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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most common questions we receive from our physicians and medical professionals. Although this list is available for you, we encourage you to contact us as well to help answer questions. Our staff is full time and we are available, we even alternate call on weekends and after hours like our physicians do.
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Workshop Related Questions

Please explain the general format of how you do the training

For most of Aesthetic workshop and other programs, lecture is in the morning, this is the "Didactic" portion of the training, we go over patient selection criteria, side effects, all the protocols, how to perform the procedure, we go over all the pricing (if a Medicare paid procedure, i.e. Pain Management or Dermatology, we go over the "Billing and Coding" so that you understand how to bill using correct "medical necessity" guidelines. If a cash procedure then, we go over all the pricing and packaging so you know how to integrate into your practice. After lunch, we begin the hands on portion of the training, very extensive, there is no set amount of Patients to inject on, you basically practice your injections until you feel comfortable with the procedure.

Registration Related Topics

How can I register for an Aesthetic Training program or other workshop? How can I register to become a member and attend all workshops?

There are 3 ways you may register, online, over the phone, or by completing a registration form, which you can get online, or from the back of a catalog and mail this form to us. We accept all forms of payment including check, credit card, and money order.