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Here are just a few things that our customers say about us:

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Customer Testimonials

Cosmetic Laser Training Testimonial

Empire aesthetic laser training is designed for attendees to fully understand the latest technologies being offered including body contouring, tattoo removal, scar revision, acne treatments, as well as the most common indications for treatment.

Member Testimonial

Attendee highlights his satisfying experience with the Empire Medical Training program. He commends the organization for its engaging and adaptable courses, emphasizing the importance of learning from experienced professionals and staying updated with the latest knowledge.

Rebecca Parker Testimonial

Nurse practitioner Rebecca Parker expresses her satisfaction with Empire's comprehensive training programs. She credits Empire for answering all her questions during her research and offering continuing medical education (CMEs).

Farquhan Mohammed Testimonial

Dr. Farquhan Mohammed, an internal medicine hospitalist with six months of experience as a member of Empire Medical Training, shares his positive testimonial in a YouTube video. Despite having a primary background in inpatient medicine, Dr. Mohammed sought to diversify his practice and learn new skills in aesthetics offered by the training.

Daphne Moise Johnson Testimonial

Dr. Daphne Moise Johnson, an emergency medicine physician and MD, speaks positively about her experiences with Empire Medical Training's facial aesthetic course and Sclerotherapy. Enthused by the latest peels, technologies, and PRP combinations, Dr. Johnson commends the dedicated Empire staff, having been a member for over a decade.

Marcia Baker Testimonial

Marcia Baker, a seasoned physician assistant with 32 years of experience, expresses her enthusiasm for her recent learning journey with Empire Medical Training. Having attended Botox and dermal filler courses, Marcia was introduced to innovative threading filler techniques for lips and new products such as Belotero and Volbella.

Member Testimonial

A member from South Jersey reflects on her four-year journey with the organization and shares her positive experiences with the comprehensive and confidence-building aesthetic training classes. She commends the extensive topic coverage and hands-on experience gained through these classes, which have enabled her to improve her botox and derm filler procedures in her practice.

Member Testimonial

Doctors talk about how much they enjoyed learning with Empire Medical Training and highlight the excellency in training as well as the proper care and teaching techniques to fully enhance their learning.

Member Testimonial

Doctors highlight their positive experience after joining Empire Medical Training two months prior. They attended various courses focused on anti-aging and appreciated the program's flexibility with virtual, in-person, and on-demand learning options. Trainers and staff were knowledgeable, creating a conducive educational environment.

Empire Aesthetics Meeting Testimonial - Teriggi Ciccone, MD

Empire Aesthetics Meeting Testimonial - Teriggi Ciccone, MD Attending the Annual Empire Aesthetics Meeting 2018 event, Dr. Teriggi Ciccone, Diamond Member of Empire Medical Training, shares his brief thoughts and highlights of the grand evening event.

People From All Over The World | Physicians Testimonials on Empire Medical Training

A few of our members talk about their experience with some of the courses, including PRP, Botox and Dermal Fillers.

What Members Have To Say | Physicians Testimonials on Empire Medical Training

Many aspiring peers and colleagues find their way to Empire Medical Training’s programs, praising the hands-on training as “amazing” and “the best workshop…ever attended”.

The Perks of The Courses | Physicians Testimonials on Empire Medical Training

Members of Empire Medical Training talk about the program’s outstanding efficiency, from the instructors to the course structure overall. “I’m very happy with Empire Medical Training and I would highly recommend these guys to anyone else looking for new and advanced procedures”.

Testimonial by Elena Plavnik, DO - Empire Medical Training

Dr. Elena Plavnik, talks about her first experience with Empire Medical Training. “Anything you would like more advanced for the medical profession…this is the place to be”.

Testimonial by Ladan Abbasi, NP - Empire Medical Training

Ladan Abbasi, NP found her way to Empire Medical Training in search of something bigger and more professional. Through her 7 months as a member, “it’s been one of the most amazing experiences” for her.

Testimonial by Mirta Veber, NP - Empire Medical Training

New to the Aesthetics field, Dr. Veber has been incredibly happy with the knowledgeable resources Empire Medical Training has offered to her.

Physician Testimonial on Botox Training by Dr. Li Wen

After attending a few of Empire Medical Training’s courses, Dr. Li Wen feels confident and excited to start her own practice thanks to the resourceful material.

Testimonial by Alicia Almendral, M.D. - Empire Medical Training

A longtime alumnus, Dr. Alicia Almendral looks back on her career, giving thanks to Empire Medical Training for her success as a Aesthetic practice owner since 2007.

Testimonial by Mary Canel, NP - Empire Medical Training

Mary Canel talks about her confidence boost with the courteous staff, wonderful resources and website advice from Empire Medical Training.

Testimonial by Paul Vitulli, D.O. - Empire Medical Training

Dr. Paul Vitulli praises the comprehensive courses of Botox, Dermal Fillers & Sclerotheraphy, including the effective course structure.

Ryan Mangel, M.D. – Testimonial

A few members, including Ryan Mangel, MD, give their input on Empire Medical Training's seminars.

Testimonial by Tosca Moore and Sean Moore, M.D

Having attended more than 10 courses, Dr. Tosca Moore and Dr. Sean Moore give their verdict on Empire Medical Training.

Tanya Powell NP & Kathy Coty NP

Tanya Powell, NP and Kathy Coty, NP give their breakdown on the aesthetic and marketing aspects of the Sclerotherapy course.

Dr. Andrea Dempsey owner of DermaBella Medical Spa

Owner of DermaBella Medical Spa and Board-Certified Internal Medicine, Dr. Andrea Dempsey and her staff give their review on what they've been able to learn with the Office Membership.

Testimonial by Anne Roberts, MD

Anne Roberts, MD is a dual board-certified physician and graduate of the prestigious Yale University School of Medicine. Among many other credentials such as the founding of MediSpa, Dr. Roberts provides her testimonial as a primary instructor of Empire Medical Training.

Testimonial by Rachel Schmitz

Rachel Schmitz, RN gives a quick review on her first week with Sclerotherapy and Comprehensive Botox/Dermal Filler courses.

Testimonial by Ivan Rusilko, M.D

Dr. Ivan Rusilko gives a summarizes the Hands-On Dermal Filler course to three words: "Absolutely fantastic time".

Nazfarine Keyvani, MD

A gynecologist, Dr. Keyvani describes her newfound confidence after taking the Botox and Dermal Filler course.

Alicia Almendral, MD

After 2 years as a member, Alicia Almendral gives her feedback on the Empire Medical Training program, from the courses to the staff.

Kathy Ward, MD

Self-assured, Kathy Ward, MD leaves with newfound knowledge after taking the Botox/Dermal Fillers course.

Testimonial by David Kateb, M.D

Seeking Aesthetics as an additional practice, David Kateb, MD goes through his time with Empire Medical Training.


Richard Le, DO leaves his comments for the Cosmetic Laser Training program. "It's a great introductory course for beginners to lasers".

Margaret Zachary, MD

Dr. Margaret Zachary details on the benefits of Empire's package deal. "It's a great program and I look forward to the next class"

Testimonial by Ignacio DeArtola, M.D

Ignacio DeArtola, MD talks about his time with the well-organized structure of the Botox/Dermal Fillers courses.

Testimonial by D. Campbell

After researching through multiple programs, Dee Campbell, NP reviews on why she chose Empire Medical Training.

Testimonial by Alexander Cummings, M.D.

Alexander Cummings, MD talks about his benefit of unlimited courses as a Diamond Member.

Testimonial by William Schweitzer, M.D.

William Schweitzer, MD provides a testimonial after attending multiple courses. "Excellently presented", "Very good teachers", "up-to-date information" and more!

Testimonial by Scott Walker, M.D.

Dr. Scott Walker talks about the efficiency of Hands-On Training included in Empire Medical Training.

Testimonial by Keith Radbill, D.O. – Empire Medical Training

Keith Radbill, DO takes a step further with the multiple programs provided by Empire Medical Training, such as Botox, Fillers, Anti-Aging, and Lasers.

Testimonial by Emanuel Lamprou, M.D. – Empire Medical Training

Dr. Lamprou discusses how Empire Medical Training has helped him with implementing Aesthetics into his practice.

Testimonial by Nischita Muppavarapu, M.D.

Dr. Muppavarapu gives her testimonial on the PRP, Sclerotherapy, Mesotherapy and Advanced Anti-Aging courses.

Meet Dr. Cosentino and Empire’s Lead Pain Management Instructor

Dr. Stephen Cosentino on the state-of-the-art Pain Management program at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York.

Dermal Filler Training Review – Aaron Tate PA-C

Dr. Aaron Tate hopes to expand his practice with information learned from Empire Medical Training.

Testimonial by James Kirklin, R.N

James Kirklin, RN gives his testimonial on the Joint Extremity and Ultrasound-Guided Joint Injections, from the great instructors to the helpful environment.

Testimonial by Charles Middelhoff, M.D.

"The courses has been awesome, the folks have been friendly, the learned information is certainly something that I'm certainly gonna take back to my practice". Charles Middelhoff, MD on the Joint Extremity/Ultrasound-Guided Joint Injection classes.

Testimonial by Hannah Weiss, N.P.

Hannah Weiss, NP talks about the great learning experience as she continues through her Pain Management package.

Testimonial by Michael Quirk, D.O.

"Many things were very helpful on the course, there's a great deal of hands-on experience on both the equipment and the areas to inject." -Michael Quirk, DO

Testimonial by Alan Burke, M.D.

Alan Burke, MD gives his review on the pearls of the Empire Medical Training experience.

Testimonial by Niaz Baban

Dr. Niaz Baban gives her input on the Comprehensive Botox/Dermal Filler course.

Testimonial by Simone Van-Horne, M.D.

Simone Van-Horne, MD talks about the pros behind the 6 courses she attended with Empire Medical Training. "I would recommend, hands down, Empire Medical Training".

Testimonial by Sarah Carey

After working as a nurse for 5 years, Sarah Carey, RN looks to make a change starting with Empire Medical Training's Facial Aesthetics, Botox/Dermal Fillers and PRP courses.

Testimonial by Terry Perkins, M.D.

Terry Perkins, MD has been involved in cosmetic surgery for over 35 years. Dr. Perkins gives his comments on the information he has learned after attending a couple of Empire Medical Training's seminars.

Testimonial by Dr. Malini

Dr. Malini gives a testimonial on how well Empire Medical Training has helped her integrate Aesthetics medicine into her practice.

Testimonial by Wilmer Hego, M.D.

Wilmer Hego, MD provides his comments on the Botox, Facial Aesthetics and Mesotherapy courses provided by Empire Medical Training and if signing up for all the courses was worth it.

Testimonial by Joyce Martin, M.D.

This course has met my expectations and beyond. Joyce Martin on Empire Medical Trainings programs attended.

Testimonial by Derek Du

Derek Du gives his thoughts on what he's been able to learn from Empire Medical Training so far.

Testimonial by Dr. John D. Zipperer

"I've been very impressed with the quality of instruction". - Dr. John D. Zipperer on the Pain Management courses provided by Empire Medical Training.

Testimonial by Bradley C. Colvin, M.D.

Bradley C. Colvin, MD compliments how easy it was to learn the new information of the course thanks to Empire Medical Training.

Testimonial by Maria Guidry Cobb

Maria Guidry Cobb attends the Botox/Fillers course in Austin, TX, with plans for more in the future.

Empire Medical Training Testimonial by Alija Ali, D.O.

Alija Ali, DO gives his review on the past year with Empire Medical Training.

Empire Medical Training Testimonial by Edith Finlayson

Owner of Edan's Med Spa, Edith Finlayson talks about what it's like to be a Platinum Member with Empire Medical Training.

Empire Medical Training Testimonial by Ganna Breland, D.O.

Ganna Breland, D.O., a Diamond Member, from California who attended the Empire Medical Training Programs on Mesotherapy, Allergies, Anti-Aging, Weight Loss, and Advanced Aesthetics in Los Angeles and gave a little review about the seminars.

Testimonial by Doa Hammouri, MD – Empire Medical Training

Doa Hammouri, MD, a Platinum Member from Jordan, gives her testimonial after attending the Empire Medical Training Programs on Mesotherapy, Anti-Aging, Weight Loss, and Advanced Aesthetics in Los Angeles.

Testimonial by Marta Paul, MAP – Empire Medical Training

"I've thoroughly enjoyed all the new ideas I've received with Empire, and I look forward to taking future classes and gaining more knowledge that I can use in my practice". - Marta Paul, MAP on Empire Medical Training's programs.

Testimonial by Carmelita Fields, D.O.

Going from Emergency Medicine to Aesthetics Medicine, Dr. Carmelita Fields gives her testimonial on Empire Medical Training's programs.

Vascular Ultrasound Training Testimonial by Dr. Sameer Shetty

Dr. Sameer Shetty provides his quick input on the Vascular Ultrasound program with Empire Medical Training.

Empire Medical Training Testimonial by Dr. James Avellini

Dr. James Avellini reviews his 6 years with Empire Medical Training as one of the many clinical instructors.

Vascular Ultrasound Training Testimonial by Chidozie Ononuju

Having taken courses with Empire Medical Training for 2 years, Dr. Chidozie Ononuju provides his testimonial.

Empire Medical Training Testimonial by Jason Donovan

Jason Donovan, PA provides his thoughts on the Anti-Aging and Weight Loss courses in Manhattan, NY.

Empire Medical Training Testimonial by Dr. George Williams

After searching through multiple online results, Dr. George Williams explains why he chose Empire Medical Training.

Vascular Ultrasound Training Testimonial by Michael Shuger MD

Coming from Cincinatti, OH to Fort Lauderdale, FL, Michael Shuger, MD gives his thoughts on the Vascular Ultrasound course.

Vascular Ultrasound Training Testimonial by Dr. Anand Rampersad

Anand Rampersad gives his thoughts on the key aspects that made the Vascular Ultrasound program a success.


"I highly recommend all the medical professionals to take this class". -Suguna Jaikumar, RN on the Cosmetic Laser Training in Empire Medical Training.

Vascular Ultrasound Training Testimonial by Dr. Ismael Mercado

As a Platinum Member, Ismael Mercado talks about his 3rd course at Empire.

Empire Medical Training Testimonial by Jodi Jett

Jodi Jett, PA talks about what she learned over the weekend thanks to Empire Medical Training.

Thanh K. Hoang M.D.

Dr. Thanh K. Hoang reviews the Botox/Dermal Filler workshop.

Botox, Dermal Filler and Laser Training Testimonial – Dr. TAREK HADLA

Tarek Hadla, MD gives his review about his first time with Empire Medical Training.

Christopher Croley, MD

"Lots of hands-on experience, which was probably the best part of the course". - Dr. Corolle on Empire Medical Training's Botox course

Dermal Fillers Training Testimonial Review – Chrystal Killinger

Chrystal Killinger talks about the perk of hands-on training in her Dermal Filler course with Empire Medical Training.

Gregory Gardner D.O.

Gregory Gardner, DO talks about the importance of didactic and hands-on elements with Empire Medical Training.

Rosetta Cannata, MD

"All the courses were very informative, and the information was very easily integrable into your practice" - Rosa Cannata on Empire Medical Training

Sophia & Issa Registered Nurses

Working together in the same office, Sophia and Issa (Registered Nurses) try out the Empire Medical Training program and tell their experience.

Dr. Adam Helfand – New York

"This is definitely the best credit courses I've ever taken". -Dr. Adam Helfand on Empire Medical Training's Botox/Dermal Filler courses.

Dr. Valmond – Internal Medicine

Dr. Valmont talks about his experience with the Dermal Filler training course.

Doctors review of Empire Medical Training

This Botox and Filler has been a very nicely constructed one-day course. - Physician member on Empire Medical Training

Robert Carlson, MD

Dr. Bob Carlson talks about his time with the Sclerotherapy course.

Nai Nguyen, DDS

Dr. Nguyen gives his brief summary about his experience with the Botox/Dermal Filler course at Empire Medical Training.

Anil Kapoor, MD

Anil Kapoor, MD talks his well-assured demeanor about Botox injections after taking a course with Empire Medical Training.

Soonah Oh, MD

Sunah Oh, MD recalls her experience taking an Anti-Aging course in NYC.

Barry Dublin, MD

"It would give me the information I needed right away to start seeing patients almost immediately". -Barry Dublin, MD on Empire Medical Training.

Saeed Shazad, MD

Saeed Shahzad, MD talks about how he was able to integrate more into his practice thanks to Empire Medical Training's programs.

Kathy Nace, MD

"I've taken several courses with Empire and it's very well-rounded" - Kathy Nace, MD

Botox Training Testimonial

"It was a fantastic experience, I highly recommend it."

Lisa Sebastian, NA

Lisa Sebastian gives her quick word on Empire Medical Training's courses.

Dr. Yaaz Shaz

Dr. Yashah gives his review on the Anti-Aging/Weight Loss course.

Andres Velasco, MD

"It was amazing. Their doctors were very good and the information was straight to the point". - Dr. Golasco

Dr. Suguna Jacoma

"This is the place to come to, I'm loving it so far". - Dr. Suguna Jacoma

ENT Specialist from Canada

"I find it really useful, you have hands-on practice, the instructor knew what he was talking about, so I'm extremely happy".

Ziad Sara, MD

"It's a fun program!"- Physician attendee on Empire Medical Training

Ronald Kane, MD

Dr. Ronald Kane comments on the great components behind the Mesotherapy course.

Dr Puja Malik

Dr. Puja Malik praises the new knowledge she's been able to learn thanks to Empire Medical Training.

Heidi LaForge, DO

"The program was very hands-on, and I feel we get a really great experience." - Dr. Heidi LaForge

Dr. Hamid

Dr. Amid briefly reviews the Empire Medical Training program.

Gynecologist from Fort Lauderdale

A gynecologist attendee talks about the informative Bio-Identical Hormones course with Empire Medical Training.

Dr. Gabriel Rollands

Dr. Gabriel Rollands provides his testimonial on the Sclerotherapy course with Empire Medical Training.

Dr. Hamid Dasani

The program was great, and I enjoyed it - Dr. Dasani on Empire Medical Training's program.

Dr Kristy-Anne Evelyn

Dr. Kristy-Anne Evelyn recalls her experience with Empire Medical Training.

William Berryman, MD

Seeking training for personal interest, Dr. Bill Berryman found his way to Empire Medical Training.

Empire Medical Training – Testimonial

"Empire Medical Training has been one of the trainings I ever had."

Dr Andrew Limons

Dr. Andy Limons talks why he chose Empire Medical Training's programs.

Michael Papola, MD

"A lot of fun, a lot of learning, and a lot of hands-on experiences. I really enjoyed it." Dr. Michael Papola

Dr. Lynch

"It was a great experience, we had great didactic teaching as well as an extensive amount of hands-on experience".

Gary Butka, MD

Gary Butka, MD gives his testimonial on the Anti-Aging and Medical Weight Los training with Empire Medical Training.

Dr. Watson

Dr. Watson reviews the Advanced Botox/Filler course with Empire Medical Training.

Dr Rosenthal

Dr. Ariana Rosenthal briefly describes her weekend of training with Empire Medical Training.

Sunanda Chug, MD

Dr. Chug briefly describes the Botox/Filler training conducted at Empire Medical Training.

Alice Grogan, MD

"I think I learned a lot that will help me in my everyday practice" - Alice Grogan, MD on the Medical Weight Loss program in Empire Medical Training.

Ronald Light, MD

"I would like to say I found it extremely instructed, well-organized, and I think Dr. Cosentino and his staff were very professional" - Ronald Light, MD on Empire Medical Training

Jerry Drinkard, RN

Jerry Drinkard, RN reviews the Empire Medical Training's Botox and Dermal Filler course in Las Vegas, NV

Miguel Tependino, MD

A quick review of Empire Medical Training from Miguel Tependino, MD.

Lisa Routh, MD

"I would encourage everyone to take not just one course but many courses." - Dr. Lisa Routh

Michael Santillanes, MD

Michael Santillanes, MD and Rosa Lopez, RN gain plenty of new insight from Empire Medical Training's Botox, Dermal Filler and Laser courses, including website advice.

Jeffrey Fossati, MD – Instructor

Instructor Dr. Jeff Facciotti recaps the NCS-EMG course in Empire Medical Training

3-Pack Aesthetic Starter Kit

Included with New Memberships During Today’s Sale Only ($597 Value)


Pricing & Packaging Aesthetics


Don’t know how to price your cosmetic procedures? Discover this essential guide to pricing and packaging all your Aesthetics services.


Front Office Fundamentals


Explore our receptionist training guide with tips and working methods to help you drive sales, upsell your products, and provide your customers with the best customer service focused on relationship building.


Consent Forms and Documents


Securing consent forms for your aesthetics practice can be time-consuming. We’ve compiled a document providing the essential tools, clinical policies, and definitions needed for a successful practice.

This is a must for any Aesthetic Practice, particularly newer practices just starting out. Empire Medical Training has developed this comprehensive Aesthetic Starter Kit after training physicians for over 25 years, working with start-up practices, and consulting with established practices in Aesthetics.

What Members Have to Say | Physician Testimonials

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