Mission Statement

Empire Medical Training Mission Statement, Vision Statement & Values Statement.

Mission Statement

Empire Medical Training provides healthcare professionals with a full complement of medical training and resources that combine the science and art of Aesthetics, Anti-Aging, and Pain Management Medicine to grow their business and increase revenue.

Vision Statement

  • We continue to engender a deeply rooted confidence as the “go-to” nationally convenient destination for learning, perfecting, and upgrading essential healthcare delivery skills that are required to keep pace with the dynamic aesthetics, anti-aging, and pain management medicine business.
  • Empire Medical Training works tirelessly to earn and maintain our distinction as the foremost educational training authority in the United States on the best and most timely aesthetic, anti-aging, and pain management procedure training for “workshop to patient benefit.
  • Our students continue to bring pride to Empire Medical Training through their commitment to excellence and sound training that fuel their continued growth and business success.
  • Empire continues to lead the medical education arena by offering the most complete “University Style” curriculum with over 33 topics and courses, updated frequently to keep pace with new tools, products and techniques, spanning all competencies, from beginner to advanced in areas such as Aesthetics, Anti -Aging, Pain Management, Surgery.
  • We continue to improve on our unique and industry recognized Empire-Platinum-Membership that provides our members with not only the most cost effective method of training but also an ever-expanding list of benefits that will help our members now and for years to come.
  • We seek the highest-caliber trainers to provide the latest, and most technically skillful training to physicians and allied healthcare professionals who desire competencies and confidence in providing the newest breakthroughs in medicine, and who are dedicated to staying current with not only their license and CME requirements, but also with the most innovative tools and procedures being utilized in Aesthetics and Medicine.
  • Our members count on us to connect them with other professionals through our Community Forum, designed to help members connect to their peers, and to receive information on the latest industry trends and opportunities,
  • Empire is ever-dedicated to staying on the forefront of modern day medical education through innovation and by providing diverse methods of education such as through workshops, preceptorships, live broadcast training, special video training, online training, and Empire’s own industry meetings and conferences, and much more. 
  • Our dedication to our physicians and allied healthcare professionals is unwavering. We continue to create tools to help practitioners in many different areas of their practice. Empire’s members portal, utilized by members to access the CME video library, educational tools, online registration, vendor partner and discount programs, live broadcast training and much more, will continue to expand and improve our Vendor MarketPlace.
  • Empire creates new partnerships with industry leading healthcare companies who can provide our members with state of the art products and services. We use products that are most widely used, and recognized as best of class in the industry.
  • We forge partnerships with service-oriented vendors that provide support in business and marketing, and with strategies to help the practitioner develop their practice to the next level.  Members are assured of receiving ongoing access to the most aggressive pricing on any product or service offered through an Empire partnership.
  • As an ongoing commitment to provide our members and participants with the highest level and quality of education, Empire Medical Training will continue to improve on our training materials as well as our Physician instructors who provide the direct hands on education. Empire’s physician advisory board will continue to study each attendees review to find new ways to improve on what we do daily. Empire will identify and showcase renowned thought leaders, key opinion leaders (KOL’s) and celebrity physician instructors.

Values Statement

Empire Medical Training is dedicated to providing educational training to physicians and allied healthcare professionals that ultimately impacts and improve the lives of others.

The principles below guide us as we strive for excellence in all that we do. These principles are the core of who we are and how we conduct our business.

  • We work hard everyday to make Empire Medical Training the industry’s most respected and reliable training destination.
  • We value our relationships and show respect, always.
  • We seek and embrace feedback to create and promote the highest standards of our industry.
  • We are proactive; we look ahead and anticipate the needs of our physicians and allied healthcare professionals.
  • We do what is right and we do not compromise our integrity.
  • We care deeply about our business, our students, and the industry, with passion and determination.