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Colonoscopy Training

Preceptorship Training (1 or 2-Day) with Various Private Hospitals for Colonoscopy Screening Procedures

More and more primary care physicians are receiving Colonoscopy Training due to the large number of patients that require screening as well as the financial impact integrating this procedure into the office can have on a medical practice. Medicare now reimburses for screening Colonoscopy and pays more if it is done in the office. As the population ages, the incidence of colorectal polyps and cancer increase. Many are now suggesting that colonoscopy be the screening method of choice. Colonoscopy can be performed in the physician's office, which markedly reduces the cost, time, and patient anxiety.

Colonoscopy Training
Colonoscopy Training Workshop

All the Colonoscopy courses limit enrollment to small physician groups to help facilitate the learning process. Intensive one on one, preceptorship training is also available if needed upon completion of this course. Space must be reserved in advance for confirmation.

The program covers the specific indications, contraindications, equipment, sedation, and performing the technique. Lectures will also include review of normal and abnormal pathology. Emphasis will be placed on hands-on supervision and instruction while performing the technique on colon models.

Who Should Attend?

Medical Training
  • Primary Care Physicians who recognize they can perform colonoscopy on many of their existing patients and help diagnose and treat colorectal disease.
  • Physicians interested in increasing practice revenue by gaining proficiency in performing a new reimbursable service.
  • Physicians who refer their patients for evaluation of colorectal disease and understand they can help these patients themselves.
  • Physicians seeking a comprehensive program that encompasses both the medical as well as business protocols needed to integrate this new service into their practice.

Objectives for Colonoscopy Training

Upon Completion of this program, the physician should be able to:

  1. Colonoscopy Training SeminarPerform the various techniques involved with Colonoscopy (biopsy, polypectomy, cautery, etc.)
  2. Evaluate basic endoscopic findings; recognition of normal vs. abnormal.
  3. Perform the handling, cleaning and disinfection of the equipment used in colonoscopy.
  4. Understand the role of the primary care physician as it relates to lower GI endoscopy.
  5. Specific equipment needed and available options.
  6. Understand basic epidemiological and clinical presentation of colorectal cancer and the role of colonoscopy in screening and maintenance.
  7. Specific indications and contraindications for performing colonoscopy.
  8. Performing bowel preparation and obtaining informed consent.
  9. Understand the proper use of sedation and monitoring.
  10. Specific methods for coding, documentation and compliance.
  11. Strategies for consistent and appropriate reimbursement.

We Provide Extensive Liposuction Training Courses

Please Call To Confirm Availability
Classes are limited to (6) Attendees and Spaces Fill up Quickly
CME 16 Prescribed Hours (Expected)

Platinum & Diamond Members Pay only $3,500.00

Liposuction Training, Liposuction Courses, Laser Liposuction TrainingWith the average fee collected for performing liposuction ranging from $2,000 to $6,000, the relative simplicity of adding proper Liposuction training to a medical practice, and the exceptional results obtained with the newer techniques, it is no wonder physicians of all specialties are learning to add Liposuction procedures to their practice.

Over 550,000 liposuction procedures were performed in 2007 and was the #1 surgical cosmetic procedure performed on patients with total revenues over $1.5B. Liposuction, including Tumescent liposuction training techniques and Laser Liposuction Training, is expected to increase by over 10% in the next (2) years. Laser Assisted Lipolysis has been proven to add significant benefits by providing non-selective heating of the adipose tissue. Also, it helps overcome the resistance in areas of high fibrosis and enhances the procedure by the thermal destruction of the fat cell membrane (helps to liquefy the fat) as well as tissue tightening that is not possible with tumescent liposuction only. The advent and refinement of tumescent anesthesia and improved techniques and medical protocols utilized make Tumescent Liposuction a practical, safe, and rewarding addition to your aesthetic practice.

tumescent liposuction trainingThe 2-Day Hands-On Liposuction Training Courses will prepare you to perform both Tumescent Liposuction and Laser Lipolysis procedures using the 1064 wavelength that is the standard for body sculpting in conjunction with the liposuction course, these procedures are performed safely and effectively in an Office-Based setting.

Attendees will receive thorough training in all areas of Tumescent Anesthesia, while working closely alongside a cosmetic surgeon at the surgery center. Attendees will also receive a thorough knowledge and understanding of all the various aspects associated with Tumescent Liposuction through lectures, didactic presentations and through our 300 page comprehensive manual which will enable the physician to immediately incorporate these procedures within their aesthetic practice.

You will Learn the following:

  1. Requirements in creating a Surgical Suite within your Office
    - including licensing, mandatory and recommended equipment, and insurance considerations.
  2. Tumescent Solution, Dosages and Concentrations for Various Body Areas/Genders
  3. Patient Selection, Consultation, Pre-Operative Evaluation, and Patient Consents
  4. Contraindications, Patient Workup, Pre-Operative Tests, Drug Interactions
  5. Instrumentation and Equipment needed for Liposuction Procedure.
    - Manual versus Power-Assisted Liposuction.
  6. Use of 1064 Wavelength Lasers for skin-tightening of excess skin or laxity.
    - Abdomen Areas, Back Flanks and Hip areas, and Male Breasts.
  7. Patient marking, Infiltration Volumes, and Liposuction Techniques.
  8. Complications of Tumescent Anesthesia and Liposuction.
  9. Pre-Operative, Intra-Operative, and Post-Operative concerns.

Post-Operative Care and Evaluation

  • Vasoconstricting blood vessels minimizing edema and bleeding
  • Compression Garmenting recommendations.
  • Short-Term care including wound management and scarring issues.
  • Long-Term care including weight management and possible "touch-ups".

Offer the "Safer" Liposuction solution to your patients using Tumescent Anesthesia and guarantee predictable results for your patient by adding Laser Lipolysis to your procedures. Tumescent Anesthesia minimizes blood loss, is antibacterial, maximizes tissue by infiltrating fluid into fat, and general anesthesia is not needed as the patient is awake and the anesthesia is limited by safe amounts of Lidocaine. This Comprehensive 2-Day Course is designed for you to integrate this procedure into your Aesthetic Practice without the need for additional training. Each day will consist of didactic study and liposuction surgery using tumescent anesthesia in a surgical suite. All course materials including manual, all forms necessary, consents, and vendor information is provided.

liposuction laser trainingWhat we do differently than other training sites is to stress "sterile" techniques and in creating a "sterile" environment for your office surgical suite. Emphasized, incorporated and specific to the course study is Standard of Care to insure the highest quality and safety for your patients as well as protecting the physician performing these procedures. Physicians without surgical skills are welcome to attend this course but are encouraged to follow a path of certification through additional training and procedures. Empire Medical will present to these attendees a path to certification for and insure acceptance by insurance carriers for this procedure by physicians without formal surgical skills - call for details.

Instruction in Laser, Tumescent Hands-On Training & More

Attendees will participate in Hands On training and demonstration procedures. Typical of Empire's training, you will receive instruction by Board Certified Plastic Surgeons and other Specialists. The training material you receive includes written protocols, medical lists of supplies and solutions needed, along with detailed illustrations describing the techniques you learn. All procedures will be done using the 1064 wavelength laser.

liposuction before liposuction after

Liposuction Training Objectives

Upon completion of this program, the physician should be able to:
  1. Learn to thoroughly evaluate the patient with Aesthetic and/or Medical requests
  2. Become proficient in Tumescent Anesthesia techniques and protocols - including patient selection.
  3. Gain the technical skills required to perform various Liposuction procedures through Hands On training.
  4. Understand the shortcomings and Avoid Pitfalls of Liposuction and Laser Lipolysis.
  5. Learn the medical protocols and standard of care to be used in using Tumescent Anesthesia and in performing Liposuction on the various parts of the body.  Understand how patient selection, gender differences, and anatomical considerations to be able to perform safe, effective, and satisfying results for your patients.
  6. Understand Pre-Operative, Intra-Operative, and Post-Operative protocols as well as contraindications to anesthesia and complications that may occur during or after surgery.
  7. Understand how to create a "surgical suite" within your office including equipment, supplies, licenses, insurance considerations, and setting up a sterile environment for surgery.
  8. Learn the importance of post treatment compression, wound care, and scarring considerations.
  9. Learn to implement specific strategies for marketing and practice growth.


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