Medical Esthetic Training

Empire Medical Training has trained over 100,000 health care practitioners throughout the world and remains the most sought after academy for medical, aesthetic, anti aging, regenerative, pain management, and surgical training.

Top 10 ways to find the best Medical Esthetics Training program

  1. Experience

    We continue to see more and more of the so called experts emerging in the field of Aesthetics Training. They create an attractive website, list a few topics, and claim to have 20 years or more teaching Aesthetics and Botox (which in itself is comical because Botox was FDA approved for Cosmetic use in 2002 so unfortunately the numbers don’t quite add up. You can actually verify when a company originated by looking on the corporate formation website for the individual state). At Empire Medical Training, we have even seen several of our one time students attend a program and then offer training to others.
    The experience that you will appreciate will show up in the quality of the education that you will want to receive. There is more to providing education than to just know some of the information yourself and then pass this on to someone else. We all know in medical school, the old adage, "see one, do one, teach one" may work well when resources, time, and finances are limited, however; when you are paying top dollar for private medical esthetic training , you expect and demand the best. An inexperienced educational facility can’t offer this to you. An experienced educational provider will have the best methods of training because they have tried and tested other less effective methods which new institutions will not know. Some of the topics listed below will be features you will find with an experienced provider. Empire Medical Training has trained over 45,000 health care practitioners throughout the world and remains the most sought after academy for medical, aesthetic, anti aging, regenerative, pain management, and surgical training.

  2. Guarantee

    Carefully review the refund policies and guarantees. Empire Medical Training is the only educational academy who can offer a 100% money back guarantee virtually eliminating any risk for you!  There is a form to sign and submit during the program, however, an unhappy customer will receive their money back! This is actually a new policy for Empire. (After 18 years of training, we know how to make you happy) We are now so confident that you will be happy with the experience that we give you a NO RISK opportunity to attend an event and pay nothing if you are not happy! Empire continues to set the standards in providing medical education and we hope this too will be imitated by others because we know how good a company has to be to stand behind their services!

  3. Reputation

    Find out what others have to say about their experience. Listen to your colleagues , ask your friends and others who have taken programs from an academy you are considering. Verify the source of where this referral is coming from. Watch videos from live attendees. Do not limit your evaluation to any anonymous or written statements. Good and bad comments, especially written and anonymous, can be fabricated by either the academy itself in hopes to gain some quick positive reviews or by a competitor attempting to garnish their competitor or a company who they cannot compete with fairly. Empire Medical Training has not only successfully graduated over 45,000 practitioners but has also received hundreds of video testimonials from real people who have attended these courses.

  4. Online Training

    Should not be your primary method of learning skills that require Hands on Training and supervision from a qualified, experienced instructor. This is a dangerous method of obtaining your certification to perform these procedures. Strangely enough, we have even seen companies who offer this as their primary method of training individuals. Why do you think this is? Maybe because they do not have the resources to provide live workshop events where physicians can not only learn the material but can practice on real, live patients. Empire Medical Training offers FREE ONLINE TRAINING FOR AESTHETICS as a value added service to our members. We charge nothing for this and online training is certainly a helpful tool but never as a stand alone method.  Our programs are recorded live and participants can even ask questions and interact with the instructor. We provide this training at no charge. In fact, there are dozens of videos which you can begin watching right now on the Empire website, www.EmpireMedicalTraining.com, just click on resources and start learning today. To participate in a live online event, just give us a call and we will have you registered in an event! Call (866) 366-1576

  5. Training programs

    Using Aesthetics as an example, watch out for companies who are limited in what they offer. They are many companies who offer Botox and Filler training because they are limited in resources. Well, their limitation will soon become yours as well because Aesthetics is not limited to only Botox and Fillers. Empire Medical Training offers over 19 different Aesthetics courses including hands on training in Botox, Fillers, Sclerotherapy, Mesotherapy, Cosmetic Laser, PRP, Autologous Fat Transfer, Facial Aesthetics, and much more.

  6. Company Growth

    Watch for companies who offer the same programs year after year and with little to no changes. Empire Medical Training consistently adds new programs and topics. Our slogan and trademark, “The Future of Medicine is our Curriculum Today” is intended to share with our attendees our mission of providing not only the highest quality education but also to provide training in the newest modalities , methods, and concepts in medicine as they become available. Regenerative Medicine is not limited to only offering an Anti Aging course. Empire offers over 9 courses to help Physicians learn how to provide their patietns with the newest modalities in anti aging and regenerative medicine. Some of these additional topics include Hormone Pellet Therapy, Sexual Dysfunction , Hair Loss Therapies, PRP (platelet rich plasma), and many others.

  7. Method of Training

    Ask the institution how they provide their aesthetic courses. What specific method and how is it accomplished. Most companies follow the same method of having as many students as they can walk into a classroom, sit in a dark room , and watch a power point presentation fighting the urge to fall asleep. After lunch you are then challenged to start injecting in a free for all environment. The better method, and the method for which Empire has a trademarked and proprietary system, includes a three step process involving preconference , conference, and post conference education. During the actual Aesthetic Course, each and every attendee is provided a computer tablet where they can not only see the information enhanced, but they can interact with the instructor and ask questions , live, during the program. Our proprietary software even allows the instructor to gauge the level of understanding of a topic to allow him to spend more or less time on a topic depending on the feedback.

  8. Teachers

    How would you like to receive your training for aesthetics? By a single doctor , with his one set of opinions and methods, or a nurse with perhaps less knowledge than a physician? Empire Medical Training is most proud of our distinguished faculty which represents the very best in medicine. Furthermore, we rotate our instructors and have the HIGHEST ratio of student to doctor. In many cases you will attend a hands on workshop with 4 different instructors in a classroom of 30 attendees. This ratio is not always the same but we have enhanced our programs over the years and have found this to be an important aspect in making our programs even better. The average ratio is not 10:1.

  9. Vendor Support and Exhibitors

    Yes, Empire Medical Training invites Vendors, and lots of them. Having new Exhibitors display the newest technologies and procedures is the best way to learn what’s new in the industry, not to mention it’s fun! Beware of companies who state that they do not invite vendors because they are so concerned about your education, etc, etc. Most likely they do not invite vendors because they are so new they do not know any, or, which is even more probable, reputable Exhibitors will not want to participate with a small, unknown company with poor attendance. Not having new exhibitors with the newest technologies and information is not providing you the best service, you are missing out. We invite top Exhibitors to provide you this information. Exhibitors will be available to demonstrate their equipment and answer your questions about their technologies. They are outside the room and have nothing to do with the lectures.

  10. Accessibility

    Although not absolutely essential, its certainly a cost saving convenience to have access to more locations and more training options. Check out the companies schedule and calendar of events. Empire Medical Training offers over 300 Aesthetic Classes as well as other programs all over the country every weekend.