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Rapid Retain Repeat

Fast Track Method of Training.

Empire Medical Training is proud to provide the most effective method of training in medical and aesthetic education since our inception in 1998. Our method has proven effective in helping doctors learn the material over a short period of time, retain the information for a longer period, and duplicate the techniques they have learned in their own practice environment.

Over the past 18 years providing education to physicians in procedural medicine, we have learned common characteristics amongst students that have either created stumbling blocks in their progress or have facilitated their learning experience.

Empire has developed a 3 phase process that utilizes specific methods which have proven to be successful in medical schools throughout the united states.

Empire Medical Training’s 3-Phase Method of Training includes Preconference Preparation, Conference Training which includes hands-on training followed by testing, and the last phase is the Post Conference Phase utilizing our faculty to provide follow up support

PHASE 1: PRECONFERENCE PREPARATION: During this phase, the student is provided their “preconference workbook” covering very specific topics that need to be memorized and understood prior to the event. By completing the 20-30 minute assignment prior to the event, we have seen a dramatic increase in the level of understanding from our attendees while at the seminar itself. This process is paramount in enforcing the level of retention the student will be able to achieve after attending the programs.

PHASE 2: CONFERENCE TRAINING: The Workshop: This phase involves the actual workshop event. The objective during this phase is to make the learning process more enjoyable and more interactive. Each student is provided a computer tablet to view the lecture presentations. Our High Definition tablets enable students to zoom into anatomical landmarks and key illustrations not previously seen using only projector screens. Students can use our proprietary software to interact with the instructor and ask questions during the lecture presentations rather than have to raise their hand and interrupt the group. Our “student feedback” feature provides real time information to the instructor on your level of understanding of the subject matter, prompting your instructor to further review a topic if needed.

Testing: We also integrate different aspects of testing to further enhance the level of retention of the newly learned techniques and information. Testing on newly learned information has shown effective during the learning process as evident by how medical schools continue to educate our physicians.

The Hands-On Experience: During this phase, is markedly enhanced by increasing the student to instructor ratio. Students have told us that having more instructors has made the hands on part of the training more effective for them. Throughout the Hands On Sessions, instructors have been trained to constantly challenge the student by testing their skills and knowledge. Upon completion of the hands on portion of the training, students are awarded their certification and certificates of training.

PHASE 3: POST CONFERENCE PHASE: Empire is proud to now offer all our attendees access to our instructors after the completion of the course. Over the years of providing education, we continue to see students leave the courses feeling confident with the newly learned technique only to encounter that “one additional question” which they forgot to ask or, the physician who has taken the information back to his practice, applied the techniques; however, has encountered several unexpected questions to arise.

OUR POST CONFERENCE, “ASK THE EXPERT” PHASE provides you the opportunity to have all your questions answered by our expert staff. Before you leave the program, you are provided a unique login to this user panel, enabling you to contact our staff directly with your questions. The dashboard is located right on our website and is available 24/7 for your convenience.