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A Full-Day Dissection Experience On a Fresh Cadaver Specimen

Take the next step in your Aesthetics career with our exclusive Facial Anatomy Cadaver Workshop on December 10, 2023. In an intimate group of your peers and other medical professionals, you will gain extensive knowledge about facial anatomy as it relates to injections and avoid complications associated with injectable procedures. This course’s multi-pronged approach combines didactic and empirical teaching methods to provide attendees with the best overall educational experience. As well as medical knowledge, our expert instructors will share their pearls of practical wisdom, so you can troubleshoot potential issues that can occur during procedures. This course is designed for aesthetic medical professionals seeking some extra guidance and support, while also exploring complication-prone areas to avoid.

Exclusive Facial Anatomy Cadaver Workshop Taught by a Prolific Visionary

This special workshop is led by an industry titan in the realm of facial plastic surgery: Dr. Sebastian Cotofana. This professor is a celebrity in the field of Aesthetics, with many years of experience and success. Read on to learn more about his credentials and what he’ll be bringing to this workshop.

sebastian cotofana picture

Dr. Sebastian Cotofana

Dr. Sebastian Cotofana is a trauma surgeon and anatomy professor based in the United States, who teaches worldwide, both in-person and virtually. As well as his independent teaching, he is also an honorary professor at Pirogov University, (Moscow, Russia), and holds visiting professorship positions at Queen Mary University, London, England and University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia. His research and teaching focuses on both basic and clinically applied anatomy, and how facial anatomy relates to non-surgical and surgical procedures.


An Unmatched Fully Immersive Facial Anatomy Cadaver Dissection Experience

Having comprehensive knowledge of facial anatomy is key to administering facial injections safely and effectively. The Anatomical Cadaver Course for Injections is designed to, through extensive education and practical application, decrease liability for medical professionals and decrease the risk factor for patients. With a more experienced and educated provider, patients can rest assured that their procedure will be a minimally painful, simple process.

The Advanced Facial Cadaver Course is an immersive, intimate program with small class sizes, in terms of students to instructors and cadavers (5:1 cadaver). Practitioners in workshops will dissect fresh cadavers in small group settings, with close supervision from Dr. Cotofana. The hands-on section of the course allows participants to both work closely with the cadaver as well as observe the effects of various injectables such as Botox, dermal fillers, and PDO threads on real human tissue and skin. Empire Medical Training’s hands-on approach to learning sets us apart from.

Educating Physicians, Dentists, and Nurses Since 1998

Empire Medical Training has been an industry leader for 25 years. Whether through certification courses or special workshops, our attendees achieve the Empire Advantage through our dedication to our students, our commitment to hiring real working professionals, and our determination to provide a comprehensive overview of a variety of topics.

The Facial Cadaver program is no exception to this high standard. Expert Dr. Cotofana is just one example of the caliber of medical professionals with whom we entrust our curriculum. Under their careful and deliberate tutelage, students will gain both the technical and practical knowledge needed to perform safe injections on their future patients. Another valuable aspect that these industry expert instructors offer is advice drawn from years of experience in the field. This guidance, combined with a comprehensive course load, will enhance attendees' ability to safely administer injections and provide better care for their patients.

Above all else, Empire Medical Training emphasizes safety for all parties involved, whether patients or practitioners. By gaining insight into actual facial anatomy and understanding the impacts of various cosmetic procedures (such as fillers, Botox, PDO threads, etc.) on real human skin and tissue, the likelihood of complications and risks occurring decreases. This course comes highly recommended for professionals at all stages of their careers, whether they are seasoned experts or just starting out. It can serve as a refresher or a supplementary course for those who are not specialized in injectables. Knowledge is power, and we are here to provide it in a safe, comfortable, and accessible environment!

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What Is The Facial Anatomy Cadaver Workshop?

This one-day workshop aims to educate physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals about the intricacies of facial anatomy to ensure the safe and effective administration of injectables. A facial cadaver workshop constitutes a fundamental component of maintaining a comprehensive Aesthetics knowledge base. In addition to medical expertise, this specific workshop offers essential insights into reducing complication risks through both training and risk management.

Many professionals approach injections with heightened confidence, often without extensive anatomical knowledge. By participating in a cadaver training course, professionals gain an intimate understanding that reduces the likelihood of errors, thereby enhancing the patient experience. The Aesthetics industry is continually expanding, brimming with potential, and Empire Medical Training is deeply committed to enriching the knowledge base of newcomers to the field.

This course is not intended to replace hands-on training; rather, it serves as an impetus to propel your exploration of injectables and their significance for your practice.

Course Overview

Cadaver Training
Objectives and Summary

Empire takes pride in presenting an immensely pertinent and hands-on program: Advanced Facial Anatomy Cadaver Training. This program is led by esteemed and seasoned plastic surgeons and cosmetic dermatologists.

The curriculum encompasses a fusion of informative lectures and comprehensive cadaver demonstrations focusing on pertinent anatomy. Once participants accurately identify and grasp anatomical landmarks, employing correct techniques becomes instinctual. Given the intricate network of nerve and vascular bundles within the facial region, it is imperative to navigate these structures adeptly to minimize the risk of complications.

Over the duration of the course, attendees will acquire a profound comprehension of secure methodologies for administering Botox injections, HA and Non-HA Dermal Fillers, as well as placing PDO Threads. This is achieved through an in-depth exploration of facial anatomy and its interconnected structures.

facial anatomy cadaver training workshop hands-on practice

Workshop Hands-on Training

facial anatomy cadaver training Dr.Azza Halim

Empire utilizes only Top Tier Instructors to teach the Facial Anatomy Cadaver Workshop

Learn More About Facial Anatomy for Surgical and Non-Surgical Purposes

  • When you participate in this cadaveric dissection, you will fully comprehend the complexity of facial anatomy as it relates to various procedures such as PDO threading, Botox, and dermal fillers.
  • This workshop is designed for a medical professional who wants to improve the quality of care for their patients by honing their already existing skills in facial aesthetics, as well as learn new methods in their ongoing medical education.
  • The full day course is comprised of two segments: a morning didactic session and an afternoon practical session.
  • The morning section is a lecture that covers anatomy literature, landmarks, blood supply, and nerve innervation to the upper and lower face.
  • The afternoon section is a workshop with the cadaver, where students observe fat pad compartments, skin layers, blood supply (arteries and veins), and nerves, to determine the best place to administer injectables for both ideal results and minimal complications.
  • This workshop includes both a real time presentation as well as the opportunity for hands-on training to gain a visual understanding on real anatomy and how to safely perform various treatments, such as fillers or PDO threading.

Anatomy Based Aesthetics Training—Managing Complications

Over the course of this workshop, there will be a thorough examination of a large number of complications that could potentially arise, from least common to most common. This “Aesthetics Crash Cart,” a checklist for everything you need to consider before injecting your patient, will serve as your guide to handling any and all complications.

Handling Complications Involving HA Injections

  • Common occurrences such as bruising and edema
  • Less common such as ischemia and impending necrosis
  • Least common such as confirmed necrosis

Learn to avoid and manage complications:

  • Upper Face
  • Mid Face
  • Lower Face

Handling Complications Involving PDO Thread Placement

  • Common outcomes such as bruising and edema
  • Less common outcomes such as bunching and dimpling
  • Mastering depth of barb placement in the SMAS layer to avoid structures and create vectors, thus achieving ideal results

Advanced Facial Anatomy Cadaver Workshop - Agenda

Time Description
Introduction by Instructor(s), CME, and Quick Review of Agenda/Objectives
  • Anatomy overview of the face and skin, facial ligaments, facial musculature, fat pad anatomy, facial nerves, and facial vasculature in performing aesthetic procedures.
  • Review the importance of understanding facial anatomy in performing aesthetic procedures.
  • In-depth review of pertinent facial tissue planes, facial musculature, facial ligaments (skin laxity), and deep and superficial fat pads in relation to various aesthetic procedures you may perform.
  • In-depth review of pertinent venous facial anatomy including the major arteries and veins associated with the face.
  • Explore the major facial arteries and major branches supporting facial tissues and facial structure, their location, areas of adherence, and relation to various aesthetic procedures.
  • Assess the major veins of the face and their branches and the dermal planes and location, including discussion of different specific injection techniques to associated complications.
  • In-depth review of pertinent neuroanatomy of the face, review major cranial nerves associated with aesthetics and the complex inter-relationships of these motor and sensory nerves.
  • Discuss the branches of facial nerve and trigeminal nerve including location, origin, depth, and areas of adherence associated with aesthetic procedures.
  • Evaluate possible complications associated with facial neuroanatomy and aesthetic injectables.
  • Supervised hands-on training in small group sessions (5:1 ratio cadaver to student).
  • All attendees will be performing dissection of tissues and structures in review of the morning didactic and in relation to various aesthetic procedures and location of key facial structures.
  • Every attendee will experience hands-on training for visualization of key facial anatomical locations and safety considerations for treatment including the use of aesthetic injectables for placement and of possible adverse events or complications.
Questions and Answers

DISCLAIMER: Agenda listed above is for reference only and may be subject to change. The final agenda will be emailed to you a few days prior to your course. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact our office at 866.333.6747.

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