Why Become Member

Find below all the benefits you will enjoy by becoming an Empire Member

Membership Options Explained:

Why a 2 year Membership? We understand that physicians and medical professionals are not only interested in growing their practices with new procedures but also must maintain their licensure by acquiring new CME credits each year. Each of our membership packages gives you unlimited access to our entire curriculum over a 2 year period, enough time for you to learn new procedures and acquire all the credits you will need to satisfy your state board requirements.  

After 18 years in business, Empire remains the only medical, educational institution to offer a “Membership Option” as an effective method to acquire CME, Learn New Procedures, have “Complimentary Access” to over 32 Live Workshops, and network with other physicians, manufacturers, vendors, and thought leaders in the industry.

All Empire-Memberships includes the following:

1. Members never pay for a single workshop, ever. Pay only one price, and attend any or ALL programs as often as you like, any date, any location, completely FREE for 18-months.

2.Each membership includes all your materials such as your books and supplies, the medicines used (such as Botox and Fillers), your certifications and CME, and any elective treatments.

3. Receive your 3 pack Aesthetic Starter kit ($799 value) which is essential for every practitioner starting out in Aesthetics or any medical practice.

4.Receive your Gold plated Metal and Wood plaque, custom inscribed with your name and certification.

5.Receive real discounts on products you will need in your practice, from major Manufacturers and Vendors that Empire has contracted with and negotiated with on your behalf over our 18 year history in business.

6.Access to your own personal account manager who will maintain your certifications and cme accreditation as well as help you register for any classes you want to attend.

ATTEND ALL COURSES FREE: As a member, you pay one time only, and never pay to attend classes ever, for 2 years! Each membership grants you access to the workshops so you are not paying to attend these courses individually. You may attend any course or ALL the courses you like, at any location, at any date. There are no seminar fees or any other fees to pay during the 2-year term! 

ALL SUPPLIES INCLUDED: Each membership includes all your materials such as your books and supplies, the medicines used (such as Botox and Fillers), your certifications and CME, and any elective treatments you may wish to receive during the training (many companies charge a premium to provide these treatments).

WE are asked every day by our valued clients to explain the benefits and the differences between our memberships vs registering for individual seminars.

IS MY BEST OPTION?: To begin, you are always welcome to register and participate in any one seminar, joining a membership is not required in any way. If you are considering more than one course, there is no question the membership is going to be the most cost effective means of getting trained.

CHOOSE YOUR PLAN BASED ON YOUR INTEREST: The Plan you choose really depends on the topics you are interested in learning. Empire offers 4 different membership options to help you based on your objectives and practice goals.

  • Empire Platinum MembershipTM
  • Empire Diamond MembershipTM
  • Empire Pain Management MembershipTM
  • Empire Office MembershipTM

During a typical phone conversation and prior to even explaining the membership options, we first try to understand our clients’ goals and objectives. This will help us better recommend whether or not they should even join a membership.

Cost Effectiveness: The first question we ask is whether or not you plan on attending more than one seminar. This is probably the first consideration because if we know for sure that you only need one class, and know in advance that you will never repeat that course, are not interested in learning any other new procedures, and are not interested in the other benefits of the membership plans, we do NOT recommend joining a membership and suggest you sign up for the individual class. Nothing is final.

TUITION COMPARISON: A typical seminar registration for ONE COURSE ranges from $1,000- $1500 (which is industry standard depending of course on the topic. The average Aesthetics’ single day course, such as Botox and Fillers, ranges from about $1,200- $1900. (Empire’s single day Botox is $1,049 with advanced registration and $1,149 for Dermal Filler training. Late registrations add an additional $150).

IF you are planning to attend more than one course, you can see it is much more cost effective to sign up for a membership plan because it becomes much cheaper to pay one price and attend multiple workshops rather than pay for an individual course. We suggest you review the different pricing listed below for the different membership plans offered.

  • Empire Platinum MembershipTM tuition is now only $3,699 (this price will increase over the next 2-4 weeks). This membership allows you to attend all 26 of the aesthetic, medical, and Anti-Aging & Regenerative programs for a 2-year term without ever paying any additional fees for the training itself. Many Physicians attend every course, taking advantage of the actual “per seminar fee” of $115 per course). Our most popular program for Health Care Professionals interested in taking any of the Aesthetics or medical courses

  • Empire Diamond MembershipTM is for Physicians who are interested in Pain Management and also Aesthetics, this plan is clearly the best option. Tuition for our most attended pain management program, “The Pain Show” is regularly $2,499, so , if you were to pay for this class individually and pay for only one aesthetics class, for just those two classes alone you are spending upwards of $3,500 and the Diamond Memberhsip Tuition is priced at $4,999.

  • Empire Pain MembershipTM grants you access to all the Pain Management courses that Empire offers. Please view the list of individual Pain Workshops for a detailed description of each workshop.

  • Empire Office MembershipTM is extremely popular for any practice owner or individual who would like to have staff trained. For a small additional fee ($1599- $2,499 depending on the amount of staff) you can have each of your staff maintain their own membership. So, for example, if you have a Diamond Membership, each of your staff will also have a Diamond Membership and may attend all the associated programs at any time. You do not need to be present.  


There are many other benefits and “Perks” to each of the membership plans, not the least of which is to join an organization and growing network with over 150,000 Physicians, vendors, manufacturers, and other in the industry.