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Mesotherapy Training

Non Invasive Lipo Dissolve (Mesotherapy) Training for Small Adipose Fat Pocket Reduction and Practical Cellulite Reduction Training

Mesotherapy Training - Workshop

Mesotherapy (Lipo Dissolve) continues to be sought after by patients because of its relative simplicity in burning fat and cellulite, as well as the safety profile in comparison with liposuction. At Empire Medical Training, you will learn about the newest technologies available being utilized for fat and cellulite reduction such as the non-invasive delivery systems (RF Thermal, Needleless Meso) along with receiving traditional Mesotherapy training. Our comprehensive Mesotherapy training gives the specific formulas, forms, consents, and prescriptions for you to have the ingredients for each mixture formulated and compounded. Like all of our aesthetic training workshops, this training is for established medical professionals looking to expand their procedural capabilities.

Empire is excited to be among the first to provide this type of intensive education and training on the newest medications and treatments currently available for treating submental fat accumulation (double chin) in patients. During all Mesotherapy classes you will learn which medications are effective in treating patients with fat accumulation in the submental region and which are non-invasive treatment options compared to liposuction. Traditional Mesotherapy injections to this region have been recommended for years by physicians and have produced good results; however, not consistent. There are now newer medications that physicians and patients are excited about which offer long term results and have an expected outcome that can be produced even after the first injection.

During the Mesotherapy Training programs, physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, and others will learn the protocols associated with all the newest medications and traditional therapies associated with treating body contouring and spot fat reduction. Finally, there are specific medicines and compounds that are effective for performing spot fat reduction and for treating fat in the submental region! With such a high demand by patients and the typical benefits, physicians are excited about offering this new procedure to their patients. And, with the $800 fee physicians are charging for a single visit, it is no wonder why health care professionals are eager to learn the protocols. As part of the mesotherapy class (and all of the Aesthetic courses) we go over in detail how you can market the new technique and will instruct you about pricing, packaging, what your competition is doing and how to be different, and much more so you can be successful with each of the new techniques.

PC/ DC and many other compounded formulas, can be purchased as a single use vial of 2ml, but patients can receive up to 50 x .2 injections or 10 ml in total during a single visit. During the training, you will learn how to properly perform these injection procedures, proper dosing, and take into careful consideration proper anatomical landmarks in order to prevent any potential complication. With improper needle placement patients can develop Marginal Mandibular Nerve (MMN) injury, which in most cases is self-limiting, is a complication which can be avoided with proper technique learned through carefully supervised and comprehensive training.

PC/ DC treatments are performed once per month for up to 6 treatments in total. Patients are happy with the results they can see in as early as 4-6 weeks after a treatment. So far, the only real questionable aspect to this treatment (at least for the patient) is the cost, at $400 for a single PC/DC treatment. Patients are seeing the real benefit and understand the safety associated with a non-invasive procedure compared to a submental liposuction procedure. During the mesotherapy course, you will not only learn the new PC/DC  treatment protocols , but also how to perform numerous , other fat reduction and fat melting procedures that have helped patients for many years, and for which Empire has trained many thousands of health care professionals.

Medical Training

At $400 per office visit for 6-15 visits (average case $3500), offering Mesotherapy will create an exciting financial impact for your practice. Completing a Mesotherapy certification training workshop with Empire Medical Training fully prepares physicians to perform all techniques and best practices, including learning which areas of the body receive the best results, understanding patient selection, and delivering these injections precisely and without complication.

This program is delivered by instructors who are experts in all Mesotherapy protocols and techniques. By the end of the day of our Mesotherapy certification training, you will be abundantly prepared to immediately begin treating your own patients. You will be given a Step-By-Step "Cookbook" outline so you know exactly what solutions to use for every condition, i.e. Fat versus Cellulite.

Mesotherapy TrainingMesotherapy injections are fairly painless; the results are outstanding and are comparable to liposuction without surgery in small body fat areas as well as the chin and eyes. The technique is a simple 10 minute procedure with no down time and is much safer than Liposuction, which does not reduce cellulite and in many cases cause cellulite to be more pronounced. Mesotherapy has gained significant popularity because of these reasons as well as the results obtained in conjunction with other aesthetic treatments or services.

Lipodissolve Training
Our Mesotherapy training course addresses causal elements such as adjunctive and conjunctive therapies. Mesotherapy is the perfect adjunct for women after significant weight loss, lipo-surgery, or after giving birth. In addition, new technologies such as RF-Thermal Body Circumference devices (VelaShape III / / TruSculpt / and other RF devices) and other skin tightening laser modalities to obtain better results when used in conjunction with Mesotherapy. The training will provide information on other causal elements of cellulite in women including HRT (high estrogen levels), smoking, poor diet, impaired venous, lymphatic drainage and genetic disposition to smaller subcutaneous fatty chambers. Our Mesotherapy and Cellulite Treatment training will also include an understanding of the myths associated with cellulite (i.e. obesity, overweight) and a development of the skills able to consult, discuss, and create a real solution to your patient's needs.

Lipodissolve TrainingAttendees learn the latest technologies available in reducing spot pockets of fat and cellulite. You will receive detailed instruction on these non-invasive technologies and learn how this impacts fat and cellulite. Join the other 20,000+ physicians worldwide that provide thousands of these treatments cumulatively each year. Give your patients what they are asking for and needing, give results and not just treatments!


  1. Understand all Mesotherapy Techniques as relates to:
    • Cellulite removal
    • Spot Fat Reduction
    • Body Contouring and weight loss of the abdomen,
    • arms, back & legs
    • Face and Neck Rejuvenation
    • The Meso-LiftThe Non Surgical Face Lift
  2. Understand the mechanism of action and the specific protocols for using Phosphatidycholine (PPC).
  3. Outline and Detail the Specific Supplies and Solutions needed, including appropriate dosages and where to order needed supplies.
  4. Understand exactly how the new technologies that deliver fat-burning substances without using needles actually work.
  5. Learn when and how to use the different delivery methods; traditional with needles, and the newer technologies now available.
  6. Perform the initial cosmetic evaluation and patient selection suitable for Mesotherapy and other combination therapies.
  7. Gain a thorough understanding of the grading of cellulite in evaluating the patient and understand the various protocols that will deliver results and which types of mechanical treatments (micro needling) will be most effective.

Mesotherapy Practice Mesotherapy Seminar



8:00am–8:30am • Registration.

8:30am–9:00am • Instructor Introduction, Overview of Mesotherapy Applications for face and body for small adipose fat pocket reduction. Misconceptions of the definition of Mesotherapy and how it is used aesthetically in the United States.

9:00am-10:30am • History of Mesotherapy, Development of mesotherapy agents used in aesthetics including detailed instruction as to the definition of phosphatidylcholine (PC) and Sodium Deoxycholate (DC) and percentage concentrations.  Mechanism of Action, industrial uses, safety profile, source of phosphatidylcholine, and other medical uses of the product are discussed.  Evidenced based antecdotal studies and PC/DC in literature are reviewed as well as Peer to Peer studies are presented as part of your standard of care. 

10:30am–10:45am • Break.

10:45am–12:00am • PC/DC legal concerns, importation of PC/DC, and the general use of off-label compounded prescriptions is reviewed as well as patient selection, contraindications, intake forms, consultation, and post treatment consideration. . Introduction of the mesotherapy procedure for small fat reduction with detailed protocols for the following areas; submental region, back flanks, jowls, love handles, arms, abdomen, and outer thighs (saddlebag area).  Body area estimation for treatments, needle placement, injection areas, frequency of treatments, and volume considerations are reviewed.

12:00pm–1:00pm • Lunch.

1:00pm—2:30pm • Facial mesotherapy including mesolift and alternative treatments are provided (micro needling) including under the eye, submental region, and jowl areas. Review of FDA Approved prescriptions (DCA) including facial areas for submental region and jowls are discussed including protocols, expectations, contraindications, and injection techniques and strategies.
2:30pm–2:45pm • Break.

2:45pm–3:30pm • Physiology of Cellulite including practical advice for patients.  Grading of cellulite (I-IV) and treatment options for each.  Injection mesotherapy, RF devices, Cryolipolysis devices, and micro needling are discussed and presented including alternative treatments. 
3:30pm–4:30pm •  Questions and Answers, Marking of injections for potential patients, review of treatment options with patients, insurance requirements, photography, and promotion and marketing of these new procedures integrated within your practice.

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