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Now available! at only $499 per course or with the Empire Virtual Membership™ (all courses) Only $1,599-$2,299

Empire Medical Training has expanded its ability to provide many flexible options for Empire members and other practitioners interested in advancing their skills and training for certification in Aesthetic Medicine, Anti-Aging, Dermatology, Pain Management, and other subspecialties.

virtual medical training

Whichever Virtual Plan you choose, you may apply credit to any Live Course or Empire Membership later on!


Choose any workshop(s) and participate “Virtually”. Livestream, Interactive, Accredited

Pay only $499 per course

Aesthetics | AntiAging | Pain

5-stars – Full Curriculum in Aesthetics and Anti-Aging

5-Star Physician Faculty. 5 Modules/week. 4 Week Curriculum. Beginning April 13

Aesthetics | AntiAging


Participate in All Anti-Aging, Aesthetics, and Pain Management Courses.

Livestream, Interactive, Accredited

Virtual-Platinum: $1,599
Virtual-Diamond: $2,299

This activity is jointly provided by Medical Educational Resources and Empire Medical Training


Category 1





The Empire Virtual Training™ 2020 program is now included as a additional benefit for ALL Empire Medical Training Members ("Virtual" Members) (members also receive Empire's Meet the Experts- '5 Stars' Consortium™)

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Dr. Soro Virtual Training


Here's How Empire will make this work for YOU!

Prior to participating in the hands-on portion of the training, attendees may now view the entire program from their computer and/or mobile devices. This includes all the didactic presentations and the afternoon hands-on training sessions.

Attendees have two, flexible options for viewing the program. They may either register for a live event and become a “virtual student” to listen and view the full the program. This provides the attendee with the ability to interact in a Q & A format. The other option provides attendees with the opportunity to view the entire program prerecorded, providing the added on-demand flexibility to view at the attendee’s convenience – all in one burst or in various sessions.

For Aesthetics and Pain Management courses, practitioners may complete the virtual training which encompasses all the didactic components such as the specific guidelines, protocols, safety, and methodology. The Virtual Training and all programs are fully accredited by the AMA for AMA PRA Category 1 CME™. You will need to come back later, after the “lockdown” and the “social distancing” guidelines have been lifted to complete the Hands-On Training. To receive your full certification, practitioners need to complete the hands on training.

For the Anti Aging/ Regenerative Medicine Curriculum as most of these courses are “non hands on”, practitioners may participate in the Virtual training, which is completely live and fully interactive so you may ask questions and interact with the Physician instructor, and subsequently you will receive you CME credits (AMA PRA Category 1 CME™) and, receive you full certification.


Only practitioners who complete the Hands-On training will receive their certification in Aesthetics or Pain Management.

Anti-Aging Certificates will be awarded after the completion of the Virtual Training and passing the written exam.

Benefit of the Empire Virtual Training™: We have simplified the entire process by allowing attendees to complete most of the training offsite (your home), and, for the hands on portion of the training, attendees may complete this at testing centers located in just about every state throughout the US.

After completing the didactic portion of the training (through the Live Broadcast or On-Demand Training) practitioners may complete the hands-on training by participating in one of the hands-on training options listed below. While the entire program (didactic and hands on) is being conducted at these locations, Virtual Members need only participate in the afternoon hands on Training.

Empire Medical Training not only has the most flexible training options, but with more than 22 years in the industry has established training centers and locations in just about every state from coast to coast!

Upon completion of the Live Broadcast or On-Demand Video training, practitioners may select a hotel venue from locations around the US, coast to coast. Empire offers more than 700 workshops each year and we are continually adding new dates and locations.

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Empire Medical Training Video

Empire-Virtual-Training™ - Presentation

Your Registration Process Made Easy

The process is simple. You may register for any single course or choose an Empire-Virtual-Membership™ to participate in the entire Aesthetics, Anti Aging, and Pain Management curriculum. Our most popular option for practitioners interested in more than one course is to select a Virtual Membership plan, as this also includes our newest training series, the Meet the Experts '5-Stars' Aesthetics Consortium™ (also anti-aging)

Empire prides ourselves in providing not only the highest quality education, but also in delivering the most flexible training options and choices for our attendees. Below is a complete list and description of additional training methods and alternatives depending on your needs and individual objectives. Feel free to contact Empire Medical Training at any time for more information.

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Congratulations, and look forward to helping you expand your skills and archieve your goals!

Hands On Training

As Empire endeavors to not only provide the highest quality education , but also the most flexible training options for practitioners, below you will find a summary of our most common modes of training available to all practitioners. In addition to workshops located in every state throughout the USA, Empire has joined forces with some of the most renowned Physician specialists, utilizing their practice locations as state of the art “Centers of Excellence and Innovation™”. Practitioners work One-On-One with these highly regarded Physician Trainers in small groups, limited to 8 attendees. For your convenience, also available are customized preceptorship training programs, group training, our annual Aesthetics Meeting, as well as the “Meet the Experts Aesthetics Consortium offered monthly at hotel venues.

dr tj tsay during virtual training

Hands On Training options and locations

Hotel Venues

Just about every state, every weekend, hundreds of dates and locations coast to coast

No additional fee, included with all membership plans and single workshop registrations

Centers of Excellence and Innovation™

Hands-on training for level One Botox and Dermal Fillers. Renowned “Physician-Only” trainers (Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, Multi-Specialty trained Aesthetic Physicians), state of the art training centers located throughout the US.

Single Day Workshop $2,700
Platinum Members $1,000
Diamond Members $850
precetorship virtual training
shadow virtual training
hands on virtual training
aesthetic consortium virtual training
Empire Aesthetic Meeting virtual training

Watch these videos to learn more about our membership options

Empire Medical Training Video

Empire Medical Training - Memberships

Empire Medical Training Video

Empire Medical Training - Membership Testimonial

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