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Can LipoVite Injections Help You Lose Weight?

If you’re overweight or obese, you’re not alone. Most American adults have an above-average body-mass index (BMI).

Diet and exercise can help you lose weight and keep it off, but sometimes that’s not enough. Many patients combine dietary changes and regular exercise with lipotropic injections for weight loss.

One type of lipotropic injection is quickly gaining popularity: LipoVite. Find out what LipoVite injections are, how they assist the body’s natural metabolism of fat, and how to determine if they’re right for you.

What Are LipoVite Injections?

LipoVite is a minimally invasive medical weight loss solution. It’s injected under the skin, usually in the hip or buttocks. A full course of LipoVite may include 10 to 20 shots, sometimes in combination with other weight loss treatments.

LipoVite injections include the active ingredients in MIC injections (the amino acids methionine, inositol, and choline), plus vitamin B6 and other B-complex vitamins. Depending on the formulation, LipoVite injections may include vitamin B12 or may be paired with separate B12 injections. LipoVite formulations are not standardized or FDA-approved; they can vary by provider.

Some providers also recommend phentermine, an appetite suppressant that can help with weight loss. 

LipoVite results vary by patient. Generally, patients report increased energy levels, better mood, and clearer thinking. There is some evidence that they help patients lose weight, but the effects are difficult to disentangle from those of positive lifestyle changes that often accompany them.

How LipoVite Injections Work

The active ingredients in LipoVite injections each play an important role in the body:

  • Methionine helps remove heavy metals from the bloodstream and promotes healthy liver function
  • Inositol promotes cell membrane health and aids fat-burning
  • Choline promotes overall cell health and neurological function, and can reduce levels of “bad” cholesterol
  • B-complex vitamins help burn fat and carbohydrates, boosting energy levels

Though more evidence is needed, it seems that LipoVite effects are cumulative. You’re more likely to notice a difference after the 10th shot than the first.

Are You a Good Candidate for LipoVite Injections?

Only your provider can determine for sure if you’re a good candidate for LipoVite. Generally, LipoVite makes sense for people who:

  • Are overweight or obese 
  • Want to lose weight
  • Are willing to make lifestyle changes for better results
  • Aren’t allergic to any of the ingredients in LipoVite
  • Aren’t pregnant or expecting to become pregnant
  • Are under age 65

If your LipoVite course includes stimulant-type weight loss medications like phentermine, talk to your provider about the risks and possible side effects. Phentermine isn’t recommended for people with cardiovascular disease, heart problems, and certain other medical conditions.

Alternatives to LipoVite Injections

Because they’re relatively low risk, LipoVite injections are often the first step in a medical weight loss program. But LipoVite injections don’t work to every patient’s satisfaction. 

If you’re not seeing the results you expected after completing your first course, consider these alternatives:

  • FDA-approved prescription weight loss shots like Saxenda® and Wegovy®
  • Nonsurgical gastric modifications like endoscopic sleeve or gastric balloon
  • Bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery) that permanently reduces the size of your stomach

Each of these alternatives is riskier and more expensive than LipoVite, but there is more clinical evidence that they work to reduce and keep off unwanted weight.