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Patients taking Ownership of their Aesthetic Options and Opportunities

How can I convert more patient consultations and create long-term aesthetic opportunities with my patients? How should I conduct a patient consultation – what do others do? Get the answer to these questions and more by learning from successful physicians who have incorporated these aesthetic procedures within a medical practice. Gain the confidence that you are addressing patient concerns and promoting your new services correctly and create “patients for life.” Each patient consultation and evaluation need to be individualized and a long-term aesthetic plan should be addressed. The topics and concepts presented are proven and allows for you to take advantage of the aesthetic services learned in previous Empire Medical Training courses.

Empire Medical Training has created this interactive course specifically to address the processes of patient evaluation and successful conversion of patient consultations. There is no one way or correct way to conduct a consultation but certain business principles should be applied when applicable. Aesthetics is a business and like any business there are concepts and principles to follow which can be adapted to any medical practice. This is not a marketing course and is designed to assist physicians in developing your own system for consultation and evaluation utilizing an array of selling techniques to convert up to 85% of your consultations.

The techniques taught will allow you to create your own winning strategy with patients creating additional revenue streams while increasing patient satisfaction and delivering enhanced patient care.

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Aesthetics/Anti-Aging Curriculum

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Success Stories

Witness the inspiring firsthand accounts from Empire students, demonstrating that with unwavering determination, success is not only achievable but inevitable.

Topics to be Discussed

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Initial Consultation

  • Initial Consultation to assess Pre-existing Conditions to allow the patient to speak and elaborate of what concerns her and what she wishes to correct:
    • Educate the patient as to what options and choices are available, talk about all the options that are available and the efficacy of the treatments you offer.
    • Create a long-term plan to address all his/her needs not just the immediate reason for the visit. Give her options and inform her of combination and conjunctive procedures that you offer her aesthetically. Allows physician to perform many procedures for enhancement and utilize his equipment and offer greater patient care.
    • Concentrate on Patient Needs not Patient Wants
    • Do not correct the patient – Patient vs Physician Preference (Compromise)
    • Set realistic expectations and timelines for the various treatments.
    • Perform a comprehensive consultation with the patient to create a relationship that you will gain her confidence and trust – then ask for the business!
  • Speak to Patients about other options such as:
    • Need for Retail Products (i.e., Cosmeceuticals and Nutriceuticals)
    • Create a long-term plan to address all his/her needs not just the immediate reason for the visit. Give her options and inform her of combination and conjunctive procedures that you offer her aesthetically. Allows physician to perform many procedures for enhancement and utilize his equipment and offer greater patient care.
  • Sell Results not Treatments
    • There can be a large inter-individual difference between one patient and another especially the biostimulation procedures – set expectations but also sell results – not treatments!
  • Be Yourself: There are those people that want people to perceive you as being more than what you are, be confident in yourself and your abilities to help.
  • Give more choices and options to patients looking for answers which allows for increased communication.

Patient Interaction Practices

  • Focus on the Patient; what is important to them?
  • Do not pass judgment, blame, or gripe about others. (Quit complaining!) Be the person you like to be around whenever you can.
  • Smile and be happy! And build rapport
  • Patient names are important to them. Use them often and with respect.
  • Listen to the Patient, encourage them to talk about themselves. Patients give us the answers when we take time to listen. Identify what they really want
  • Expect ingratitude.


  • Ask Questions
    • What brought you here today?
    • What would you like to change or improve?
    • Why is it important to you and have you done this before?
    • Give them options
    • Medical History Issues?
  • Education of the Procedures
    • How their aesthetic conditions are caused by
    • How we can impact them (correction)
    • What can they expect from the outcome of treatments (setting expectations)
    • How we can reduce other related issues in the future (preventative)
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Patient Objections

  • Elimination
    • Eliminate medical reasons not to proceed during the education
    • Eliminate emotional reasons not to proceed during the evaluation
    • Eliminate financial reasons not to proceed during the conversion
    • Listen
    • Cushion
    • Clarify
    • Respond


  • Remember, not everyone is a salesman. You may not always have to be the salesman so you and your staff needs to be aware of the consultation process. Whether it be skin care or surgical procedures you and your staff must be able to talk with potential patients/clients about procedures. If handled correctly, conversion is as easy as asking for the business.
  • Different Approaches
    • Consultant Approach
    • Review and educate the customer
    • Make recommendations
    • Ask for the business
  • Business Success Comes From:
    • Creating Prospect Interest
    • Converting them into Customers
    • Delivering Great Results and Repeating the Process

Business success comes from creating prospect interest, converting them into customers and delivering great results and repeating the process. The goal is to create a loyal customer base who appreciates and values your service proposition and will refer others. Work to create a climate of service excellence—recognize the critical role staff well-being—attitudes and behaviors—contributes to quality patient outcomes and patient satisfaction.

The course is interactive so group questions, observations, and own experiences are promoted within this half-day course. A complete color manual and additional information is also provided through the physician portal which is a great resource on expanding what you will learn in the course. Your success in implementing these procedures is the greatest compliment you can give to Empire Medical Training and we continue to provide information to reach your aesthetic or medical goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This training caters to MDs, DOs, DMDs, DDS, NPs, RNs and other licensed healthcare professionals.

A board-certified physician expert will teach this course, with other licensed healthcare professionals assisting where needed.

Certainly! For those outside the United States, injections on anatomical models are an option; however, you will not be allowed to inject on a live patient.

Each state has its own regulations concerning live patient injections. Kindly consult your licensing board to determine if you’re permitted to administer injections.

In-Person Course Agenda

Agenda Training - Agenda
8:00am-8:30am Registration
  • Review the consultation methods that can be employed within an Aesthetic Practice including how to personalize the process to your personality and attitude of your patients. Understand the various approaches that are being used and create your own unique method of consulting with patients. Learn different patient interaction practices (consultation pearls) that create engagement and rapport
  • Strategies to understand your patient’s needs and wants through the evaluation process, being able to ask the right questions, and educate the potential client. Learn to educate the customer concerning the procedure and possible outcomes and future prevention of the problem. Learn how to create a long-term aesthetic plan individualized and customized for the patient. All patients are unique and so should your approach be for their aesthetic conditions.
10:30am-10:45am Break
  • Understand the selling techniques used with an aesthetic practice and what how to covert consultations into new patient. Learn how to eliminate patient objectives and the importance of your entire staff and their roles in the Customer Conversion Cascade. Questions and Answers

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