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Preceptorship Training (1 or 2-Day) with Various Private Hospitals for Colonoscopy Screening Procedures

More and more primary care physicians are receiving Colonoscopy Training due to the large number of patients that require screening as well as the financial impact integrating this procedure into the office can have on a medical practice. Medicare now reimburses for screening Colonoscopy and pays more if it is done in the office. As the population ages, the incidence of colorectal polyps and cancer increase. Many are now suggesting that colonoscopy be the screening method of choice. Colonoscopy can be performed in the physician's office, which markedly reduces the cost, time, and patient anxiety.

All the Colonoscopy courses limit enrollment to small physician groups to help facilitate the learning process. Intensive one on one, preceptorship training is also available if needed upon completion of this course. Space must be reserved in advance for confirmation. The program covers the specific indications, contraindications, equipment, sedation, and performing the technique. Lectures will also include review of normal and abnormal pathology. Emphasis will be placed on hands-on supervision and instruction while performing the technique on colon models or assisting with live patients. Specific licensing such as receiving a temporary state license or performing these procedures as a Surgical Assist may be required dependent upon the requirements for the preceptorship and the facility.

Empire Medical Training also offers private classes for large groups, the curriculum is based upon your desire for training and can be conducted at a convenient location in proximity to your practice. This option also allows for you to plan your training within your area for colleagues wishing to attend and be trained on specific procedures and topics. All private training classes are also individualized for your desired education needs.Since these are personalized to your specific education requirements it is necessary to contact Empire Medical Training directly at 866-366-1576 for pricing. Dates are flexible to accommodate your needs but you will need to schedule in advance (typically 4-6 weeks).

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Who Should Attend?

  • Primary Care Physicians who recognize they can perform colonoscopy on many of their existing patients and help diagnose and treat colorectal disease.
  • Physicians interested in increasing practice revenue by gaining proficiency in performing a new reimbursable service.
  • Physicians who refer their patients for evaluation of colorectal disease and understand they can help these patients themselves.
  • Physicians seeking a comprehensive program that encompasses both the medical as well as business protocols needed to integrate this new service into their practice.


Upon completion of this program, the physician
should be able to:

  1. Perform the various techniques involved with Colonoscopy (biopsy, polypectomy, cautery, etc.)
  2. Evaluate basic endoscopic findings; recognition of normal vs. abnormal.
  3. Perform the handling, cleaning and disinfection of the equipment used in colonoscopy.
  4. Understand the role of the primary care physician as it relates to lower GI endoscopy.
  5. Specific equipment needed and available options.
  6. Understand basic epidemiological and clinical presentation of colorectal cancer and the role of colonoscopy in screening and maintenance.
  7. Specific indications and contraindications for performing colonoscopy.
  8. Performing bowel preparation and obtaining informed consent.
  9. Understand the proper use of sedation and monitoring.
  10. Specific methods for coding, documentation and compliance.
  11. Strategies for consistent and appropriate reimbursement.
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