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Thread Lift for Double Chin

Minimally invasive thread lifts can reduce or eliminate a range of facial cosmetic issues, from nasolabial folds and marionette lines to droopy eyebrows and forlorn cheeks. Often paired with dermal filler injections, this increasingly popular procedure is a lower-cost, lower-risk alternative to surgical facelifts.

Although it’s certainly not the most common use case, a thread lift procedure can help get rid of double chin too when used in conjunction with a focused weight loss program (and potentially other cosmetic treatments, such as laser lipolysis). If you’re contemplating this particular procedure, find out what to expect and how to determine if you’re a good fit.

Thread Lift for Double Chin: What to Expect

Here’s what to expect from a double chin thread lift treatment.

Type of Thread Used

A thread lift for double chin is generally a PDO thread lift — one that uses polydioxanone (PDO) threads to hold the skin in place. There are other types of medical-grade sutures, but PDO offer the best results and value for procedures like these.

Most double chin thread lift providers use barbed threads, rather than smooth threads. Barbed threads grip the skin and subdermal layers better, achieving more noticeable and longer-lasting lift with less material. 

How the Thread Works

During the procedure, the provider uses a thin needle to insert PDO threads into the sagging skin under the chin and jawline. Each thread breaks the skin in two places, with the upper break serving as an anchor to lift the skin and reduce its visual impact. After each loop, the provider cuts and ties the thread, holding it in place.

Once in place, the threads get to work stimulating collagen and elastin production in the lower layers of the skin. This lends a tighter yet fuller appearance that’s every bit as natural as the double chin itself — and more visually appealing to those around you.

Results and How Long They Last

PDO thread lift results typically last up to six months, perhaps more if they’re combined with dermal filler treatment. This may or may not be indicated for double chin patients. 

The threads dissolve harmlessly in the body over time, and by the 6-month mark or so, the skin will sag noticeably again. At this point, you’ll need to schedule another treatment if you want to maintain the results.

Should You Get a Thread Lift for Double Chin?

A PDO thread lift is a fine choice for many people suffering from double chin: men and women, young and old, intimately familiar with cosmetic medicine or totally new to the field. As a temporary alternative to surgical treatment, it’s ideal for people who aren’t seeking dramatic results and those put off by the higher cost and risk of traditional plastic surgery.

Certain allergies and medical conditions may rule out PDO thread lifts for double chin, so be sure to provide a complete medical history to your provider. Always choose a board-certified provider who has completed an accredited thread lift training course too. Don’t be afraid to ask for proof.