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  • Apr 17 Mesotherapy Training
  • Apr 17 Complete Facial Aesthetics
  • Apr 18 Anti-Aging - Modules 1 & 2
  • Apr 18-19 2-Day Cosmetic Laser Training
  • Apr 18 Complete Botox Training
  • Apr 19 Complete, Hands-on Dermal Filler
  • Apr 19 Medical Weight Loss Training
  • Apr 20 Platelet Rich Plasma Aesthetics
  • Apr 20 Medical Hair Loss Training


  • Apr 24 Acne Therapies
  • Apr 25 Complete Botox Training
  • Apr 26 Complete, Hands-on Dermal Filler
  • Apr 27 Platelet Rich Plasma Aesthetics


  • May 01 Sclerotherapy Training
  • May 01 Sexual Dysfunction Training
  • May 01 Hormone Pellet Therapies
  • May 02 Complete Botox Training
  • May 02 Anti-Aging - Modules 1 & 2
  • May 03 Physician Medical Weight Loss
  • Mar 03 Complete, Hands-on Dermal Filler
  • May 04 Submental Liposuction Training
  • May 04 Platelet Rich Plasma for Aesthetics
  • May 04 Medical Hair Loss Training


  • May 01 Advanced Acne Therapies
  • May 02 Complete Botox Training
  • May 03 Complete, Hands-on Dermal Filler
  • May 04 Platelet Rich Plasma for Aesthetics


  • May 08 Sexual Dysfunction Training
  • May 08 Complete Facial Aesthetic
  • May 08 Mesotherapy Training
  • May 09 Anti-Aging - Modules 1 & 2
  • May 09 Platelet Rich Plasma Aesthetics
  • May 10 Advanced Aesthetics Training
  • May 10 Medical Weight Loss Training


  • May 15 Platelet Rich Plasma Aesthetics
  • May 16 Sexual Dysfunction Training
  • May 17 Complete Botox Training
  • May 18 Complete, Hands-on Dermal Filler


  • May 15 Sclerotherapy Training
  • May 16 Complete Botox Training
  • May 17 Complete, Hands-on Dermal Filler
  • May 18 Acne Therapies




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Testimonial by William Schweitzer, M.D.

Testimonial by Tonya Powell, NP and Kathy Coty, NP

CME Workshops for Physicians and Nurses

Over 32 Training Topics: For over 19 years, Empire Medical Training has remained the worldwide leader in Aesthetic and Medical Training for Physicians, Nurses, Dentists and other licensed healthcare professionals. Empire has successfully graduated over 35,000 individuals and is the only organization to offer over 27 different workshops and comprehensive training in Aesthetic Procedures such as Botox® and Dermal Fillers, Anti Aging and Weight Management Medicine, Interventional Pain Management, Dermatological Procedures, Surgery, and more. As a full-time educational organization with workshops scheduled every weekend throughout the United States, you are certain to find the right class to meet your objectives, and chances are close to home. To better serve you, we even have a cost effective, private training option where we come right to your office, speak with a training coordinator today for more information.

Empire Medical Training Staff Empire Administrative Staff

Attend all Workshops FREE: Empire also offers the only industry recognized membership model which allows practitioners to attend multiple workshops at one low price. For over 15 years, our "Platinum" and "Diamond" Memberships have become synonymous with continuing "Procedural" Education. Our memberships allow you to attend up to 27 different programs free of charge after paying a nominal fee. Member Benefits include a 2 year completion term, Free Board Certification plaque and membership in the AAOPM Board, all inclusive training materials such as the course manuals, medicines used during the courses, your certification, consent and treatment forms, as well as access to our complete video library filled with instructional videos on all techniques and procedures. Additional member benefits include access to our national buying group which allows you to receive significant discounts on medical supplies from Henry Schein and hundreds of other suppliers.

Beware of Imitations: Beware of “weekend trainers” and imitators who promise everything yet only provide 1 or 2 courses with limited training and scarce training materials, books, resources, and course study. Inadequate or incomplete training will ultimately affect your practice endeavors…

The Future of Medicine is our Curriculum Today! Learning Aesthetics includes more than just Botox for wrinkles………Our entire curriculum and the resources available to you through our comprehensive network is structured to help you, the motivated practitioner, expand your knowledge base, and ultimately your financial worth by providing education in ALL Aesthetic Procedures, from Botox to Liposuction, Anti Aging and Regenerative Medicine and many other topics so you can decide for yourself the pathway you wish to pursue in growing your practice and future goals.

Workshops: Our goal is for you to immediately begin using the new techniques in your office after completing the training, that's why each workshop is comprehensive with very detailed lectures in the morning covering all the didactics, followed by intensive hands on training in the afternoon.

Hands On Training: All our training is guaranteed Hands On. In fact, Empire has pioneered this type of education and training. We do not impose any limits on the amount of procedures you can perform either. The goal of the training is for you to gain a level of expertise and confidence with the new procedure so students do not leave until they are thoroughly proficient and comfortable performing the technique.

Empire Medical Training has helped thousands of physicians either start a new practice or integrate new procedures into their current office setting. The information you are provided during these courses is much more than just theory. Our instructors spend quite a bit of time teaching you the "Pearls" of each procedure to make sure you really understand what you are doing.

Training Materials, Course Manuals, Consent Forms: The training materials you receive with each course are designed to be a standalone reference tool and not just an outline. You'll receive our full color manual, color hand outs on protocols, marketing manual, additional note books on the course topics, and various consent and treatment forms provided on CD, have been professionally designed and developed over many years to serve as a valuable reference tool for you later on.

Certification: After successful completion of the programs, licensed medical professionals will receive their certificate and program certification. This will be distributed to you at the end of the program when you have demonstrated proficiency in a procedure during the hands on portion of the training with the instructor. Students will also receive their free membership plaque with the AAOPM Board which lists their chosen specialty. (Limited time).

Guarantee: Empire also offers the only industry known satisfactory guarantee which allows you to receive free one on one training with our instructor if you believe you need additional hands on training. The tuition associated with this type of training is considerable; however, we charge nothing as part of our goal to make certain you are happy with the training you receive. Our registration form includes this guarantee clearly written.

Get Started Today: To get started in your Aesthetics, Medical, or Pain Management Training, take a look at the numerous instructional videos we have incorporated on our website for your use. Now, you can evaluate not only our instructors and the quality of the actual training programs but also you can take the first step at learning the different procedures. These instructional videos cover a variety of topics and are designed to help you learn specific techniques and procedures.

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Preventing Eye Ptosis by Dr. Rebecca Gelber

Dermal Filler Training - Nasolabial folds Injections

* "Meet the Expert" Modules not part of memberships.