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Pain Management Courses

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The Most Comprehensive University-Style Curriculum in Pain Management

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Flagship Membership Benefits & Features

Empire consistently provides the most comprehensive medical training package in the industry, equipping our learners with a formidable competitive edge.


Up to 52+ Workshops FREE During a 1-Year Period + 1 Extra Year FREE

Why limit yourself to one procedure? With Empire, access up to 52 FREE workshops from the largest medical training roster in the US. Get 1 extra year FREE during special sale!


Access 30+ Training Destination Near You

Find our workshops conveniently located across the US, ensuring you save time and money wherever you are.


Medicines Included*

When hands-on is required, Empire will purchase medicines on your behalf so you don’t face additional expenses.

*Based on course requirements. Some courses do not require medicines and their use is optional.


Merz Aesthetics® Premier Plus Pricing Program

Save on injectables with Merz Aesthetics. Empire Members bypass the $35,000 spending requirement to access Premier Plus pricing directly. Begin saving instantly!


Empire Recruitment Match™

Finding the right collaboration doctor can be tough. Our program matches you with the ideal physician or nurse partner, tailored to your needs.


Empire Certificates of Achievement

Display your achievements to patients to boost your credibility and demonstrate your commitment to enhanced patient care.


Empire Medical Marketplace™

Enjoy savings on vendor partner offers including laser machines, injectable products, medical liability insurance, and much more! ($1,798 Value)


Dedicated Success Manager & Event Manager Support

Receive dedicated support throughout your Empire journey, guided by experts to enhance your career in aesthetics, anti-aging, and pain management.


AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™

Stay on top of your CME requirements effortlessly and earn most of your annual credits with our training.


Private Meta (Facebook) Learning Group

Join hundreds of medical professionals in our exclusive Facebook group. Our moderators and experienced members are on hand to answer your questions and provide the information you need.


State-of-the-Art Member’s Portal

The Empire Portal™ offers unparalleled access to medical training courses, materials, videos, product discounts, and more, making it the world’s most comprehensive training platform.


Savings on Premium Courses

Advance your education with leading courses designed to give you a competitive edge. As Empire Members, enjoy significant savings on these premier workshops each year.

Photo Gallery

Physician stands in front of cadaver specimen and teaches students pain management
Pain Management physicians stand around cadaver specimen with instructor
Empire instructor, Dr. Stall performs a fluoroscopy on physician attendee using a ultrasound-guided medical device
Pain Management students stand around cadaver specimen with C-arm machine
Dr. Stephen Cosentino and Dr. Robert Stall stand around cadaver specimen and C-arm medical device in a pain management course
Dr. Robert Stall teaches students how to understand c-arm image in relation to pain management technique

6 Reasons Why a Membership is Worth Your Investment

Discover why a membership is a smart investment for your future. Here are six compelling reasons to consider.

reasons for membership maximum flexibility

1. Maximum Flexibility

With over 700 in-person and virtual workshops across 52 topics each year, you’ll always have access to new learning opportunities.

reasons for membership incredible savings

2. Incredible Savings

Members can save up to $90,000 on medical education and products from vendor partners, including injectables and laser devices.

reasons for membership 1 year term 1 extra year free

3. 1-Year Term + 1 Extra Year FREE

For a limited time, new Members get 1 extra year FREE. On average, Members take 5 in-person workshops annually.

reasons for membership versatile skillset

4. Versatile Skillset

Effortlessly become a leading expert in procedural medicine without referring your patients to other specialists—you can be that expert.

reasons for membership cities near you

5. 30+ Cities Near You

Education goals are always within reach with nearby city locations, saving you time and money by eliminating the need for long-distance travel.

reasons for membership extra perks and benefits

6. Extra Perks and Benefits

Empire Medical Training offers unmatched benefits, including state-of-the-art platforms and over $12,300 worth of benefits and additional products, all covered by Empire.

Success Stories

Witness the inspiring firsthand accounts from Empire students, demonstrating that with unwavering determination, success is not only achievable but inevitable.

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Earn Incredible Revenue with Pain Management Procedures

Tap into the growing Pain Management market and reap the financial benefits! Did you know any licensed healthcare professional can learn Pain procedures?

Market Growth

Insight: The global pain management devices market is projected to nearly double, reaching USD 8.04 billion by 2026 from USD 3.92 billion in 2018, indicating substantial growth opportunities for specialists entering this field (CAGR of 9.4%)​

Increased Cash Flow

Insight: Specializing in pain management can significantly improve a practice’s financial health through optimized billing practices and higher claims reimbursement rates, reducing financial losses​.

Growing Market Demand

Insight: There is a growing demand for innovative pain management solutions that provide alternatives to traditional pain medications, driven by increasing awareness of the risks associated with opioid use. This shift creates a ripe market for practices equipped with these new solutions​.

Diversification of Services

Insight: By offering a range of pain management services, such as spinal manipulation therapies and interventional procedures, practices can attract a diverse patient population, enhancing their service offerings and patient appeal​.

Patient Retention and Referral Increases

Insight: Effective pain management results in higher patient satisfaction, which can lead to increased patient retention and a higher rate of referrals, expanding the practice’s patient base and reputation​.

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1-Year Livestream Membership™

$1,999 Value

Access a workshop from anywhere with LIVE Q&A. Get your questions answers by top medical educators and earn CME credits.

celebrity aesthetic summit course harnessing the power of exosomes lasers and pdo threads taught by azza halim

“Harnessing the Power of Exosomes, Lasers, and PDO Threads” Taught by Azza Halim Video On-Demand

$849 Value

Step into the realm of aesthetic innovation with Azza Halim as she unveils a mesmerizing educational session dedicated to the captivating science of exosomes. Prepare to be spellbound as you discover the remarkable abilities of these microscopic powerhouses to elevate the results of lasers and PDO threads in aesthetic procedures. Dive into cutting-edge research and unravel the secrets behind harnessing the synergy of exosomes, lasers, and PDO threads for unparalleled rejuvenation and transformative outcomes. Join Azza Halim on this extraordinary journey and unlock the door to a realm where scientific advancements redefine the very essence of beauty.


Dr. Cosentino’s “Be an Aesthetic Injector, Think Like an Entrepreneur” On-Demand Business Training

$1,499 Value

Explore this incredible course taught by Dr. Cosentino, the visionary president of Empire Medical Training. This course is designed to sharpen your entrepreneurial skills and help you navigate and avoid common pitfalls in the aesthetic industry. It's your pathway to mastering the business acumen required to excel in aesthetic medicine.


60 Days of Empire Live Mentor™

$998 Value

The most valuable add-on in our entire roster of products! Scheduled bi-weekly on Zoom, get immediate answers to medical questions from live professionals with our program, designed to reduce complications and clear up any confusion, allowing you to proceed with procedures confidently.


Social Media Toolkit with 100+ Ready-to-Post Canva Templates

$499 Value

Receive our most comprehensive Social Medial Toolkit, including FREE templates designed on Canva (graphic design tool) customizable to your business, social media posting ideas, and much more! Take your business to the next level and make your aesthetic practice a trending topic on all social media platforms!


3-Pack Aesthetics Starter Kit

$597 Value

This is a must for any Aesthetic Practice, particularly newer practices just starting out. Empire Medical Training has developed this comprehensive Aesthetic Kit after training physicians for over 25 years, working with start-up practices, and consulting with established practices in Aesthetics.


Before & After Photo Gallery

$100 Value

Enhance your website with our photo gallery showcasing real results from facial aesthetic treatments. Allow potential patients to visualize their own rejuvenation journey through these incredible examples.

The Empire Difference

Our commitment to your academic achievement drives us to utilize innovation, create positive impacts, and foster collaboration.

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26+ Years Training Physicians and Nurses

With over 26 years of experience, we have a proven track record in training physicians, nurses, and other licensed healthcare professionals.

175,000+ Successful Graduates icon

175,000+ Successful Graduates

Our program has successfully graduated over 175,000 individuals, equipping them for a bright and luctrative future.

52+ Medical Topics icon

52+ Workshops

We offer a diverse selection of 52+ medical topics and workshops to expand your knowledge.

Accreditation (CME) icon

Accreditation (CME)

Our accreditation guarantees excellence in Continuing Medical Education, providing you with the highest standards of professional development.

largest network icon

Largest Network of Community Partners

We boast the industry’s largest network of community partners, enhancing our reach and impact.

25 training destinations icon

30+ Training Destinations

Choose from among 30+ training destinations across the nation to access our programs conveniently.

physician instructors icon

Physician Instructors

Immerse yourself in courses taught by renowned Board-Certified Faculty and experienced Medspa owners.

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Membership Benefits

Join the largest community to save you more on products, lasers, and more!

Rave Reviews

review star review star review star review star review star 300+ 5-Star Reviews

3-Pack Aesthetic Starter Kit

Included with New Memberships During Today’s Sale Only ($597 Value)


Pricing & Packaging Aesthetics


Don’t know how to price your cosmetic procedures? Discover this essential guide to pricing and packaging all your Aesthetics services.


Front Office Fundamentals


Explore our receptionist training guide with tips and working methods to help you drive sales, upsell your products, and provide your customers with the best customer service focused on relationship building.


Consent Forms and Documents


Securing consent forms for your aesthetics practice can be time-consuming. We’ve compiled a document providing the essential tools, clinical policies, and definitions needed for a successful practice.

This is a must for any Aesthetic Practice, particularly newer practices just starting out. Empire Medical Training has developed this comprehensive Aesthetic Starter Kit after training physicians for over 25 years, working with start-up practices, and consulting with established practices in Aesthetics.

Certified Plaque Empire

Board Certification Pathways

The American Academy of Procedural Medicine offers Board Certification Pathways for Physicians in Aesthetics, Anti-Aging, and Pain Management. Call today to find out how to get your Certification Plaque FREE.

Get Board Certified
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Empire Wow Refund Guarantee™

Not the best course you’ve ever attended? We’ll pay your tuition and travel costs too!

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Empire Wow Price Guarantee™

Dare you find a course cheaper! We'll pay you the difference!

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Empire Wow Satisfaction Guarantee™

Not enough hands-on? We’ll arrange a one-on-one preceptorship FREE! ($5,000 value)