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The new and approved ‘Thread Lift’ - The Facelift Alternative

THREAD LIFT | March 5, 2019


The new and approved
‘Thread Lift’
The Facelift Alternative


Entry made by
Empire Medical Training

pdo thread lift procedure

Often it is the reflection starring back at your patient that motivates her to make that first call to your office to learn how your expertise can change her reflection temporarily or permanently.

A saggy face is a reflection that can be corrected with a technique that made a big splash in the 1990s though the mid 2000s, took a hiatus as a well-hyped procedure, and now has come back in a big way – the thread lift or the lunchtime lift – a minimally invasive procedure that can be done in an hour with newfound popularity as a facelift alternative.

Originally touted as a quick, relatively inexpensive facelift alternative, some of the initially documented side effects have resolved thanks to new technological advances to tighten up loose, crepey skin of the jowls, neck and/or chin. This minimally invasive procedure uses threads, which have some cones or graspers on them that are passed under the skin using a large needle. These cones literally grab hold of the skin under the skin’s surface, and they pull to re-suspend the skin in a lifted, more youthful position.

The result: patients achieve firmer, tighter, smoother, rejuvenated skin without the worry or long recovery time of traditional neck and facelift surgery! Patient’s average cost per procedure is $300-$2,000 based on treatment area and complexity.

Empire Medical Training is the authorized training entity for the FDA Cleared Miracu™ family of smooth PDO thread suture.

The Empire comprehensive hands-on PDO Thread Lift Procedure Training is designed to enable the practitioner to integrate thread face lifting into their practice right away, and is ideal for physicians, NPs and PAs (depending on state laws). The thread lift procedure is relatively simple to learn, with an excellent safety profile. The material cost is minimal, and provides the practitioner with a significant revenue opportunity.

Want to get started offering this PDO Thread Lift Procedure Training to your patients? Call Empire Medical Training to learn about medical training workshops in your area so you become certified to offer the thread lift to your patients and boost your practice revenue base to achieve sustained growth.

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