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The Journey of NeoGen Plasma Regeneration

Date: Tuesday October 18th, 2022 at 7:00pm EST


Nitrogen plasma energy is unique because it does not target a specific chromophore; it is conducted via tissue water and can penetrate as far as the reticular dermis while avoiding carbonization of the epidermis. The result is an increase in fibroblast activity, collagen remodeling, continued neocollagenesis, and neoelastogenesis for up to one-year post-treatment. Unlike light-based technologies, NeoGen Plasma can be used safely and effectively on a wide range of skin types. NeoGen does not target melanin, thereby greatly reducing the risk of post-treatment complications such as hyper and hypo-pigmentation.

  • Consistent and efficacious patient outcomes
  • High Safety Profile
  • Ability to be delegated to a non MD
  • Reasonable cost of acquisition
  • The immediate and long-term financial return on investment


Dr. Croley

Dr. Croley

Dr. Croley is Board Certified in Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine and received training at the prestigious Rush and Northwestern Universities in Chicago, IL. Over 13 years ago, after attending a basic neurotoxin injector course, he developed an interest in Aesthetic Medicine. He relocated to Pensacola, Florida to be close to family and opened Skin and Tonic, which has grown into a premier medspa. Skin and Tonic are known for high-quality aesthetic care and for educating medical professionals interested in entering the medspa arena. Dr. Croley is the Director of Aesthetics for Empire Medical Training and has trained thousands of physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and dentists over the last several years. Dr. Croley performs injectables and various energy-based treatments in his practice. He is actively involved in numerous medical societies, continues to evaluate new technologies to incorporate into his practice, teaches in this industry, and continues to pursue his passion for medical education by evaluating new educational methods to help professionals acquire the skills needed to be expert providers.

Shaun Spanos

Shaun Spanos

Owner, Licensed Aesthetician & Nurse Injector. Shaun is the founder of Shaun Charles Med Spa. Shaun earned his degree in Nursing from Rivier College in 2003 and his Master’s Degree from Walden University in 2021. Shaun also holds a degree in Business Administration/Marketing from Fitchburg State College earned in 2002. Shaun has 20+ years of experience in the Aesthetic industry including cosmetic injectables, collagen induction therapy and advanced cosmetic laser procedures. Shaun holds a position at Lahey Medical Center as a Registered Nurse and assists with hands-on injectable training at the Audrey Rose Institute of Medical Aesthetics.

Jeff Spanos

Jeff Spanos

Owner & Business Manager of Shaun Charles Med Spa. Jeff is the Co-owner of Shaun Charles Med Spa. Jeff has over 25 years of business management experience and has been involved in marketing, sales, and business administration training for over 20 years. Jeff is versed in controlling virtually every line of a P&L statement effectively managing overhead and cost. Jeff has developed a working knowledge of the very best cutting-edge skin-care technology in the industry and can knowledgeably speak to what is effective for every different skin type. Jeff has worked vigorously to develop a unique and positive experience for every Shaun Charles Med Spa client.


Emergent Medical Technologies is a growing national aesthetic device distributorship based with an exceptional portfolio of devices for any aesthetic practice. Our mission is to improve the customer engagement experience, particularly on the sales side of the business with the customer. Emergent Medical Technologies sources FDA-approved technologies that have a global presence. The manufacturers we work with have been carefully vetted to provide consistent and efficacious patient results and have sterling reputations with respect to a high standard of efficacy, consistent patient outcomes, high safety profile, and compelling short/long-term ROI. Our team's philosophy is built on providing long-term relationships with our clients. We pride ourselves in not being a “drop the box and run” aesthetic company. Cultivating success within our practices is directly proportionate to our long-term success as an organization.

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