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mentorship program

A Mentorship Program Led by an Incomparable Team of Business & Marketing Experts

Intensive business program with intimate practical training

There is no other training like this, students may now spend a day (or more) with one of Empire’s elite faculty and learn the specifics of developing their own Aesthetics practice. There is NO need to spend $50,000 or more to spend time with so-called Aesthetics’ experts (many are not physicians nor do they operate an aesthetics practice). Learn directly from those who have achieved the success you desire. Our instructors are not only successful but are humble and willing to share their expertise with you. (This is not as easy as it sounds. Many successful Practitioners are UNwilling to teach others in fear of creating competition. We believe the most successful Aesthetic practitioners are NOT intimidated by the competition and these are the Practitioners who we have chosen to work with you!)

This program is offered both LIVE and through our Digital Platform, both of which are effective channels for being exposed to vendors in Digital Marketing.

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A Riveting Training Program

One-On-One Education from a Business Medical Professional

Work One On One with either a Physician or Nurse Practitioner success story (Contact Empire Medical Training for providers).

Learn the Med Spa Business at Your Location or Our Empire Learning Center

You will have the option to visit the Trainer at their practice location (for those who desire to observe and learn from a fully functioning practice). You may also select the option of having our Trainer visit you in your specific location.

Guidance on Your Medical Spa’s Aesthetic

This option is also popular as the Trainer can provide options on how you can customize your location, including discussions on how to maximize revenue using the space you have on hand.

Marketing Knowledge to Further Your Professional Development

Includes all the tools, resources, and insights to make you successful

The program is focused on providing mentorship, resources, best practices, insights, and strategies to assist physicians in building their own profitable medical spas. Through participation in this program, doctors will be able to increase the revenue generated from their practice by creating a more attractive business model through the development of a med spa.

In addition to learning how to setup a profitable medical spa, this program offers its participants an understanding of market trends and strategies for marketing their business effectively. Participants will be able to identify potential areas of growth within the industry as well as explore ways in which they can capitalize on those markets or create new ones of their own. Moreover, through the program’s comprehensive curriculum, topics such as financial management and customer service are covered - allowing doctors to stay one step ahead when it comes to growing their business.

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marketing knowledge tools
operating a medical spa

Operating a Medical Spa the Most Effective and Time-Saving Way

Hiring staff, regulations, online growth, inventory management, workflow management, med spa branding, and more!

The Empire Business Mentor Program for Physicians provides its members with crucial information about every aspect of operating an efficient and successful med spa facility. This includes guidance on hiring staff members who are knowledgeable about advanced treatments like facial fillers or laser hair removal; advice on keeping up-to-date with industry regulations; suggestions for creating an online presence; tips for managing inventory; recommendations for training staff members; insights into optimizing workflow processes; and much more!

Furthermore, the mentors associated with this program have years of experience within the industry – thereby giving them access to valuable resources that enable them to effectively share their accumulated knowledge with others looking to build a financially prosperous med spa. Through participation in this unique educational opportunity, doctors can gain invaluable insights into what it takes not only make money but also build trust among prospective clients - thus leading them towards developing long-lasting relationships within the medical community while still earning more revenue along the way!

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Program Overview

The program consists of four main components—Practical Guidance & Training, Community Engagement & Support, Med Spa Business Education & Best Practices, and Resources & Tools

Practical Guidance & Training

Covers essential topics such as marketing strategies for attracting new customers and expanding existing customer base; developing business relationships with other healthcare professionals; creating processes and procedures for running efficient operations; and Aesthetic Spa design and proper representation of your brand.

Community Engagement & Support

Participants will gather strategies to engage with the local community, and build a network shared network to attract new and prospective clients.

Business Education & Best Practices

Discusses industry trends and market opportunities that can be leveraged to earn more revenue for your med spa. Also covers topics such as financial literacy and budgeting, personnel management, customer service, legal compliance, and more.

Resources & Tools

Helps participants create or access digital assets such as web design templates, website hosting services, online advertising resources, accounting software solutions, etc., that are necessary for operating a successful med spa.

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program overview main components
direct access mentor

Direct Access to an Experienced Physician

Participants of this program have access to experienced professionals who have proven track records of success in the industry. They also receive personalized support throughout their journey so that they can stay on track with their goals. Additionally, participants benefit from hands-on learning experiences that allow them to immediately apply what they’ve learned in real-life scenarios without having to wait too long before seeing results.

If you’re looking for an innovative and comprehensive approach to achieving your business goals, then this program is the perfect fit for you. It offers practical guidance from experienced professionals in the field who are able to provide tried-and-tested advice that can help you succeed in creating a thriving med spa.

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Don’t hesitate—Join the Empire Business Mentor Program for physicians to build a profitable Med Spa now and reap the rewards of success!

With our practical guidance and access to resources, tools, and expert insight, we can help make your dreams of financial prosperity come true. Get started today and take control of your future with this life-changing opportunity!

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Schedule Business Mentor Program

Contact Empire Medical Training to schedule your onsite business training. We suggest that you contact us at your earliest opportunity to lock in your first choice date and location.

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