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keloid scarSimple, The treatment of hypertrophic and keloid scarring typically was to diminish the look of these scars by softening of the tissue. Most treatments including light energies, medicines, and ablative devices did not work very well in releasing the hypertrophic tissue associated with these scars. Dermatologists used liquid nitrogen to diminish the scar with variable results but are limited by the size of the lesion, the need for several treatments, and a prolonged period of time to see results. Other therapeutic treatments including various laser light energies and corticosteroid injections have risk of skin atrophy and of recurring keloids.
CryoShape™ is a device that includes a patented freezing needle to ensure penetration of the inner scar tissue and can be used in association with commercial cryogen tanks or as part of the closed system. Invented in the 1990(s) in Europe, this device is now available in the United States. The specifically designed needle provides excellent thermal conductivity while easily penetrating the dense scar tissue. After anesthesia is administered the surgical session lasts only (5) to (30) minutes depending upon the presentation of the scar. The treatment is painless and very little post-procedure discomfort thus avoiding any types of suture or wound.

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What CryoShape™ is able to accomplish is to induce necrosis of the inner scar tissue and leaves the surrounding skin and upper tissues undamaged. Initial destruction of dense disorganized collagen is followed by reorientation and restructuring of collagen as part of your normal dermal structure. The deep scar tissue is destroyed and the original skin pigmentation is preserved. Usually only (1) visit is necessary for a significant and immediate reduction in scar volume as evidenced in (9) out of (10) patients. There is minimal wound care needed post-procedure and the results are dramatic and long-term. Over 93% of patients have had significant improvement of keloid/hypertrophic scarring without recurrence.

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Now there is a simple therapeutic remedy and better way to treat hypertrophic and keloid scarring.

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