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interested in becoming an empire instructor

Interested in Becoming an Empire Instructor?

Program Overview, Benefits, Requirements, and More

One of the surest ways to develop an expertise in a subject matter is to gain proficiency as an instructor. This is true regardless of the topic or industry; it is common knowledge that to teach something, one must have acquired the highest level of expertise. The CFI program through Empire Medical Training is a rigorous program that will prepare you to teach other professionals in Aesthetics, while gaining expert skills in performing Aesthetic procedures.

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Unrivaled Benefits for Instructors

grow your personal brand

Grow Your Personal Brand

Empire Medical Training works closely with all faculty to help them promote themselves and their expertise in Aesthetics.

Empire Website & Marketing Exposure

Once you become a Faculty Instructor with Empire your credentials and photos will be posted on the Empire Medical Training website faculty/about us section in public view where potential patients and others may view your information.

Official Instructor Seal

Use this seal to verify you credentials. Practitioners who have a practice website may share this information and promote their credentials and experience with the world.
certified plaque

Board Certification Plaque

Practitioners who have earned the respected title of Certified Faculty Instructor will receive an attractive, oversized plaque to proudly display in your waiting room or other area.

Press Release Faculty Announcement

Faculty instructors are also featured through press releases and email marketing.

Fluid Working Schedule

As an Empire Faculty Instructor, you may choose to work as little or as frequently as you decide depending on scheduling and other factors.

Revenue Growth Opportunities

All Empire Medical Training instructors and faculty are paid for their teaching assignments which includes various roles as Lead Instructors, Proctors, Preceptors/Mentors and those that involve creating and editing new course material. Choosing to work as an Empire faculty provides significant revenue opportunities for the certified practitioner. Coming Soon

Success Stories

Witness the inspiring firsthand accounts from Empire students, demonstrating that with unwavering determination, success is not only achievable but inevitable.

Aesthetics Track for 2023

Empire Medical Training offers an Aesthetics’ Track to ensure your proficiency in performing Aesthetics procedures and in teaching Aesthetics procedures.

Step 1) Become Board Certified in Aesthetics Through the American Academy of Procedural Medicine

To qualify for the CFI Program, medical professionals must be members of the American Academy of Procedural Medicine, and must have successfully passed the Aesthetics Board Certification Pathway ($998 Aesthetic Pathway Certification Process Fee) through the AAOPM Testing Center. For board certification, physicians must complete a 3-part exam which includes practical exams, case study submissions, and a comprehensive final.


Part 1) Practical Exams

The requirement for Board Certification includes taking four practical exams in relation to the pre-requisite courses you attended to qualify for the AAOPM Board Certification Pathway. The tests are multiple choice and a passing grade is required to continue the Board Certification process.

Part 2) Case Studies

Two patient case studies are required for board certification after completion of the practical exams. Please follow the required outline for submission. Please click on the button below for sample case studies and submission requirements.

Part 3) Final Exam

Upon successful completion of the practical exam and submission of the case studies, candidates for board certification qualify to complete the final exam. The exam concentrates on standard of care concerns, regulatory issues, and the safe administration of the procedures including managing complications and adverse events.
*Must meet minimum requirements for testing. Visit AAOPM to learn more about prerequisites for testing.

Step 2) Complete Certified Faculty Instructor Training and Testing (12-hour Live/Virtual Training) $998 Fee

Upon passing the AAOPM Board Certification Pathway for Aesthetics, physicians and nurses will undergo extensive training by our board-certified faculty. Training will include both live and virtual components and additional testing through the Empire Virtual Training Hub. Our instructors at Empire must be completely competent and passionate about teaching in the medical industry. They should also have the drive to improve and succeed, as well as shape the next generation of industry professionals.


Step 3) Become a Proctor. Complete 6 months on-the-job performing aesthetic procedures—Certified Faculty Instructor (Proctor)

The on-the-job training period for medical professionals is an integral part of obtaining a certification in aesthetic medical procedures. During this period, the physician or nurse must demonstrate both their technical and theoretical knowledge of aesthetic medicine by performing treatments under the guidance and supervision of an experienced and board-certified medical professional.

This allows the supervising physician to ensure that they possess proficiency in all injection techniques, RF technology applications, laser treatments, skin care regimens, as well as other pertinent procedures used in aesthetic medicine.

become a proctor
become a lead instructor

Step 4) Become a Lead Instructor. Complete 2 years on-the-job performing aesthetic procedures—Certified Faculty Instructor (Lead Instructor)

For physicians to become a Lead Instructor as part of the Certified Faculty Instructor Program, they must successfully complete 2 years of on-the-job training performing advanced aesthetic procedures. During this time, the physician must demonstrate their advanced competency and technical proficiency in all injection techniques, RF technology applications, laser treatments, skin care regimens, as well as other pertinent procedures used in aesthetic medicine.

Upon successful completion of this training period with a satisfactory evaluation from their supervisor, the physician can then move on to become a Lead Instructor and join the ranks of their peer medical professionals in this field.

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