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Empire’s unwavering dedication to our students is never compromised. We are committed to providing the highest quality training to our members and attendees.

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Medical School Affiliates

Empire’s unwavering dedication to our students is never compromised. We are committed to providing the highest quality training to our members and attendees. As part of our ongoing commitment to providing excellence in education, we continue to work with academic associations who we believe share our commitment to excellence, and who can provide significant value to what Empire offers in terms of training and education.

Empire is honored to have been offered these state-of-the-art facilities from the most prestigious medical schools to hold our AMA accredited Advanced Facial Cadaver Training course. Hundreds of physicians are trained on advanced aesthetic techniques, complications, precautions, and avoidance techniques on a variety of cosmetic procedures.

In addition to working with world renowned celebrity-status physicians for the training, such as with Ramtin Kassir, MD, Triple Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, and highly acclaimed Azza Halim, MD Board Certified Anesthesiologist, these medical schools have enabled our attendees to train on cadavers in their state of the art medical laboratories; the ideal environment for learning. These courses are entirely created and operated by Empire Medical Training and held at the various medical schools.

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Continuing Medical Education Provider Affiliates

Empire recognizes the value in what a limited number of other trainers can provide in terms of quality education. Empire is proud to work with trainers who provide advanced education in Aesthetic Dermatology, both in surgical and nonsurgical Aesthetics.

Advanced Filler Training Course - Visit ShinoBayTraining.Com for more info.

Medical Aesthetics Academy
of Specialized Training

Empire’s Mission

Empire Medical Training’s mission is to graduate practitioners who are uniquely prepared to develop their ideal practice with the guidance of superior Empire resources that include best of class physician educators that instruct high demand procedures and business and marketing concepts to help practitioners attain unparalled success. In addition to the expertise from Empire’s celebrity-status physician staff, practitioners who attend Empire courses also benefit from our coveted Academic Affiliates.

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Empire's Renowned Faculty

Our world-renowned physician educators have been pivotal to our continued success and growth over the past 22 years. After each training event, our physician advisory board carefully scrutinizes the evaluations we receive from attendees. We are gratified that we continue to receive strong, positive feedback, not just about our exceptional educators, but also the content and key takeaways that fuel our practitioner’s confidence and exceed their expectations. Over the past 22 years, Empire continues to find the best, “industry” renowned, “celebrity” status physicians to deliver top notch education. The so-called “competition” may copy the titles to our programs and the pictures on our website, but, can never replicate the level of training we provide!

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21+ years educating medical professionals. (Beware of companies claiming the same.) Over 100,000 successful graduates. Faculty with over 10 years with Empire. No students or nurses as trainers like other companies. Over 600 seminar workshops held annually.

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