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Empire Medical Training is excited to ring in 2021

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Whether you are new to Empire Medical Training or a current Member, Empire has a multitude of new programs and new technology that will help you maximize your learning experience and rapidly grow your practice.

Empire Medical Training Members may participate in ALL new programs as part of their membership AND get access to our NEW STATE OF THE ART, Empire “Vault” which is our brand-new branded APP where you can access an entire suite of products and services to provide you the greatest success in your practice endeavors (more on the technology below!)

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Empire medical training is excited to offer 7 NEW PROGRAMS

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Our new "flagship" programs and benefits & new year's specials

to our Aesthetics, Anti-Aging, and Pain Mgt. Curriculum with procedures that will enhance your abilities to deliver state of the art treatments to your patients. We have also revised 7 CORE PROGRAMS such as our Facial Aesthetics, Cosmetic Laser, Autologous Fat, Mesotherapy, and PRP courses to include new topics and new procedures within the core topic. To meet the unprecedented consumer demand to find practitioners knowledgeable in the newest technologies, Empire has expanded its robust curriculum to include some of the highest demand procedures patients are looking for.

Empire has researched the market and the industry and has brought to the US new procedures that are being used regularly throughout Europe and are only now becoming streamlined in the US

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New Exciting Benefits for 2021

1. Training Topics.

2. Brand New Courses: Empire has created 7 new training topics in Aesthetics, and Anti-Aging, and Pain Management to include:

Master lips Certification

Becoming expert at creating the perfect model lips for your patients will make you a highly sought-after aesthetic practitioner and patients will come from all over to see you. Most practitioners learn only one or two techniques to shape their patients’ lips, but Empire will show you over a dozen simple techniques involving Neurotoxins and Fillers that will make your patients very happy and eager to refer their friends and family.

Collagen Boosting stimulators for Facial Aesthetics

A brand new technique widely used throughout Europe, is only now becoming streamlined in the US. This hands-on course will teach you the latest techniques in Aesthetics. Treat deep nasolabial fold depressions, sagging skin, poor skin tone and texture, acne scars, and much more, uses for facial and body aesthetics.

Body Contouring and Aesthetics

Finally a program that teaches you the latest body contouring techniques involving a variety of injectables, PDO Threads, microneedling, PRP, and devices. Learn many highly effective, proprietary combination procedures.

IV Nutritional Therapies Level 2

One of Empire’s most popular programs has now expanded to include many new topics and advanced concepts. Gain your certification and knowledge base from this two-part intensive training program.

Meet the exPerts™- Aesthetics

20 Courses delivered by top "celebrities" status physicians featuring advanced topics in aesthetics, each are two hour evening seminars held virtually but "Live" and fully interactive for you to ask questions to our physician instructors.

Combination Therapies in Facial Aesthetics

One of the hottest topics in Aesthetics involves the full-face makeover using a combination of Neurotoxins, Fillers, PDO Threads, PRP, and Cosmetic Lasers. This course demands the highest caliber Physician trainer who is not only renowned in his specialty but highly experienced in all procedures.

Meet the exPerts™- Aesthetics: Course Tuition

Discounts available during New Year Sale only.
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i. Non-Member:
$199 per course

ii. Tuition for Platinum Members:
$899/all 20 programs. Price increase $1,299

iii. Tuition for Diamond Members:
$699/all 20 programs Price increase $1,099

iv. Tuition for Dental ‘D’ Members:
$899/all 20 programs Price increase $1,299

PDO Threads for Hair Restoration

Hair restoration continues to attract attention by practitioners and patients alike because of the ongoing development of new, highly effective treatment modalities. Learn from renowned Hair transplant surgeons.

3. Newly Revised Programs: We have taken our most popular ‘core’ programs in Aesthetics, Anti-Aging, and Pain Management and expanded on the course content to include NEW topics and NEW procedures for 2021

Virtual Training included in ALL memberships at no additional charge
during New Year Sale only. Regular Tuition begins again Jan 25th

4. Virtual Training All programs may also be viewed “LIVE” through our Virtual Portal as part of the Empire Medical Training Virtual Membership™

Empire Virtual Membership
at no additional charge with your
registration of an Empire Platinum, Dental D, or Diamond Membership!
Empire Platinum Virtual™ reg. $1,999,
Empire Diamond Virtual™ reg. $2,999.

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Additional New Benefits for Members

5. New Technology: Empire is proud to provide our newly developed “Empire Vault” which is our proprietary software (APP) that will become the Practitioners most indispensable tool for running a successful aesthetics or medical practice. The “Vault” offers an extensive menu of digital tools. Utilize all the below features on your favorite mobile device or desktop computer!

Empire Digital Teaching Platform: - For Empire members, this “all in one” instructional portal that provides the most comprehensive access to your training in Aesthetics, Anti-Aging, and Pain Management. Through our professional platform, you can access all training manuals and materials, participate and interact with instructors through our Virtual Training portal, view the prerequisite videos, and complete the prerequisite materials required for your training and certification.

Virtual Training- through our APP and custom media player, you can participate in all “live, virtual” training events conveniently from your mobile device!

Practice admin materials including specialized and customizable forms, consents, treatment protocols for topics in Aesthetics, Anti-Aging, Pain Mgt. Standard Operating Procedure Manual on Aesthetic and Medical Procedures

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phone app

Before and After Photo gallery- for you to use directly on your practice website

Specialized videos developed by our Celebrity Physician team (only accessible to members), Procedure Videos, Anatomy Cadaver Video, much more

Direct Access to our Physician Instructors through the Empire “Mentor” Program

Medical/Aesthetic animations to help you learn while participating in a training program

Board certification exams and certification processes.

Calendar of events: book upcoming seminars, schedule training, VIP invitations to special events (EAM™ events)

Empire community forum where you can interact with other practitioners and Physician instructors who share your same professional goals

Practice Vendor Information with access to special Empire “Member only” discounts

Video Q and A section with an ongoing supply of answers from our celebrity physician team. Participate in our growing library by submitting your questions

Push notifications on upcoming events and information

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6. Empire Medical Match™- Looking for the ideal career opportunity? our newly upgraded, highly technical software that joins our database of over 150,000 practitioners worldwide (primarily USA) who are seeking the ideal career opportunity. The Software App functions by matching practitioners with Employers by filtering though designated fields including geo, skill set, degree, and others. IN addition, we have coordinated with several of the top health care recruiting firms around the United states where we share your information. And this service is provided as a value e added benefit at no cost to you.

7. Medical Director Match™- Are you looking to start a thriving aesthetic practice but are missing a Medical Director? You are not alone, there are plenty of medical directors who are looking for this great opportunity. Submit your information and our software works to identify prequalified candidates, presented to you in an easy to access format.

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webinar series

8. Aesthetics Webinar Series ™- Each week we have selected renowned Physician influencers to present practice building topics in Aesthetics, Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, Pain Management, Practice Management, Legal and compliance, and Business and Marketing

9. Empire-On-Demand™- Is an online video library with key sessions recorded from our complete calendar of live workshops offered throughout the United States. These are Empire branded videos from renowned, “celebrity status” physician speakers! Never miss out on key topics from live events, best programs and topics recorded live! These are informative, education video taken from our top, Celebrity Physician faculty!

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10. Empire Medical Marketplace™ and Special Injectable Pricing Every Aesthetic Practitioner must purchase Dermal Fillers and aesthetic products in order to treat patients, and that is why this program is so valued! Singularly the most significant VIP PRICING in the industry on Aesthetic products, exclusive to Empire Members. Empire has partnered with many top vendors and negotiated special pricing for members. Now members will save thousands on products like Radiesse™, Belotero™, and other Aesthetic products!


This special MERZ pricing program requires providers to start with an initial investment of $35,000 worth of product prior to receiving any discount on products.

EMPIRE MEMBERS ONLY pay ZERO! Members gain access to this special program from Day 1. That’s a $35,000 savings once you become an Empire Member! Now you can purchase your dermal fillers at the same, incredible discount that top injector does!

All Aesthetics Vendors- Too many to list here

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Empire Black Members Gain Access
to ALL NEW 2021 Courses

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Special Discounts on Workshops
and Membership programs


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This is a must for any Aesthetic Practice, particularly newer practices just starting out.
Empire Medical Training has developed this comprehensive Aesthetic Kit after training
physicians for over 21 years, working with start-up practices, and consulting with
established practices in Aesthetics.

Included with New Memberships during Today's Sale Only. (reg. $599)
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*All courses are conducted by Physicians and other Specialists in Aesthetics, Pain, Surgery, and Medicine. Not by less qualified Instructors

Course Destinations: New York-NY, Las Vegas-Nevada, Atlanta-Georgia, Chicago-Illinois, Nashville-Tennessee, Philadelphia - PA, Riverside-California, New Orleans-Louisiana, Detroit-Michigan, Austin-Texas, Charlotte-North Carolina, Orlando-Florida, Dallas-Texas, Los Angeles-California, Tampa-FL, Fort Lauderdale-FL, Houston-Texas, Naples-FL, Raleigh-North Carolina, San Diego-CA, Charleston-South Carolina, Boston-Massachusetts.

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