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Thread Lift Training

Certification training course for PDO Thread Lift for medical professionals to integrate thread face lifting into their practice.

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PDO Thread Lift Training Certification Course - Level I

hands-on training during thread lift training

PDO Thread Lift results similar to face lift

PDO Thread Face Lifting has been regarded by plastic surgeons as a significant advancement in Facial Rejuvenation and the Non-surgical Facelift because of the extraordinary results achieved from the technology. The technique itself is ideal for the aesthetic practitioner (physician, nurse practitioner, PA, check applicable state laws) because of the relative simplicity in learning the technique, the excellent safety profile, and the significant revenue associated with offering the technique.

Empire remains the most sought-after educational organization for Thread Lift Training and has already certified thousands of practitioners. Our thread lift training is not only taught by top physician instructors, which is the only responsible way to train on threads. (Beware of non-physician instructors!) We are not supported or backed by any one thread lift supplier like most other thread lift training programs. The advantage to this kind of unbiased training is that the practitioners will be able to decide for themselves which thread product is the most suitable for their practice, and can also learn the benefits of and differences between each of the thread products. There is no one product which can do everything, and this Empire course will teach you how to choose the best thread for the procedure and the individual patient.

Our curriculum was developed in coordination with nationally sought-after speaker and educator Azza Halim, MD. Dr. Halim is a Master Injector and an expert in PDO threads/combination therapies. She is a board-certified anesthesiologist/critical care, anti-aging integrative medicine, aesthetics, and wellness practitioner.

thread lift training


PDO Thread Lift - Level I

Using threads as an alternative to a facelift has become one of THE most lucrative aesthetic procedures relative to the investment in time and product. The average fee for a thread procedure starts at a minimum of $400, and practitioners can charge upwards of $3,000 depending on the area and complexity of the case.

The Empire PDO Thread Lift Training is divided into two programs: Level 1 and Level 2, and a preceptorship for more advanced procedures and body contouring with threads. Practitioners can begin using these techniques immediately upon completion of Level 1. The Level 1 program will teach you everything you need to know to master the smooth (mesh) thread procedures. Level 2 thread lift training provides comprehensive training on the more advanced barbed (cog) and twisted techniques, all of which can readily be integrated in an outpatient medical aesthetic practitioner’s office.

During all thread lift classes, we highlight FDA-cleared PDO Sutures, FDA approved threads, and products still undergoing the FDA approval process. The products utilized in the Empire courses represent the latest and greatest and form the foundation for learning a standard of care for this revolutionary treatment for skin tightening and lifting in transforming the V-shaping of the face.

Your Instructors: Our renowned physician-only faculty have an established reputation in the aesthetics community and are sought-after speakers and KOLs (key opinion leaders). For the Thread Lift Training, the instructors are qualified, board-certified surgeons or other board-certified physicians specializing in the procedures. Only physician experts will be giving lectures and supervising your training. Not only credentialed and experienced, the instructors we have chosen for our Thread Lift Courses are experts in the injection techniques and are dynamic instructors. At Empire, we adhere to the belief that your training is only as good as your instructor’s credentials and skills.

pdo thread lift training images

Students learn thread lift protocols and technique

facial aesthetics

Dr. Ramtin Kassir - Facial Anatomy Training

rosalind franklin university
columbia university

THREAD LIFT             

  1. Practice and perform PDO Thread Lift procedures competently, safely, and effectively for their patient, personalizing and tailoring these services to the individual patient’s needs and desired outcomes. Each participant will learn how to avoid risks, pitfalls, complications, and adverse events to increase overall care and patient results.
  2. Apply generally accepted protocols and latest literature concerning the selection, placement, and volume of PDO sutures for optimal results for patients. Learn the proper guidelines for the placement of PDO sutures for aesthetic patient indications for correction, as well as administration issues (i.e. patient intake forms, informed consents) and the corrective measures for follow up including possible complications or adverse events associated with the procedure.
  3. Identify the mechanism of action of PDO sutures and basic facial anatomy, differences between the product characteristics and areas of injection, managing expectations, administration of the medical device, and post treatment care for follow up after the PDO Thread Lift procedure.
  4. Assess who is a candidate for the PDO Thread Lift procedure, patient benefits, and anatomical areas that PDO sutures are acceptable for treatment. Increase patient awareness and offer enhanced patient care in relation to the PDO Thread Lift procedure and their desires aesthetically.

Additional Features of PDO Threads for Aesthetic uses:

  • No incision needed, the sutures do not need to be knotted down for the patient.
  • Safe procedure requiring only 30 minutes.
  • Small amount of local anesthesia needed.
  • No swelling or bruising typically.
  • Quick recovery time.
  • Immediate results to face, neck, and body areas.
  • Neocollagenesis and retraction of skin tissues where placed.
  • Excellent results up to 16 months.
Thread Lifting provides immediate results - Before After Photo

Thread Lifting provides immediate results

Dr. Azza Halim

What are PDO Threads?

PDO stands for polydioxanone which is a suture similar to surgical stitches. These threads, when placed beneath the skin will stimulate collagen synthesis which will plump the skin like a dermal filler. In some ways, PDO threads are similar to certain dermal fillers in their desired effect. In addition, threads work by “grabbing” onto, and attaching to the skin, lifting loose skin in the direction the surgeon has precisely inserted the thread. “Thread lifting” has two main functions: to increase collagen synthesis similar to a dermal filler, and to lift sagging skin by direct physical and mechanical means. The “mesh” of threads shapes the face by lifting and supporting sagging structures. These threads are absorbable in 4-6 months but will hold for an additional 8-12 months.
There are many different kinds of threads with different shapes, some with barbs, twists, some that are smooth, and others that are meshed. During all levels of training, attendees will gain a thorough understanding of each of the different products and how to use them.

Certification Training: This thread lift training program is comprehensive, combining both detailed didactic presentations with thorough hands-on training for all qualifying, licensed practitioners. As with all hands-on training, the instruction is supervised and students must pass a proficiency exam in order to receive their certification in the thread lift procedure.

The program is designed to enable the practitioner to integrate thread face lifting into their practice immediately upon completion. You will learn the theory involved in the technique, followed by a complete discussion and tutorial on the technique itself including suture options and materials used. Vendors for aesthetics and more specifically for the FDA-Cleared thread lift sutures, will be onsite to answer specific questions concerning the various thread options, their associated costs, as well as other materials and supplies to get you started.

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The didactic presentations: You will receive training in the anatomy covering the entry points, anchoring points, landmarks, danger zones, and relevant structures that will be integral in the technique. You will learn specific protocols and a step-by-step method for the indicated anatomical areas to safely perform this technique.

Thread Lift Training on many body areas

Thread Lift Training on many body areas

thread lift training showing additional body areas for treatment


The EZ-Lip Fill, EZ-Neck Mesh, and EZ-Cheek Mesh with PDO smooth (mesh) sutures are 3 effective and simple to learn procedures:

  • Vermillion Border (Lip Definition) Filler: The procedure is very simple and takes less than (5) minutes to place the smooth PDO threads. The results are immediate, and the effects are symmetrical which is important when working on lips. The effects last up to 6 months.
  • Neck Filler – Both smooth & twisted threads are used for this lift: The procedure typically consists of the placement of up to 10 smooth PDO threads for the correction or reduction of skin laxity for the submental region, chin and jaw area, and laxity of the neck. The smooth PDO threads give support and volume to the area that can create smoothing and eliminate contrast across the areas. The procedure takes less than 10 minutes and is not contraindicated with other types of treatments such as botulinum toxin.
  • Cheek Augmentation (Mesh): The procedure consists of creating a matrix under the skin that allows for volume across a larger area such as the cheeks. It requires as many as 10 smooth PDO threads for correction, will give greater support of the checks, and will improve skin texture where the threads are built up under the skin (neo collagen formation). There is also no need for anesthesia for most patients. The smooth PDO threads allow for volume and support of tissues. Besides the facial areas mentioned above, it can be used in body part areas to give support to tissues and volume for areas such as the arms, décolleté, and other small body areas of correction. All attendees will be able to perform these thread lift procedures where indicated using the smooth (mesh) PDO sutures.
Thread lift gives dramatic results to Naso Labial Folds

Thread lift gives dramatic results to Naso Labial Folds

Threads pull skin posteriorly like a Face Lift

Threads pull skin posteriorly like a Face Lift

THREAD LIFT             

A PDO thread lift procedure can help lift the sagging parts of the face to create a more youthful look in your patients.
The procedure itself is a nonsurgical technique because there is no incision or traditional cutting of the skin. Tiny entry holes are made into the areas where the invisible threads are inserted. The procedure takes approximately 10-20 minutes depending on how many areas of the face will be treated.
There are a variety of names used to describe the thread procedures, such as the Feather Lift™, Silk Lift™, APTOS™, Contour lift™, and the former Lifestyle™.
There are two different types of threads used for the Thread Face Lift:

  1. Suspension, Smooth Threads- These threads need to be attached to a firm surface such as the scalp or face.
  2. Barbed Threads (Free Floating Cogged) – This variety of thread does not need to be attached or supported to a separate structure in order to maintain a lift. These threads support themselves. The tiny cogs within the thread actually attach to the skin itself. The number of threads used depends on the area being treated, i.e. full face 18-20 threads, checks 2-3 each.


Thread Lifts are used on Arms, legs, abdomen, and many areas

Thread Lifts are used on arms, legs, abdomen, and other areas

Threads are used in many different areas of the face and body

Threads are used in many different areas of the face and body

What areas of the body and face can be treated with PDO Smooth (Mesh) Thread Lift Sutures?

Indications for use:

  • Forehead Lines (vertical/horizontal)
  • Lips (vermillion border and plumping)
  • Flaccid Tissue (eyebrows)
  • Lower Eyelid
  • Cheeks (Skin furrows and wrinkles)
  • Neck Area (Furrows and wrinkles)
  • Nasolabial Folds (smile lines)
  • Corner Commissure (marionette)
  • Jowls (pre jowl sulcus)
  • Cleavage (wrinkles of breast)

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Notice to all participants: Empire has trained over 100,000 health care professionals, safely and effectively over the past 21 years. This is due in part to our strict guidelines and protocols regarding hands-on training.

Course Completion/ Certification: Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive a completion certificate and procedure certification. Attendees may pursue an additional board certification through the American Academy of Procedural Medicine if desired. To contact the AAOPM for additional information, call 888-998-1297.

thread lift placement techniques for face and body


This activity has been planned and implemented in accordance with the accreditation requirements and policies of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) through the joint providership of Medical Education Resources (MER) and Empire Medical Training, Inc. MER is accredited by the ACCME to provide continuing medical education for physicians. Click here for more information

Thread Lift Training I - Agenda

9:00am–9:30am Physician introduction, brief history and definition of PDO Thread Sutures including product characteristics, mechanism of action, potential uses, indications for treatment, and patient considerations.
9:30am-10:30am Review the various types of PDO sutures commercially available and their potential use in various facial and body part areas. Differentiate the types of FDA-cleared threads in relation to dimensions, gauge, and length for the appropriate use in the application of PDO sutures medically and aesthetically. Advantages and disadvantages of using PDO thread lift sutures for correction compared to other conventional treatment options for the most common aesthetic conditions including “standard of care” considerations for enhanced patient care.
10:45am-11:15am Combination or stand-alone treatments using the various types of threads including relative and absolute contraindications for treatment. Review guidelines for who is a good candidate for treatment, risks and possible complications, adverse events, limitations associated with the procedure, and setting patient expectations.
11:15am-12:15pm Review of facial anatomy in relation to vascular, muscular, and neural structures preceding the PDO Thread Lift Training for depth, insertion, and placement. Evaluate and assess the aging process associated with patient presentation and planning considerations for the procedure. Final appraisal of the patient and selection of the various types of PDO thread sutures – planning for the procedure. Review standard of care for “clean room” procedures, keeping a sterile field, and anesthesia options (considerations) for patients depending upon facial or body part area.
1:00pm-1:30pm Review generally accepted sample protocols for the placement of smooth (mono) PDO sutures for the correction of tissue density, tissue volume, or scaffolding of the tissue area creating a “mesh” effect. Placement considerations concerning the number of threads, gauge of thread, and physical placement of threads are discussed for the common facial and body part areas including actual technique strategies that may be utilized to support tissue structures.
1:30pm-2:00pm Live demonstration by physician instructor for placement of the smooth (mono) PDO thread suture. Questions and Answers.
2:00pm-5:00pm Supervised Hands-On Training for attendees on volunteer patients utilizing smooth (mono) PDO threads utilizing the various types of PDO (mono) sutures for a variety of facial and possible body indications (dependent on volunteer indications for treatment).

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*All courses are conducted by Physicians and other Specialists in Aesthetics, Pain, Surgery, and Medicine. Not by less qualified Instructors

Course Destinations: New York-NY, Las Vegas-Nevada, Atlanta-Georgia, Chicago-Illinois, Nashville-Tennessee, Philadelphia - PA, Riverside-California, New Orleans-Louisiana, Detroit-Michigan, Austin-Texas, Charlotte-North Carolina, Orlando-Florida, Dallas-Texas, Los Angeles-California, Tampa-FL, Fort Lauderdale-FL, Houston-Texas, Naples-FL, Raleigh-North Carolina, San Diego-CA, Charleston-South Carolina, Boston-Massachusetts.

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