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Joint / Extremity / Non Spinal Injection Training Course

Interventional Pain Management Injections for Trigger Points, Tendonopathies, and Joint Injections including Viscosupplementation

Joint Injection Training - Testimonials

This program is intended to compliment our 3-Day Pain Management Workshop and Advanced Pain Management Workshop.

During the Joint Injection Course, there is a strong emphasis on Non-Spinal Injections such as knee, shoulder, elbow, hip, and ankle injections using palpatory methods, anatomical landmarks, and image guidance for needle localization.  In addition, soft tissue injections (trigger) points are taught with an emphasis on referred pain and patient testing to create a differential diagnosis of the pain.

The Joint/ Extremity Injection, Pain Management Training course will provide instruction on many other common modalities/procedures that you can offer patients in your office such as viscosupplementation, steroidal injections, and prolotherapy.  Botox injections for such common conditions as bruxism, migraine headaches, and other spastic muscular conditions are part of the course study as well as the use of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for soft tissue correction and for knee joints.

Medical Training

Generally, these procedures are simple to perform and learn, have a lower risk threshold and are financially rewarding as well. Your patients will also be pleased that you can treat them rather than referring.

This comprehensive Interventional Pain Management Injection program will provide education for a variety of daily office procedures you can immediately integrate into your practice.

Primary care physicians, and other specialists, frequently encounter patients suffering from these common, yet painful conditions. Many of these conditions can easily be treated in the office.

Some of the topics and procedures you will learn during this program include:

Trigger Point Injection Training
  1. Joint Injections- Shoulder, Hip, Knee, and Sacroiliac Joint Injections.
  2. Minor Injections- Trigger point injections.
  3. Specialty Injections
    1. a. AC Joint
    2. b. Tennis Elbow
    3. c. Pitchers/Golfers Elbow
    4. d. De Quervain's
    5. e. Trigger finger injections
    6. f.  Carpal tunnel treatment options
    7. g. Viscosupplementation (knee)
    8. h. Specialty Botox Injections
    1. i.    Trachanteric bursa
    2. j.    Pepatellar bursa
    3. k.   Medial and lateral approaches to knee joint
    4. l.    Pes bursa injections
    5. m. Plantar fasciitis
    6. n.  Intercostal Injections
    7. o.  Ankle Injections

Joint Injection TrainingWe are pleased to announce that Dr. Romane will continue to provide instruction for this program. He is a favorite instructor for Empire Medical and is well liked by our attendees. In addition to his credentials, he has extensive experience in teaching other physicians in Pain Management techniques.

The Joint/Non-Spinal Injection workshop will begin with didactic presentations covering the different medical conditions and treatment procedures that can be provided. You will learn specifically about the different Pain Management injection techniques used, the protocols, supplies and solutions, medications, side effects, precautions as well as patient selection criteria. Considerable time will be used to review diagnostic evaluation including physical exam, lab, or imaging analysis.

Pain WorkshopPrior to lunch, there will be a 1 hour lecture in business and marketing so that you can learn how to promote Pain Procedure services in your practice. Empire provides extensive education in this area as most physicians intend to create additional revenue streams for their practices.

After lunch, you will learn the coding and billing parameters necessary for Medicare and other insurance carriers. Although these procedures are generously reimbursed, it is important to follow correct medical necessity and coding guidelines.


Extremity and Non-Spinal Injection Procedures and More

Prior to the Hands- On portion of the training, there will be an extensive Question and Answer session not only covering the topics presented, but also to discuss additional topics requested by the physician audience. This interactive experience is an integral part of the program. Our instructors will go over case studies and various academic problems for the group to solve.

The majority of the afternoon will be spent actually performing the various injection techniques. In addition to volunteers, physicians will train on custom training models specifically designed to perform injection techniques and surgical procedures. Physicians will receive extensive hands on training the entire afternoon and should leave the program feeling confident in their techniques.


Epidural Injection TrainingUpon Completion of the Joint / Extremity Non Spinal Workshop, the physician should be able to:

  1. Correctly diagnose and evaluate the patient who presents with the conditions covered in the program.

  2. Understand how to perform a comprehensive workup to formulate a diagnosis.

  3. Perform all the injection procedures correctly and confidently under direct supervision of the instructor during the afternoon hands on session.

  4. Be able to perform trigger point injections, viscosupplementation, and prolotherapy injections for soft tissue and joints. 

  5. Thoroughly understand how to treat patients with Tennis Elbow, Pitchers elbow, De Quervain's , Trigger finger, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Trachanteric bursitis, Pepatellar bursitis, Pes bursa abnormalities, Plantar fasciitis, and a variety of other common chief complaints.

Joint / Extremity / Non Spinal Injection Training - Agenda



9:00am- -9:45am
Background and Overview of Course
Pain Diagnosis of Common Body Areas
Identifying & Classification of Joint Pain
Joint Injections by Body Part Area
Soft Tissue (Trigger Point) Injections
Prolotherapy & Viscosupplementation
Billing & Coding

9:45am- -11:00am
Common Pain Modalities by Body Part Area
Musculoskeletal Disorders
Myofacial Disorders
Referred Pain
Pain Assessment & Diagnosis

11:00am- -11:15am

11:15am- -12:30am
Joint Injections & Viscosupplementation
Joints & Bursas
Supplies & Medicines including dosing
Pre and Post Procedure Requirements

12:30pm--1:30 pm
Lunch (on your own)

Prolotherapy Injections
Review of most Common Injections (Non-Spinal)
Review of Medications
Platelet Rich Plasma
Indications for Use

2:15pm- -3:15pm
Trigger Point Injections
Supplies & Medicines including dosing
Pre and Post Procedure Requirements

3:15pm- -3:30pm

3:30pm- -4:00pm
Billing & Coding
Documentation Requirements
Other Administrative Considerations

4:00pm- -5:00pm
Hands-On Practical Session
Anatomical Models
General Question & Answer Session




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