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Pain Management - Video Pearls

Pain management is one of the most common conditions you will be presented by patients within your practice.  Training is necessary to offer safe and effective treatments for a variety of pain pathologies your patients will face.  The following is a video collection showcasing the type of training and instruction you can expect from Empire Medical Training as well as additional information not readily available through our course.


Dr. Cosentino and our Lead Pain Mgmt. Instructor

Pain Management Pearls

Below you will find Pearls in Pain Management to further deepen you knowledge in Pain Management.

HTML Document Are You Using Opioid Medication for All Your Pain Patients?


HTML Document Are You Afraid to Prescribe for Chronic Pain Patients?


PDF Document Pricing & Packaging


Pain Management - Shoulder Subacromial Injections

Pain Management - ACR Classification of Fibromyalgia

Pain Management - Patient Exam Pearls

How Much Pressure To Apply To A Trigger Point

Pain Management - Evidence Based Medicine

Pain Management - Neck Pain Trigger Points

Pain Management - Injection Pearls

Pain Management Pearl - Shoulder Area Injections

6 Intra Articulate Injection Points of the Knee

Ultrasound Guided Injection Points Of Knee

Injection For Acromioclavicular Joint

Injection For Sternoclavicular Joint