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Advanced Topics in Anti-Aging Medicine

This program is a very detailed-oriented, comprehensive program for physicians and other healthcare professionals who wish to employ a system-oriented medical approach in tackling health issues to compliment conventional medicine therapies that has not been proven effective as a stand-alone treatment in patients.

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Advanced Education Concepts: Latest Guidelines for Advanced Anti-Aging Concepts

anti-aging medicine topics

Anti-Aging Medicine

This 8-hour, intensive course has been expanded to include integrative approaches to the most common health issues affecting an Anti-Aging Practice. Integrative medicine is meant to compliment conventional medicine and together allow for practitioners and patients to personalize treatment options for a number of health issues. This program is a very detailed-oriented, comprehensive program for physicians and other healthcare professionals who wish to employ a system-oriented medical approach in tackling health issues to compliment conventional medicine therapies that has not been proven effective as a stand-alone treatment in patients. Anti-aging is an evidenced-based interventional medical care model that is consistent with those applied in other preventive health specialties.

The Anti-Aging Medical Model incorporates both conventional and integrative approaches to healthcare offering personalized treatments for patients. The issues that many practitioners experience is when patient treatments are more complicated due to pre-existing medical conditions, disease, anti-depressants, and anti-psychotic drugs. Additionally, over-replaced HRT patients, auto-immune disorders, and other age-related conditions make management of their systems difficult.

Advanced Anti-Aging Topics class


Many patients who seek Anti-Aging medical services are desperate for answers but usually present many health issues which complicate treatment strategies you wish to employ. The Advanced Topics in Anti-Aging Medicine course is designed to highlight and prepare medical professionals with the most clinically relevant evidence-based information, protocols, relevant application of medical concepts, and best practices based upon published “standard of care” and current clinical updates.

Dr. Kristy-Anne Evelyn, Barbados

Tanya Powell, NP and Kathy Coty, NP

The course is presented by Board-Certified Internal Medicine Physicians who through their training and practical experience in a clinical setting will teach the various medical and regenerative approaches to an array of medical conditions, auto-immune conditions, and chemical dependencies (pharmaceutical and environmental) for treating a variety of age-related conditions and chronic inflammatory diseases. This is a didactic course but also allows for questions and answers throughout specific times throughout the course materials.

Anti-Aging advanced topics

Anti-Aging Advanced Topics


The course will concentrate on the more complicated medical issues affecting your Health and Wellness practice which includes the following topics:

    • Managing Alfa Gal Syndrome
      • Diagnosing, treatment, and management
    • Correcting the over-replaced Patient
    • Patients with reduced or compromised Immune Function
      • Inflammation of Internal Organs, Tissues (i.e. Lupus – SLE)
      • Blood disorders and abnormalities
      • Digestive Issues (i.e. Celiac Patients, Crohn’s Disease, and Colitis)
      • Use of Peptides for various auto-immune disorders
    • BHRT and existing Medical Conditions
      • Anti-Depressants (i.e. Prozac, Lexapro, Zoloft etc.)
      • Anti-Psychotic Medications (i.e. Abilify)
      • Other Prescription Therapies (i.e. Statins)
      • Hypertension Prescriptions and Patients
      • Hypothyroid Conditions
      • Diabetic Patients
    • Integrative Approach Concepts for Cancer Patients: How you can help!
      • Ascorbic Acid IV Nutrition in Literature
      • Diet Considerations
      • Natural Conjunctive Treatments
    • High Risk BHRT Patients
      • Advanced Testing, Protocols, and Monitoring
    • Peptides in Current Metabolic and Immune Pathophysiology
      • Types (Classes) of Peptides
        • Review Long-Chain Amino Acids
        • Essential Amino Acids
      • Mechanism of Action and Immune Properties associated with Peptides
      • Candidates for possible Peptide Therapies

The Popularity of Anti-Aging Medicine:

Ant-Aging Medical Services and combining Integrative Approaches to healthcare is growing exponentially throughout the United States.  Increased awareness of newer combination treatment options integrating conventional medicine with lifestyle and natural approaches is the trend.  Patients are demanding solutions to ineffective conventional medical treatments and feel better without the chronic symptoms to feel younger and more energetic. 

Patients desire to lead full lives and feel good about themselves inside and out without compromising quality of life.  Integrative approaches to medicine allow for personalized healthcare for patients looking for the possible causes of the problem, offer lifestyle solutions, and not just to treat the symptoms.

Chart showing percentage of healthcare budget spent on chronic diseases

State of the Art Medicine

Using Integrative Approaches in combination with Traditional Medical Approaches within your medical practice provides additional avenues to effectively treat your patient where you may have been limited in the past to strictly conventional medicine. Integrative Medical Approaches are meant to compliment traditional medicine and not necessarily replace or eliminate conventional and traditional medicine.

Anti-Aging Medicine and Integrative Medicine Approaches is now a 15-billion-dollar market in the United States and includes most of the popular, natural treatments and methods to improve overall health and well-being and alleviate many of the chronic conditions that continue to affect the aging patient and to achieve sustainable, optimal health.

chronic health conditions & cost to healthcare system

Additional Information about the training

The training will include color manuals consisting all course materials presented in class including condition-specific protocols, optimal hormone levels, contraindications for treatment, and additional ancillary information through Empire’s Physician Portal. It is recommended that physicians are either practicing Ant-Aging Medicine or have successfully completed our Anti-Aging Module I & II prior to attending this advanced workshop. The course is designed for physicians and nurses to receive the latest “up-to-date” information available as well as incorporating an increased “standard-of-care” for enhanced patient care. The classes purposely allow for questions and answers on the topics presented as there are nuances that are unique to every medical condition.


Upon completion of the program, the physician should be able to:

  1. Learn to perform new patient comprehensive evaluation and workup, learn what questions to ask to acquire a proper medical history.
  2. Learn how take advantage of various diagnostic tests that can be performed to reveal a variety of silent autoimmune diseases with predictive autoantibodies.
  3. Understand the basis and foundation of autoimmune disease as well as the causes and how to evaluate and treat autoimmune disease.
  4. Evaluate patients for drug dependencies, side effects, and learn how certain lifestyle changes can positively affect autoimmune disease and chronic medical conditions.
  5. Understand the various protocols for condition-specific medical conditions and be able to offer suggestive therapies to treat in combination with conventional medicine an array of autoimmune and chronic illnesses.
  6. Gain a better understanding of the medical and biological conditions that lead to poor health and how to address these issues using evidence-based therapies to initiate an individualized form of treatment for your patients.
  7. Understand how to correctly interpret hormone studies, immune assay tests, and other interpretive tests to render a diagnosis and treatment plan.
  8. Review food allergies and sensitivities as relates to autoimmunity and aggravation of chronic disease conditions.
  9. Review concepts of auto-reactive antibodies/T-cell receptors, how autoimmune complexes are formed, models of autoimmunity, the various conditions that elicit autoimmune disease, and understand how different heavy metals and environmental causes can affect and alter the immune response.
  10. Understand the important role that GI microbiota and the intestinal barrier have in maintaining a healthy immune system.
  11. Review the latest various studies concerning ancillary care for cancer patients including ascorbic acid IV infusion, diet consideration, and other therapies for patient management.
  12. Review optimal hormonal levels in men and women for blood and saliva testing. Understand the specific strategies of Hormone Replacement Therapy in relation to Integrative Medicine approaches for aging populations. Examine current regulatory initiatives and possible expected governing changes.
  13. Understand how, when and whom it would be appropriate to consider Peptides for patients and possible hormone interaction. Examine dosing and protocols.
  14. Learn how to integrate Anti-Aging services in a practical setting. Learn from successful physicians and business faculty who have thriving Integrative Medicine practices.       


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Anti-Aging Advanced Topics - Agenda


Course Overview, Advanced BHRT management with predisposed medical conditions, testing, patient intake and histories, and specific protocols, treatment strategies, and patient considerations for treatment:

      • Hypertension
      • Hypothyroid Conditions
      • Diabetic Patients

BHRT and Prescriptive Therapies specifically anti-depressants, anti-psychotic, and other debilitating prescription drugs

    • Use of supplements and bio-identical hormones for possible tapering
      • GABA
      • Progesterone
      • Other nutritional supplements

Review considerations that affect possible tapering, review alternatives that may allow lesser dosing, and understand the side effects and cause | effect of these prescriptions and create combination correlative treatments.  Questions and Answers


Review the latest evidence-based studies and range of treatments, testing, and use of supplements as well as “pearls” associated with the management of autoimmune disorders including newer treatment options:

    • Patients with reduced or compromised Immune Function
      • Inflammation of Internal Organs, Tissues (i.e. Lupus – SLE)
      • Blood disorders and abnormalities
      • Digestive Issues (i.e. Celiac Patients, Crohn’s Disease, and Colitis)
      • Use of Peptides for various auto-immune disorders
      • Questions and Answers

Lunch (on your own)


Review successful strategies for the over-replaced BHRT patient, discuss tapering schedules, side effects, negative feedback, patient dissatisfaction, and additional testing to achieve optimal levels – review optimal levels in men and women from serum and saliva testing.  Learn various functional medicine techniques and use of supplements in creating a personalized program.
Learn how to manage high risk patients presenting health issues or patient histories that may exclude treatment.  Review current regulatory issue and medical oversight issues in treating high risk patients.  Receive the protocols and “pearls” of treatment that work and allows for safe administration of BHRT.

Special review of Alfa Gal and Lyme Disease – how to diagnose properly and manage these challenging patient presentations including latest clinical review studies and “up-to-date” information for developing effective treatments. Questions and Answers

Review in literature and latest standards for Ascorbic Acid IV infusion for varying degrees of cancer and cancer types.  Understand the importance of diet and nutrition and the latest “up-to-date” protocols in establishing a restrictive diet.  Discuss new ideas and future medical advancements in relation to certain types of cancer and recovery as well as natural conjunctive treatments that may safely benefit patients.


Discuss the recent growth in peptide development and review the most commonly used peptides within an Integrative Medical Practice.  Understand how peptides are presently being used in wound care, aesthetics, and hormone interaction and their role in current metabolic and immune pathophysiology.  Review legal requirements, advantages, and disadvantages of the use of peptides for treatment or in achieving optimal health.

Case Studies covering topics discussed for chronic medical conditions discussed. 

Hands-On Training: Unlike other seminars, our programs are not demonstration only. In fact, attendees are required to perform procedures under the direct supervision of a qualified physician instructor in order to receive their certification. The afternoon session is reserved for intensive hands-on training, where our instructors will be carefully monitoring your technique and style of injecting to help improve your skills.

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*All courses are conducted by Physicians and other Specialists in Aesthetics, Pain, Surgery, and Medicine. Not by less qualified Instructors

Course Destinations: New York-NY, Las Vegas-Nevada, Atlanta-Georgia, Chicago-Illinois, Nashville-Tennessee, Philadelphia - PA, Riverside-California, New Orleans-Louisiana, Detroit-Michigan, Austin-Texas, Charlotte-North Carolina, Orlando-Florida, Dallas-Texas, Los Angeles-California, Tampa-FL, Fort Lauderdale-FL, Houston-Texas, Naples-FL, Raleigh-North Carolina, San Diego-CA, Charleston-South Carolina, Boston-Massachusetts.

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