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With PDO Thread Lift Training, practitioners can offer procedures such as the Midface Lift, Neck Lift, Jawline Contouring, Décolletage Filling, Cheekbone Shaping, Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty, Tear Trough Volumizing, Laugh Line Filling, Abdomen and “Belly”, Submental Tightening, Lip Flip Technique, and Acne PDO.

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  • Midface Lift- includes the cheeks, jawline, jowls, and laugh lines. The procedure will contour the majar area of the cheek and redefine your overall appearance by restoring the natural “V” shape of the face. The procedure significantly tightens the jawline, marionette lines, nasolabial folds , and submental hollows. PDO threads create underlying support of these structures and lift the tissue to contour your face creating a youthful appearance that cannot be easily reproduced using traditional cosmetic injectables. PDO threads not only lift the skin but also stimulate collagen production and improved blood flow to tissues to improved skin texture and tone. Results last up to two years and typical patient cost ranges from $1,800- $3,000
  • Non-Surgical Brow Lift – There are many names for the vast array of PDO thread procedures (straight brow, enhanced brow arch, Cats- Eye, ponytail brow, etc) and all are tailored for patients to choose what they like best.

    The Cats Eye Thread Lift Procedure involves placing surgical threads strategically into the temporal area of the upper face and the eyebrow to create a pulled-back, angular, smizing appearance. A qualified health practitioner will insert tiny dissolvable threads to pull up the skin and give the impression of a cat’s eye. The procedure is similar to that used surgically (Canthopexy) and creates a subtle enhancement to transform eyes from being drawn and tired looking, to vibrant and alluring. After the PDO threads are placed, the body will absorb the thread and create additional collagen around the eyes and temples to maintain this “Instagram” look over time. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis in about 20 minutes and is considered a safe alternative to cosmetic surgery. The Cats Eye Lift is becoming a major trend on social media (i.e. Kendall Jenner and other celebrities) and Millennials specifically are eager to have this procedure and enjoy the dramatic results achieved. Results last 18-24 months. Typical Cost $1,000.
  • Neck Lift- Targets sagging skin around the neck. One of the most popular uses for PDO threads is to volumize areas of the neck associated with atrophy. The Neck Lift procedure creates significant results on areas of the face which does not respond to injectable treatments and are easily corrected with PDO threads to lift sagging tissue. Reduce or eliminate such conditions as neck tissue laxity (sagging) , neck furrows, and creping skin while promoting new collagen formation and tightening of the neck areas. Results last 18-24 months. Typical cost $1,500.
  • Jawline Contouring- Tightening and shaping the jawline. Jaw redefinition or jaw contouring creates a slimmer and more natural look for patients by tightening the jawline, pre-jowl sulcus, and jowls across the lower face.  PDO threads are used to lift, fill, and create a sculpted look that gives symmetry to the face and eliminates these contrasting features.  PDO threads is a non-invasive, safe procedure that strategically places absorbable sutures to lift, correct, and volumize the area while producing immediate results as compared to injectables or other aesthetic procedures.  The procedure utilizes various types of threads to achieve the jawline recontouring effect and results continue to improve months after the procedure while the results are long-lasting. Results last 18-24 months. Typical Cost $1,200.
  • Décolletage Filling - Using PDO Threads. Even for patients not experiencing laxity of tissue in the neck area, PDO threads are used to treat neck lines associated with collagen loss and volume in the neck.  Neckline filling using PDO sutures eliminate or dramatically improves small creases and the appearance of wrinkles to provide a smooth, youthful neck appearance eliminating contrast associated with the aging process.  The results last longer than other conventional treatments and produces smooth and increased tightening of the area. Results last up to 14 months. Typical Cost $600.
  • Cheekbone Shaping- Sculpt and shape the cheekbone. Similar to jaw recontouring, cheekbone redefinition and contouring tightens the tissue across and above the cheekbone making it visually higher and elevated.  The procedure gives a more prominent look to the cheek and tightens surrounding tissues to further define the “V” look that patient’s desire.  Asymmetries and creating balance across the cheeks is easily achieved with this non-invasive procedure while producing superior results as compared to other injectable treatments that may make the cheekbone more prominent but does not have the lifting effect as PDO threads. The treatment utilizes various types of threads to achieve the cheekbone prominence desired and results continue to improve months after the procedure. Results last up t o24 month. Typical Cost $1,300
  • Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty- Lifting of the tip of the nose. Similar to liquid rhinoplasty using dermal fillers, PDO threads provide the added benefit of lifting the tip of the nose while volumizing defects and contrasts across the nose to create symmetry for patients.  This is an advanced procedure that utilizes various PDO threads to treat specific patient’s concerns across the nasal and upper perioral regions of the face.  The results of the treatment are immediate, but improvement continues months after placement of the PDO sutures. This is an excellent option for patients to change the overall presentation and appearance. Results lasts up to 18 months. Typical Cost $850.
  • Tear Trough Volumizing- Eliminates darkness and restores volume. PDO Threads are commonly used for eye hollows to provide smoothing and adding volume into tissues while creating increased tightening across the area.  The procedure is used for the improvement or elimination of tear troughs, dark circles, or in smoothing wrinkling under the eyes.  This treatment will differ in results based upon the severity of the aesthetic indication and anatomy of the patient but is a great alternative and superior to injectable dermal fillers by creating additional collagen and pulling surrounding tissues under the eye to create a smooth, youthful appearance under the eyes.  The results are immediate and long-term while continuing to initiate collagen for improved results months after the treatment. Lasts up to 12 months. Costs $500.
  • Laugh Line Filling- Eliminates smile lines. Smile lines are often difficult to improve with dermal fillers, extended skin movement associated with smiling creates additional creases extending across the face.  PDO threads allow for better tissue integration and volumizing tissues to instantly improve extending smile lines.  In addition, PDO threads will drastically decrease or eliminate smile line wrinkling and continues to give additional improvement post procedure.  The treatment involves an array of various types of threads to cross hatch and create a mesh formation limiting the ability of the skin to create extended creases while smiling and providing a smooth appearance. Lasts up to 6 months, Cost $500.
  • Abdomen and “Belly”- Treats saggy skin. For many patients, the navel area can be distorted due to excessive weight loss, postpartum, or other conditions creating laxity or directional pulls.  PDO Threads are commonly used across a number of body part areas (knees, underarms etc.) and are used to lift and contour while providing noticeable results.  The improvement for the “belly button” area involves a number of PDO thread injections that will pull in various desired directions to create a natural look for this contrasting area.  Depending upon the extent of the revision, the physician will utilize an array of different PDO thread options to lift, volumize, and tighten the navel area. Lasts up to 18 months. Cost $1,200
  • Submental Tightening- Targets loose skin. Under chin tightening utilizing PDO threads is not necessarily used to correct “double chin” but to tighten loose and sagging skin in the submental area where tissues are recumbent and creating furrows due to skin laxity.  PDO threads are commonly used in the neck area and recontouring the chin and is also used to redistribute excessive skin and tighten the underside of the chin area as well as volumizing tissues for collagen loss in the areas.  The procedures will improve unwanted volume of skin, skin laxity, and provide a tightening and contouring of the area creating a natural and smooth appearance.  The area will continue to improve post procedure and results are immediate and long-term. Lasts up to 24 months. Cost $1,200
  • Lip Flip Technique- Treats lip border to define. There are many versions of the “Lip Flip” whether using Botox or dermal fillers that achieve varying results for patients.  PDO Threads is a better, less expensive way to define the boarders of the lips and to actually lift the lips to achieve the desired results.  The price is comparable to dermal fillers but the results last up to (2) years and is a simple procedure for physicians to perform quickly with predictable outcomes.  PDO threads are not used to create volume (lip plumping) but will allow a lifting of the lip and create a better, consistent definition to the lip.  The procedure is enhanced by the initiation of new collagen that enhances the area months after the treatment. Lasts up to 18 months. Cost $500
  • Acne PDO- Effectively treats acne and scarring! R Reduction and elimination of acne scars is easily achieved with PDO Threads.  The underlying scar area improves by the volume of the threads injected as well as the 25 – 30% additional collagen created in placement of the threads.  This is achieved by cross-hatching or other method to create a mesh under the affected acne scar area which not only plumps these depressed scars but also creates healthy and more elastic skin.  In addition, subcision is achieved by the placement of the PDO threads breaking contracted collagen bands which releases the scars and the collagenesis created by the threads allow for the remodeling of the collagen within the tissues.  The results from this non-invasive treatment is also immediate but the improvement post-procedure is dramatic. Results seen 6 weeks after treatment. Cost $550


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