other areas of medicine. It is not uncommon to receive requests to provide training for groups in more obscure medical topics.

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Categories of Training



Empire offers a wide range of topics in various procedures, from beginner to advanced levels. Some examples include botulinum toxin training, dermal fillers, body contouring injectables, collagen-boosting biostimulators, facial anatomy and cadaver studies, Sculptra, complications mastery, and much more.



We also cover all procedures and topics in Functional Medicine. Some examples include hormone therapy, IV nutrition, pellet therapy, stem cells, and much more. Our offerings extend to physician medical weight loss, allergy testing and treatment, peptides and their treatment, sexual dysfunction, and more.



In addition to these, Empire provides various topics in medicine, such as Dermatology Procedures for primary care practices, advanced smoking cessation therapy, vascular ultrasound, and more.



For those interested in interventional pain management, we cover all procedures and topics, including spinal injections (fluoroguided facet joint, sacroiliac, epidural), large and small joint injections, trigger point injections, prolotherapy, viscosupplementation therapy, stem cells, and much more.



Our programs also focus on helping you grow your practice, attract patients, and learn advertising fundamentals. Some examples include the Blueprint for Success in Aesthetics, advanced practice marketing, advertising and promotion for the digital age boot camp, key steps to operating a medical spa, and much more.


Fully Customizable and Flexible Training Options

You may create a custom program that best suits your team. Empire has a dedicated team of professionals who will work with you to help plan and customize your training. In addition to an account manager, you will work with our Director of Group Sales and Empire’s Chief Medical Officer (CMO), a Board-Certified Physician Practitioner.

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We Have An Answer for Every Question

What procedures or topics does your team need training in?

You will work closely with our CMO and others to customize the ideal training for your team. In some cases, clients know the procedures they want to learn, while in other cases, you may need to customize a plan with input from our CMO.

Where will the training take place?

Our team will collaborate closely with you to determine the optimal location, which may indeed be at your facility. Depending on the circumstances, our training team may conduct on-site training at your location or recommend a nearby hotel. In some cases, training at a local hospital or laboratory facility might also be suggested.

What medicines are needed?

Working with Empire’s Chief Medical Officer (CMO), you will be fully prepared to answer which medicines are appropriate in which instances.

Additional questions our admin and medical team will assist with:

All procedures and topics in interventional pain management. Some examples include spinal injections (fluoroguided facet joint, sacroiliac, epidural), large and small joint injections, trigger point injections, prolotherapy, viscosupplementation therapy, stem cells, and much more.

Business and Marketing

How can we arrange hands-on training with live patient volunteers?

What consent forms and documents are required for my practice?

These are all considerations that will be addressed.



Expert Team of Physicians, Assistants, and Administrative Personnel on Location

One of the most important factors when deciding on training, regardless of the topic, is the skill, qualifications, and expertise of the leading physician faculty. Empire is proud to be among the FEW organizations, if not the only one, led by an expert team of physician trainers. The quality of the training you receive is directly proportional to the level of expertise of your instructor.

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Distinguished Faculty

One of Empire’s most distinguishing factors is the caliber and reputation of the physician trainers who lead the training. Our trainers are renowned, board-certified physicians who operate highly successful practices and are typically the go-to practitioners in their geographic location for patients seeking specialized procedure care. (None of our trainers are retired, seeking part-time work, as you might find with other organizations.)


Administrative Team

One of Empire’s most distinguishing factors is the caliber and reputation of the physician trainers who lead the training. Our trainers are renowned, board-certified physicians who operate highly successful practices and are typically the go-to practitioners in their geographic location for patients seeking specialized procedure care. (None of our trainers are retired, seeking part-time work, as you might find with other organizations.)

Learn from Prestigious Medical Key Opinion Leaders

Shino Bay icon

Shino Bay Aguilera, MD


Azza Halim icon

Azza Halim, MD


Sebastian Cotofana icon

Sebastian Cotofana, MD


Sheila Barbarino icon

Sheila Barbarino, MD, FAAO, FAACS, FACS


Ramtin Kassir icon

Ramtin Kassir, MD


Chris Croley icon

Chris Croley, MD


Gamil Makar icon

Gamil Makar, MD


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Robert Stall, MD


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Robert Bader, MD


Discover 50+ Faculty


Experience Defines Us

No other organization can compare to Empire’s extensive experience and expertise in providing specialized training to both small and large groups! Empire is the go-to choice for hospitals and other larger groups seeking specialized training in the areas of Aesthetics, Anti-Aging, Pain Management, Medicine (all subspecialties), Practice Marketing, and Practice Management. Over the past 25 years, Empire has graduated over 175,000 practitioners, and among them, thousands have participated in our Group Training program.

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Pricing and Tuition

Empire offers a pricing structure that is both fair and competitive. By following the concept of ‘Economies of Scale,’ we can pass on the cost savings and advantages that come with providing goods and services to larger groups. When training larger groups, we offer volume discounts as well. Empire also maintains a unique ‘Empire-Wow-Price-Guarantee™’ that ensures you receive the lowest tuition for comparable training.

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We have noticed a common theme among hospitals and other organizations: they often request that their privacy and confidentiality be upheld. While we may collect images and videos (without revealing names or specific client information), we will not share written information or photos of your hospital or organization with our client base or any other parties.

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Success Stories: A Look Into Our Group Training

Empire Medical Training has demonstrated exemplary experience in delivering specialized training to both large and small groups in the United States and abroad. Below, you will find a few written examples of training provided by Empire Medical Training since 2008 (although Empire has been providing training since 1998).

Examples from 2017–2023


Texas Hospital System

Empire Medical Training customized a program on NEUROTOXINS for 36 resident physicians at a hospital system in Texas (to maintain confidentiality).

It was decided that the most effective training method for this specific group was to offer virtual training followed by in-person, hands-on training at their facility in Texas.

Empire provided on-site training, utilizing our team of trainers, which included numerous top-tier aesthetic physicians, assistants (Nurse Practitioners who are also expert aesthetic injectors and maintain their own practices in their respective states), and the Empire administrative team.

Medical School Teaching Organizations VENUES

Empire has provided group training at various Medical School Systems including

cornell university columbia university irving medical center rosalind franklin university unlv college of medicine central florida vanderbilt university the university of texas at dallas loyola university chicago ucla los angeles university of california ucRiverside university of california, irvine

Physician Group

A common scenario involves providing training in aesthetic procedures. Over the past several years, Empire has offered training to large physician groups in basic aesthetic techniques, including neurotoxins, dermal fillers, and surface treatments for the skin (e.g., chemical peels and microdermabrasion). Many groups request this initial ‘basic’ training to identify the best candidates for performing more advanced techniques in their practices later on.

Nursing Organization

Empire was approached by a well-known organization to provide comprehensive aesthetic training for their member nurses. The group was limited to 40 Nurse Practitioners. A key focus of this group was to ensure safety and correct technique were shared throughout, and that they learned a standard of care to prevent unwanted complications and side effects. Empire recommended initiating the program with a comprehensive course in facial anatomy, which is an ideal way to learn how to avoid complications in aesthetics. This was followed by training in various injectables, including neurotoxins, fillers, sclerotherapy, and laser treatments.

Internal Medicine/Family Physicians

In 2021, Empire Medical Training was proud to be chosen by a hospital system (under confidential terms) to provide training to internal medicine and family physicians in performing dermatologic procedures. Their objective was to ensure that their primary care physicians had a foundational level of knowledge and could either treat patients or refer cases requiring intervention by a dermatology specialist.

Livestream/Virtual Education

In 2020, Empire was among the first to develop a highly effective, unique virtual training platform that includes live stream broadcasts. Our students expressed the need for the live component delivered by our physician team to enhance the experience and make it more comprehensive and effective.

Examples from 2008–2016

National Healthcare System

Empire delivered pain management training to a national healthcare system. Their Director of Medical Education collaborated with Dr. Cosentino (Empire’s President and Founder) to create a customized program that integrated at-home ‘virtual training’ with in-person hands-on training. The group, consisting of over 130 physicians, successfully completed and obtained their certification in ‘Non-Spinal Joint Injection Procedures.’ All of our programs are accredited for AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ (CME).

Florida Dental Association

In 2008, Empire Medical Training was proudly chosen by the FDA (Florida Dental Association) to provide training to their member dentists in Neurotoxin injections. The training took place in Miami Beach, Florida, and upon completion, approximately 150 dentists proudly received their certification from Empire Medical Training. During this program, Empire enlisted expert trainers, including renowned plastic surgeons and others with expertise in performing aesthetic procedures. When conducting training for larger groups, it is essential not only to provide the most qualified physician trainers but also to ensure the correct ratio of physician trainers to students to guarantee a successful educational event.

Global Education

Hong Kong: Empire provided training on various days throughout the year to a group in Hong Kong interested in learning a variety of anti-aging and aesthetic procedures. The training was conducted in small groups of 25 physicians at different times during the year. Empire dispatched several physician trainers to their location, and upon completion, the physician practitioners received certificates of completion.

Australia: In 2015, Empire Medical Training traveled to Australia to offer training in hormone management and regenerative techniques. In this case, Empire led the training, but we were assisted by Australian physicians who contributed their expertise in various techniques and procedures.

From 1998–2007

25,000 Physicians Trained

Empire began offering training in all areas of medicine in 1998. While our ‘group training’ option was not fully developed at that time, Empire had already trained over 25,000 physicians, nurses, and dentists through a combination of in-person classroom training, on-site preceptorship, and large-group training.

Success Stories

Witness the inspiring firsthand accounts from Empire students, demonstrating that with unwavering determination, success is not only achievable but inevitable.

Certified Plaque Empire

Board Certification Pathways

The American Academy of Procedural Medicine offers Board Certification Pathways for Physicians in Aesthetics, Anti-Aging, and Pain Management. Call today to find out how to get your Certification Plaque FREE.

Get Board Certified
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