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Through The Looking Glass

Medical and Aesthetic Training Blog.

Why are Physicians and Nurses learning to perform Botox?

As a physician, your main goal is to provide quality service to your patients. In light of the recent changes in health care; however, it’s becomes increasingly important to add new procedures and treatment options to a medical practice in order to help generate additional income.  As such, adding cosmetic services to your practice could be a great way of increasing your revenue, while also providing added value to your patients.

One of the most high-value procedures in aesthetic medicine are Botox injections. To be able to inject Botox correctly, though, it’s necessary to pass a certification exam, and one of the best ways to pass the certification exam is to take a training course. Here at Empire Medical Training, we offer Botox training through our workshops. These workshops will go in depth on the methodologies for the injections, themselves, as well as the best ways to market and price the procedures so that you’re assured of getting the highest value out of the new services.

Obviously, there are many other cosmetic services you can add, but Botox is one of the most popular, at the moment, and will probably require the least amount of marketing, since people are already well aware of the value and don’t need to be persuaded overly much to get the injections.