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Facial Vein Mapping, Facial Topography, Filler Placement Confirmation, and Complication Management using Image Guidance

It's amazing how quickly technology advances in Aesthetics and not just with new products but also with newer methods and techniques to enhance safety and produce the best outcomes for your patients.

Aesthetic Ultrasound for Facial Aesthetic Treatments: Empire is excited to share with practitioners what is becoming mainstream protocol for treating your facial aesthetics patients, using high-definition handheld imaging ultrasound which will add precision and enhanced safety to your techniques. Now Aesthetic Physicians and practitioners can clearly visualize facial and superficial anatomy in real-time to precisely guide your injection procedures and create a safer environment for your aesthetics patients.

High-Definition Ultrasound allows you to “map” the face quickly with imaging of the skin, muscle, vasculature, including small vessels of the face, and fascia. Using imaging ultrasound you can more precisely perform injections, gain confidence with your needle placement such as when injecting dermal fillers, and, practitioners can avoid vascular complications associated with many of these injection procedures.

Using Ultrasound in Aesthetics has numerous safety benefits for helping you perform a technique but also will help you produce the best aesthetic results for your patients. Ultrasound allows you to have clear visualization of existing fillers so you can more easily dissolve fillers and treat complications. This removes much of the “unknown” when reversing prior filler treatment using Vitrase or other agents. Using Ultrasound in Aesthetics in also ideal for some of the superficial applications like with Microneedling and PDO Thread treatments.

Workshop Includes

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Perform techniques on a live patient during your practice session.

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Specialized Group Training

Practice stations are organized into groups to facilitate peer-to-peer technique exchange.

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Pre-Course Videos

Explore didactic training covering anatomy, product expertise, prevention of complications, and more.

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Live Q&A

Receive answers to your medical questions from our faculty of board-certified industry experts.

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Get your vibrant, full-color workbook with ample space for note-taking throughout the course.

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Receive a certificate of achievement to signal your completion of the course material.

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Injection training products are included in course (e.g., botulinum toxins, dermal fillers, etc.)

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Why Handheld Ultrasound is Essential for Safe, Consistent Dermal Fillers Outcomes

Treating complications with Imaging Aesthetic Ultrasound becomes more objective and scientific so you can more precisely manage complications like vascular occlusions and compression, as well as nodules using ultrasound guided injections.

With the competitive nature of Aesthetics, Ultrasound Imaging will soon become a basic component in every Aesthetic practice or medical spa and will become the gold standard for performing safe technique in an Aesthetic practice. Your more discerning, educated patient will inquire into your practice methods and will want to know if you are prepared to provide the safe and superior outcome they demand.

Physicians and health care practitioners will be presented with in depth training to develop a treatment plan using Ultrasound Imaging. You will learn to compare technologies from different sources, including a comprehensive overview of the technologies, prices, and benefits for each product.

The focus of the Aesthetic Ultrasound training is to teach practitioners how to utilize Ultrasound with different aesthetic procedures such as Dermal Filler injections, PDO Threads , and other aesthetic procedures.

You will learn how to prevent and manage complications with the assistance of Ultrasound technology.

Certification & Course Materials

A Certificate of Completion is awarded to all attendees who successfully complete the course and demonstrate proficiency during the practice hands-on using ultrasound imaging for facial anatomy mapping. Attendees also receive access to detail color manuals and additional instructional videos through Empire’s physician portal allowing attendees to integrate these new sonography procedures immediately after completion of the training.

You will learn from our expert physician faculty who perform the procedures in their own practices and will provide you the invaluable tips on how to optimize patient outcomes. This live training is also available for video-on-demand allowing you to either review the materials prior to attendance or to re-review the course. Either way, you will leave the course having the expertise of being well trained and feel comfortable incorporating these safety procedures and protocols upon completion of the program.

Join your colleagues and friends by incorporating image guidance for aesthetic injections within your practice and enjoy the incremental revenue and patient satisfaction from advanced injection therapies and better patient outcomes that patients will love for years to come.

Emerging Technologies in Aesthetic Ultrasound

Emerging Technologies in Aesthetic Ultrasound

Emerging Technologies in Aesthetic Ultrasound

Emerging Technologies in Aesthetic Ultrasound

Upon completion of this program, attendees will have a thorough understanding of the following concepts:

  • Learn through lecture and Hands on training the various uses and benefits with Aesthetic Ultrasound technology
  • Learn to use more precise technique using  Aesthetic Imaging Ultrasound
  • Learn the fundamentals of HD ultra-high frequency cordless technology
  • Learn the various options for purchasing Ultrasound. Evaluating purchasing products from respected sources vs China Made products on Alibaba. Pros and Cons.  
  • Learn to precisely measure depth of anatomical structures including vascular and other structures.
  • Learn Facial Anatomy mapping techniques
  • Learn injection techniques with ultrasound guidance
  • Learn to identify potential filler complications such as infarction, irregularities with dermal filler treatments, and granulomatous nodules.
  • Learn correct facial planes for various injection techniques such as PDO threads and dermal fillers
  • Learn to interpret ultrasound radiograph to identify structures within the dermis, subcutaneous layers, muscle, and neurovascularture  
  • Learn to identify nodules and other abnormalities encountered when performing deep dermal filler injections
  • Learn to manage complications related to Dermal Filler injectrions such as vascular occlusion, compression, and other acute conditions.
  • Learn to correct dermal filler treatments using Hyaluronidase under Ultrasound guidance. This technique become a precision driven technique with improved outcomes with the use of US.
  • Learn how to effectively market ths new technology into your package and develop your Unique Selling Proposition. Discuss pricicing strategies associate with Aesthetic Ultrasound. 

Frequently Asked Questions

This training caters to MDs, DOs, DMDs, DDS, NPs, RNs and other licensed healthcare professionals.

A board-certified physician expert will teach this course, with other licensed healthcare professionals assisting where needed.

Certainly! For those outside the United States, injections on anatomical models are an option; however, you will not be allowed to inject on a live patient.

Each state has its own regulations concerning live patient injections. Kindly consult your licensing board to determine if you’re permitted to administer injections.

Agenda: Emerging Technologies in Aesthetic Ultrasound

Introduction by Empire Medical Training and Physician Instructor, Overview of Emerging Technologies in Aesthetic Ultrasound, Review of Agenda/Objectives
Review new ultrasound portable device technologies and scanning.  Review pertinent anatomy and principles of performing vein mapping and facial topography of different anatomical structures, facial musculature, lymphatics, and neuroanatomy.   Identify the multi-functional uses for portable ultrasound and scanning for image guided injections for facial procedures, complication management, and alternative uses for MSK applications.
Present specific sample protocols for the effective use of image guidance pre-operative, intra-operative, and post operative scanning of results.  Learn how to measure the depth of injections and plan for the injections (PDO Thread or Dermal Filler) to avoid venous and other areas of adherence to create outstanding results.  Review the various complications associated with dermal filler injections, protocols, treatment options, and the precise placement of reversing medications via ultrasound image guidance in real time.
Evaluate how to diagnose, and treatment plan patients to achieve the best possible esthetic and therapeutic outcomes using ultrasound imaging.  Hands-On Sessions with live patients, participants will perform live anatomy mapping of the face on other attendees.
Live Demonstration of a image guided injection for dermal fillers.  Questions and Answers

DISCLAIMER: Agenda listed above is for reference only and may be subject to change. The final agenda will be emailed to you a few days prior to your course. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact our office at 866-333-6747.

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