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PDO Barbed Surgical Thread Lift Training

The training is designed to go over specific protocols associated with proper placement into fascial tissues as well as selection of the various sizes and dimensions of the sutures.

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Aesthetic PDO (polydioxanone) Thread Lift Certification Training- Barbed Suture Application for Face and Body

Placement of barbed pdo sutures for cheeks

PDO Thread Training on ALL products

Aesthetic PDO (polydioxanone) Thread Lifts have revolutionized Aesthetics and have become the most sought-after alternative to the surgical face lift. PDO Thread Face Lifting has been regarded by Plastic Surgeons as a significant advancement in the correction of sagging skin on patients not requiring plastic surgery or for individuals who would like to enhance the effects of the aging skin. 

Since the reintroduction of threads to the market and with the significant improvements made to the threads and the procedure itself, thread lifting is now a cosmetic procedure that physicians and nurses are eager to learn and provide for their patients. The procedure itself is relatively simple to learn and patients are willing to pay upwards of $3,500 for a thread lift procedure because the results are extraordinary, and , in comparison to the surgical face lift is safer, faster, and easier to perform Empire Medical Training remains the number #1 training organization for teaching practitioners the thread lift technique; having already certified thousands of physicians and nurses in the technique. Our courses are taught by renowned Plastic Surgeons or other physician specialists, beware of trainers using non physician instructors!

Overview of Thread Lift Courses: Classes are unbiased and objective, and we provide training on All the thread products not just one. Much of the training that is available now is either sponsored by the manufacturer themselves OR by an organization who is backed by one manufacturer. Our training is different for many reasons, not the least of which is that we are not backed, or sponsored by ANY manufacturer. We believe that all the different thread products have very specific benefits and indications and that the practitioner should have an understanding of each product so they can decide for themselves which products to use, when, and how.

Curriculum developed in coordination with nationally sought after speaker and educator, Azza Halim, MD. Dr. Halim is a Master Injector and in Expert in PDO threads/Combination therapies. She is a Board Certified Anesthesiologist/Critical Care, Antiaging Integrative Medicine, Aesthetics, and Wellness.

surgical thread lift training course dates


Training on a variety of PDO Thread systems from a variety of manufacturers to offer the largest selection of PDO Barbed and Smooth Thread options including needle and cannula options:

  • Smooth Threads (Mono)
  • Twisted PDO Threads (Basic, Double, and Screw Super)
  • Volume Threads (Basic and Broom) - Cannula
  • Barb Unidirectional & Bidirectional Threads – Sharp & Cannula Options
  • Barb 3D Threads
  • Barb 4D Threads
  • New Higher Gauge Threads – Cannula Option Extreme Facial and Body Indications

PDO Thread Lift Certification Training Level II

Thread Lift Training Procedure using barbed pdo threeads

Practitioners perform Thread Lift procedure

What are Barbed Threads? Empire Medical Training will highlight a full range of barbed PDO sutures from a variety of manufacturers and distributors. Compared with the smooth, twisted, or broom PDO sutures that are utilized for volume, PDO barbed sutures allow for greater pullback of tissues in mobile areas of the face and other body part areas. PDO barbed sutures are like smooth (mesh) PDO sutures in that they dissolve over time and stimulate collagen at the attachment to the skin. 

PDO barbed sutures continuously stimulate collagen synthesis under skin and are reabsorbed within 4-6 months while suspending tissues for an additional 12-18 months. The combination of using both the barbed and smooth PDO sutures can transform the youthfulness of the face and tighten other body part areas through volume and retraction for skin laxity.

This is a comprehensive, level 2 certification course in Thread Lifting that will enable practitioners to implement this new, high demand, procedure into their practice. The hands-on training will certify you to acquire and perform the PDO Thread Lift procedure which requires specific training authorized by the manufacturer. 

facial aesthetics

Dr. Ramtin Kassir - Facial Anatomy Training

Certification in PDO Thread Lift

Morning Didactic Sessions - You will learn specific protocols associated with proper placement into facial tissues and, learn the mechanics for deciding how to choose your material or products needed. The procedure itself is safe, provided the practitioner has a thorough understanding of facial anatomy and facial compartments, including neural, venous, and muscular anatomy, and knowledge of basic surgical and procedural skills. This information is part of the program, but, the practitioner is expected to have satisfied the minimum “prerequisites for training” outlined below.

Chart showing placement and examples for body and face pdo thread placement

The didactic presentation builds upon the prerequisite studies needed to take this course and demands that you have experience with the mesh type of sutures thereby allowing us to expand the hands-on training for the afternoon sessions.

You will receive training in the anatomy covering the entry points, anchoring points, landmarks, zones of adherence, and relevant structures that will be integral for the injection technique. You will learn specific protocols and a step by step method for the indicated anatomical areas to safely perform this technique.  

additional examples of body thread lift procedures using barbed and smooth pdo sutures

PDO Thread Lift

The unique advantages of the Empire Thread Lift training course are the instructors who provide the training, and the hands on training you receive with live patients. Class sizes are significantly limited to only 10 students, ensuring that each student has adequate attention and supervision with a physician. Our instructors are renowned, physician only specialists and surgeons who have extensive experience in performing the Thread lift technique.

Vendors to Aesthetics and more specifically for the new FDA Cleared Thread Lift Sutures, will be onsite to answer specific questions concerning the various thread options, their associated costs, as well as other materials and supplies to get you started.

Before | After Photo of PDO Thread Lift Procedure
Additional Thread Lift Suture Placement Examples

Thread lifting to the legs provides very good results on patients

Proficiency Testing and Certification

During the training, each practitioner is supervised for approximately 30 minutes while they work on a patient from start to finish. This is not only an integral part of the training but, is part of the proficiency testing required for certification.

Students will learn the techniques associated with both types of PDO sutures (barbed and smooth suture option) as well as perform hands on training using live patients. In addition to the dedicated one on one hands sessions, you will be able to watch and learn from others, including a pre-operative assessment of other patients. This is more than just the “see one, do one, teach one”, you will leave this class with sufficient practice and hands on exposure to gain a good level of confidence. Attendees will practice the techniques and acquire a strong comfort level performing the thread lift system for the various product options including the technique itself. This course is intensive and designed to thoroughly prepare the practitioner to integrate the techniques into their practice and is required to acquire the product.

PDO Thread Lift

In order to maximize the benefits of this training and to ensure you are thoroughly trained, PDO Barbed Surgical Thread Lift training requires prior experience with the procedure. The requirements to attend the training are as follows:

  1. Must have completed PDO Thread Lift Training (level I) with Empire Medical Training (or equivalent training)
  2. Must have completed training in Botox and Fillers injectable training with Empire (or equivalent)
  3. Must have a minimum of 6 months experience in performing Aesthetics AND injectable procedures such as Botox and Fillers
  4. Must be a physician or Nurse practitioner, or PA (under supervision of physician who is also attending program)
  5. Must bring your own model to receive the procedure and model must be medically cleared by yourself or other physician

Your Instructor

A qualified, board certified physician specializing in the thread lift procedure will be giving the lecture and supervise your training. At Empire Medical Training, we adhere to the belief that your training is only as good as your instructor’s credentials and skills.

Benefits to Training

Learn a new, highly profitable, non-surgical technique that creates dramatic results for your aesthetic patient and be able to charge a premium. Most medical spas and aesthetic offices do NOT have the skill set to perform the technique giving you an opportunity to differentiate yourself. PDO Thread Lift Face Lifting typically costs upwards of $600-$1200 per area and may be used in conjunction with Botox and Dermal Fillers to further enhance the appearance and, enable you to charge more.

  • Can be used in appropriate candidates who do not want surgery
  • Results are rated as highly satisfactory for patients and clinicians
  • Procedure takes 30 minutes or less to perform
  • Side effects are mild and recovery time is short
  • Longer lasting benefits from neocollagenesis
Chart showing Possible facial areas for thread lift procedures
training membership
Chart illustrating possible thread lift suture placement for other body areas

What areas of the body and face can be treated with PDO Thread Lift Barb Sutures?

  • Loose Skin , Cheeks
  • Lines on Forehead
  • Sides of lips
  • Lips, upper and sides
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Jowls
  • Body areas like arms, knees, buddock, abdomen, thighs. 

Thread lift Training II - Hands-on Demo

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This is a must for any Aesthetic Practice, particularly newer practices just starting out. Empire Medical Training has developed this comprehensive Aesthetic Kit after training physicians for over 21 years, working with start-up practices, and consulting with established practices in Aesthetics.

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*All courses are conducted by Physicians and other Specialists in Aesthetics, Pain, Surgery, and Medicine. Not by less qualified Instructors

Course Destinations: New York-NY, Las Vegas-Nevada, Atlanta-Georgia, Chicago-Illinois, Nashville-Tennessee, Philadelphia - PA, Riverside-California, New Orleans-Louisiana, Detroit-Michigan, Austin-Texas, Charlotte-North Carolina, Orlando-Florida, Dallas-Texas, Los Angeles-California, Tampa-FL, Fort Lauderdale-FL, Houston-Texas, Naples-FL, Raleigh-North Carolina, San Diego-CA, Charleston-South Carolina, Boston-Massachusetts.

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