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Employee Sales Mastery Training

What is your most valuable asset to generating revenue in your practice??

  • Your Office

  • Your Skills

  • Your Credentials

  • Your Staff

You may be the most qualified, dedicated physician but without an effective office staff serving as your sales team you will struggle growing your practice.

front office staff training
Front Office Staff in Training

This program is intended for serious Practice owners (and their staff) motivated to grow their practice financially. This is not an entry-level program but rather a comprehensive workshop instructed by top medical professionals with years of success in practice.

A motivated, well trained front office staff, knowledgeable in patient-procedure sales and client relations can be your most effective strategy to generating new revenue for your office.

Our comprehensive training programs are intended to help you transform you motivated staff into a highly effective front office team happy and productive.

Our small group training programs are held at our corporate facility in Fort Lauderdale each month.

Our instructors are successful practice owners (physicians), office managers, and credentialed business and marketing personnel. Our programs have been cultivated over many years utilizing a combination of knowledge acquired while developing hundreds of physician practices as well as input from our knowledgeable marketing and sales team. All our instructors have formal degrees in Medicine, Business and Marketing.