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Hands-On Training in Medical, Alopecia, and Aesthetic Applications for PRP and Stem Cell Therapies.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments for aesthetic purposes have grown increasingly popular as patients learn about the procedures’ many benefits, both long-term and permanent. Because PRP treatments cost between $600 - $1,800 per patient (depending on indications aesthetically or medically), physicians can increase cash revenues with little or no capital expenditure.

PRP treatments can be the ideal complement to other aesthetic injectable procedures, including Botulinum Toxin-A and dermal fillers. What’s more, PRP therapies can be easily incorporated into any type of medical or aesthetic practice.

During PRP procedures, the patient’s blood is separated via a variety of techniques, which extract a concentration of autologous platelets. When activated, these platelets release adhesive glycoproteins (vitronectin, fibronectin, and fibrin) as well as growth factors, which form a fibrin mesh beneath the tissue.

Prerequisite Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Training: Workshop registrants can access all prerequisite and preparatory course materials using Empire’s state-of-the-art educational portal ( The practitioner portal also includes vital information you will need for your practice, such as treatment forms, consent forms, patient intake forms, before/after photos, and much more).

You must complete the prerequisite coursework, which includes video, lecture presentations, and didactic materials (full-color manual) before attending the live patient practice hands-on training. You may also choose the Empire-Virtual-Training™ and watch the required “live” presentations on your mobile device. Instructors encourage participant engagement through our online “chat “option. Each “virtual” session includes dedicated time for Q and A.

Live patient hands-on practice training is offered through live workshops (see full calendar), Centers of Excellence (see calendar), and custom preceptorships (call to schedule). The PRP Live patient practice training is conducted in the afternoon. To view our complete AGENDA with course details and start and finish times, click on AGENDA.

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Workshop Includes

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Perform techniques on a live patient during your practice session.

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Specialized Group Training

Practice stations are organized into groups to facilitate peer-to-peer technique exchange.

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Pre-Course Videos

Explore didactic training covering anatomy, product expertise, prevention of complications, and more.

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Live Q&A

Receive answers to your medical questions from our faculty of board-certified industry experts.

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Get your vibrant, full-color workbook with ample space for note-taking throughout the course.

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Receive a certificate of achievement to signal your completion of the course material.

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Injection training products are included in course (e.g., botulinum toxins, dermal fillers, etc.)

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The growth factors that are released when the concentrated autologous platelets are activated in the soft tissue include:

  • Connective tissue growth factor (i.e., wound healing)
  • Transforming growth factor beta (TGF-β)
  • Insulin-like growth factor - I & II (ILGF)
  • Epidermal growth factor (EGF)
  • Interleukin 8
  • Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) (i.e., organ regeneration)
  • Keratinocyte growth factor (i.e. ,wound healing, aesthetics)
  • Fibroblast growth factor (i.e. ,wound healing, aesthetics)

When these growth factors and proteins bind with the cellular receptors of skin tissue (including endothelial cells, fibroblasts, and osteoblasts) at the injection point, they trigger a variety of intercellular events that help mediate:

  • Production of extracellular matrix proteins
  • Migration of stem cells to injection area
  • Angiogenesis
  • New cell proliferation

This growth, as well as tissue repair, will continue up to five weeks after the patient receives injections. This results in the promotion of local tissue growth and permanent repair of damaged tissue. Unlike many other aesthetic treatments, PRP is non-synthetic and so will not be reabsorbed or synthesized by bacteria.


The Empire Medical Training Platelet Rich Plasma course will review all of the indications for the use of PRP for all aesthetic, medical, pain management, and alopecia indications. This evidence-based course enables you to understand and fully integrate this popular procedure within your practice and include the following indications:

Aesthetic Indications

  • Facial Areas (upper and lower)
  • Neck Areas
  • Décolleté
  • Hands

Pain Management Indications

  • Chronic Tendinopathies
  • Ligament Sprains & Tears
  • Large & Small Bursa Injections
  • Orofacial Pain and other specific indications

Alopecia Treatments

  • Male and Female Pattern Baldness
  • Female Endocrine Considerations
  • Use of Biologics with PRP (Bio-D and A-Cell)
  • Conjunctive Prescription and other Combination Therapies

Sexual Dysfunction

  • Intracavernous Injections for Males
  • Intra-Vaginal Injections for Females
  • Adjunctive Therapies for Sexual Dysfunction
PRP Injection for Alopecia | Hair Thinning of forehead.

Platelet-rich plasma injections.

Chart of Google Searches for PRP

This comprehensive Platelet Rich Plasma Workshop (PRP) will cover the component factors of platelet-rich plasma as well as the two FDA-approved PRP preparation processes (single spin and dual spin) and re-injection techniques and protocols.

Clinically, PRP has been used by oral surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, podiatrists, and plastic surgeons for over 15 years. Over 1,500 hospitals nationwide utilize PRP in medical procedures for a variety of intra-operative procedures. Platelet-rich plasma procedures have also received considerable attention in the popular media because of their use in treating sports injuries in professional athletes.

The Platelet Rich Plasma Training course will provide you with hands-on training through live demonstrations on patients for aesthetic and alopecia uses. After taking an Empire Medical workshop, you will gain a high level of proficiency in performing PRP injections and understand why many patients are looking for these innovative techniques.

Like all of our aesthetic workshops, this comprehensive certification program will provide each attendee with extensive sessions and patient education. Our physician-only staff will teach this PRP education seminar.

Our expert physician staff of board-certified plastic surgeons and specialists will work closely with each attendee to help ensure that the attendee's skill level in performing the various sculpting techniques and desired correction for the patient is sufficient. Didactic instruction will cover all client expectations, indications for treatment, techniques and protocols needed, along with any contraindication, potential risks, or possible side effects with the procedure.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) - Testimonial

Hands-on Training of Alopecia Treatment utilizing Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet-rich plasma injections.

Attendees will receive a detailed handout that outlines the entire presentation and includes ample space for note-taking. In addition, attendees can access the Practitioner’s Portal (members portal) to obtain the full course manual (including every color slide from the presentation); specific protocols and reference materials; and treatment, consent and other patient-intake forms that can immediately be implemented into the practice. Also, during the course, sufficient time will be devoted to pricing each procedure and detailing specific marketing protocols that have proven successful in our practices.


Thoroughly understand and become proficient in the following areas:

  1. Learn about the specific types of wrinkles, tissue damage, aesthetic enhancements, alopecia indications, and pain areas that can be improved using available PRP technology and appropriate injection techniques.
  2. Understand the other uses for PRP, including medical, pain management, sexual dysfunction, and alopecia treatment. Attendees will receive the protocols to each of these treatments and understand when these treatments would be appropriate.
  3. Become knowledgeable about the pros and cons of the various spin methods (single spin/dual spin) and the clinical validity of medical-grade solutions as compared with commercial non-medical solutions that are promoted online (such as on YouTube) and at trade shows.
  4. Gain specific knowledge regarding the component factor of platelet-rich plasma, clinical validity of PRP, aesthetic uses for PRP, alopecia treatments, and the use of PRP for male and female sexual dysfunction.
  5. Understand the various FDA-approved protocols associated with PRP therapy, including recommended indications, dosing, areas for treatment, in combination with other tissue augmentation therapies.
  6. Acquire the technical skill to perform the various types of injections for the face, neck, décolleté, and hands.
  7. Understand treatment pros and cons and learn when to use PRP therapy with your patients.
  8. Learn how to properly and effectively present the various options to your patients, including explaining likely results and setting expectations.
Microneedling of the Scalp during Alopecia Treatment

PRP Benefits are vast for both Aesthetics and Pain Management Patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

This training caters to MDs, DOs, DMDs, DDS, NPs, RNs and other licensed healthcare professionals.

A board-certified physician expert will teach this course, with other licensed healthcare professionals assisting where needed.

Certainly! For those outside the United States, injections on anatomical models are an option; however, you will not be allowed to inject on a live patient.

Each state has its own regulations concerning live patient injections. Kindly consult your licensing board to determine if you’re permitted to administer injections.

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Platelet Rich Plasma Training (Aesthetic) - Agenda

Time Tescription
7:45am–8:00am Registration.
  • Speaker Introduction
  • Review pre-requisite video for Platelet Rich Plasma Training
  • Overview of procedures to be performed during the hands-on session
  • Questions & Answers
  • Hands-On Sessions
  • Small group breakout sessions with live patients
  • Attendees will be required to administer the PRP injections for facial aesthetic purposes and microneedling utilizing PRP for various patient presentations

DISCLAIMER: Agenda listed above is for reference only and may be subject to change. The final agenda will be emailed to you a few days prior to your course. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact our office at 866-333-6747.

All COVID-19 precautions in accordance with updated CDC Guidelines as well as adherence to the safety policies of Empire Medical Training is a requirement for the hands-on training. Patients or Volunteers utilized during the hands-on session are required to fill out and agree to the policies before the session as well as adhere to the CDC Guidelines in place.

Attendees will be required to administer PRP aesthetic injections and microneedling for certification understanding the unique approach to each patient.

Hands-On Training: Unlike other training providers, Empire Medical Training does not offer “demonstration only” programs. In fact, attendees are required to perform procedures under a qualified physician instructor’s direct supervision to receive their certification. The afternoon session is reserved for intensive hands-on training, where our instructors will be carefully monitoring your technique and style of injecting to help improve your skills.

PRE-REQUISITE - Instructional Materials

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide the best training available including the safety of all participants for the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Training Program, Empire Medical Training is requiring all registered attendees to view the video educational videos prior to their attendance. The successful completion of our video-on-demand or virtual training is a requirement to participate in the hands-on element for certification. Empire is also offering a number of other videos such as procedure videos, advanced injection demonstrations, and other educational videos as part of your learning experience. All participants will also receive access to our library of educational materials concerning the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injection training which is also recommended prior to the clinical portion of your training.

Empire further recommends to download the color manual prior to viewing the pre-requisite video which includes the following topics discussed:

Patient Consultation Process

  • Educate and communicate expected results to potential patients
  • Techniques that will satisfy your patient's goals and safely and effectively administer the product

Component Factors of platelet-rich-plasma

  • Various Growth Factors within Plasma
  • Stem Cell Markers
  • Other Cytokines within PRP

Mechanism of Action

  • Review of various FDA Approved Processes
  • Major Steps for Activation
  • Technology Review of various methods
  • Different Types of PRP
    • PRP vs. PRF

Clinical Validity of Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments

  • Indications for Treatment

Relative and Absolute Contradictions for PRP Therapies

  • Acceptable Treatment Areas and Indications
    • Medical
    • Aesthetic
    • Medical Hair Treatments

Aesthetic applications for PRP

  • Detailed Charting and Dosing Schedules
    • Face
    • Neck
    • Hands
  • Protocols and Guidelines for PRP Treatments
  • Use of PRP Therapies in Combination with other Aesthetic Treatments
    • Microneedling & MicroRoller
    • Dermal Fillers

Sexual Dysfunction Injections using PRP

  • Indications for Treatment
  • Protocols, Standard of Care and Guidelines
    • PRP Injections for Men (Intracavernous)
    • PRP Injections for Women (Vaginal Injections)

Alopecia Treatments utilizing PRP

  • Choosing the right Candidate
  • Indications for Treatment
  • Mechanism of Action
  • Adding Biologics to Pure PRP Injections
  • Detailed Protocols and Injection Guidelines
    • Post Treatment Care

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