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Anatomical Based Aesthetics

An Advanced Cadaver Training course involving facial dissection on fresh cadavers taught by experienced, expert Plastic Surgeons. Upon completion of the workshop, participants will gain a thorough understanding of facial anatomy while learning how to safely perform facial procedures, and learn how to manage and treat complications.

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Anatomical Cadaver- Aesthetics Training Workshop

Anatomical Aesthetics Course

The incidence of serious complications in Aesthetics related to facial injections or other facial procedure has been well established. The objective of this Anatomical Based Aesthetics, Cadaver Training workshop is to provide detailed training in Facial Anatomy to understand how to correctly and safely administer the various Aesthetic Products. The program has been created and will be instructed by a Dermatologist, Plastic Surgeons, and an Anesthesiologist.

Facial Aesthetics Anatomy Training is your first step and basis for injecting patients safely and confidently. For experienced Dermatologist and others, this kind of training is essential to remain current and knowledgeable in Aesthetics. This training details protocols and techniques to avoid complications and, training to manage complications related to facial injections and facial procedures.

By participating in a cadaver training program, practitioners of all specialties can reduce the chance of developing unwanted side effects and may enhance the probability of the more desirable outcome for patients. Our first objective as Physicians is to “do no harm”.

Aesthetics is a booming industry and thousands of Physicians and health care practitioners flock to training programs all over the US and abroad to learn these techniques. At Empire Medical Training, our objective for graduates is to not only become proficient at the various injection techniques but also to thoroughly understand the anatomy that is central to all the injectable procedures and for safe administration.

It is common for the medical practitioner to have a false sense of confidence when performing dermal filler, or other facial aesthetic techniques due to the relatively low incidence of complications. Although the risk is low, complications such as blindness can be permanent and non-reversible. Learning proper technique will help you ensure your methods are safe and effective.


Dr. Kristy-Anne Evelyn, Barbados

Tanya Powell, NP and Kathy Coty, NP

Cadaver Training
Objectives and Summary

Empire is proud to offer this highly relevant, practical, advanced Facial Anatomy, Cadaver-Training program conducted by renowned and experienced plastic surgeons and cosmetic dermatologists.

The program provides a combination of didactic presentations along with extensive cadaver demonstrations of relevant anatomy. Once anatomical landmarks are correctly identified and learned, proper technique becomes second nature. With the myriad of nerve and vascular bundles comprising the face, there are many structures to avoid in order to reduce the risk of complications.

Throughout the course, participants will gain a thorough understanding of safe technique by learning the anatomy of the face and associated structures.

Anatomical Aesthetics Training Session

Anatomical Aesthetics Training Session

This One day Cadaver program will help the practitioner increase their knowledge of Facial Anatomy for non surgical facial rejuvenation.

  • Test your skills and expand your knowledge by attending this cadaveric dissection using fresh frozen un-embalmed cadavers to fully understand facial anatomy for safe and proper facial Aesthetics injectables using fillers, cannulas, and PDO threads for non-surgical facial enhancement.
  • This program is geared for the Practioner who wants to perfect their skills as well as learn in depth the latest techniques in facial aesthetics.
  • The curriculum will consist of a Morning Didactic Session reviewing anatomy literature , landmarks, blood supply, and nerve innervation to the upper and lower face.
  • The Afternoon Session will be a workshop to demonstrate the various fat pad compartments, skin layers, blood supply (arteries and veins) and nerves so that you may visualize where injectables should be placed to achieve the best results, potential complications, various injection techniques as well as thread insertion.
  • This program will be a live demonstration only as it is not intended to teach dissection skills but instead to allow one to understand, visualize, and practice safely, properly and enhance Aesthetic results utilizing the pearls, tips, and expertise shared in this class.



Along with learning how to avoid complications, this training will provide the practitioner with detailed information for managing and treating complications. This knowledge separates the inexperienced from the expert Aesthetics specialist.

During the training you will learn how to handle the most common and not so common problems and complications. You will also receive a complete “checklist” on what supplies you must always have with you , prior to inserting a needle into a patient. This “Aesthetics Crash Cart” will serve as the basis for treating all complications in Aesthetics. You will learn the correct protocols and standards for treating such complications.

Learn to avoid and manage complications:

  • Upper Face
  • Mid Face
  • Lower Face

Managing Complications Secondary to HA injections

  • Manage simple, common outcomes such as bruising and edema
  • Manage ischemia and impending necrosis
  • Manage confirmed necrosis

Your Trainers

Empire has selected a team of renowned experts to conduct your training. These physician specialists represent the very best in Surgical and Non Surgical Aesthetics

"Shino Bay" Aguilera, DO

Gregory A. Buford, MD F.A.C.S

Azza Halim, M.D.

Ramtin Kassir, MD, FACS

Hands-On Training: Unlike some seminars, our programs are not demonstration only. In fact, attendees are expected and required to perform procedures under the direct supervision of a qualified physician instructor in order to receive their certification. The afternoon session is reserved for intensive hands on training, where our instructors will be carefully monitoring your technique and style of injecting to help improve on your skills.

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*All courses are conducted by Physicians and other Specialists in Aesthetics, Pain, Surgery, and Medicine. Not by less qualified Instructors

Course Destinations: New York, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Chicago, Nashville, Philadelphia, Riverside, New Orleans, Detroit, Austin, Charlotte, Orlando, Dallas, Los Angeles, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, Houston, Detroit.

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