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Where will you be in your practice when this crisis is over? Many of our practitioners
and all our team is using this opportunity to “RAMP UP” their practice, improve their skills, and overhaul their practice operations and methods.

For every crisis there are opportunities that can help one advance in their
practice goals and other business or personal goals.

Empire is proud to introduce the
Meet the ex-Perts™ ‘5-Stars’ Aesthetics-Consortium™ NEW!

During the Covid-19 Health Crisis, we are happy to provide this entire program through our LIVESTREAM, LIVE BROADCAST technology, participants will not “miss a beat”

We have also utilized the “downtime” that our Physician instructors are also experiencing to create a comprehensive curriculum, which, prior to this outbreak our instructors would not have been able to work with us in this capacity

This program will only be available during the COVID 19 Health Crisis, although we will try to continue the series beyond that

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Aesthetics Curriculum

(Also Anti-Aging and Pain Management)

Now you can participate in Empire’s entire Aesthetics curriculum and learn from the very best industry recognized Physician specialists.

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The Curriculum:

We have invited “5” of the most renowned, recognized names in Aesthetics, to provide an outstanding, comprehensive curriculum including Neurotoxins, Dermal Fillers, Facial Aesthetics, Complications of Cosmetic Injectables including avoidance and treatment methods as well as PRP.

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Meet the ex-Perts™ - ‘5-Stars’ Aesthetics-Consortium™- is a very unique, high powered training program intended to fully educate our members and other motivated practitioners to develop their practices and expand their practice offerings.

This program has completed a full segment of the Aesthetics curriculum on Neurotoxin/Dermal Filler program. A “celebrity” status physician will present didactics combined with hands on demonstrations, clinical pearls, secrets for their success, business and marketing strategies that have contributed to their success, and more. And, because this is intended to be a NON CME program, the Physician instructors have the flexibility to teach off label procedures, talk about brand names and how to combine different brands, how to marketing certain brands, and most importantly they will have the flexibility to share their insights and preferences regarding Brands. Part 2 the curriculum consists of Anatomy, facial Aesthetics, complication avoidance, prevention, and treatment. Part 3 you will complete topics in Advanced Neurotoxins and Dermal Fillers. Part 4, comprehensive training in PRP including Didactic and procedure demonstrations.

As a special feature to the ‘5-Stars’ Aesthetics-Consortium™, participants will have the added benefit of receiving comprehensive training in Practice Management: digital and social medica marketing. Often overlooked, or worse still, presented in a cursory or incomplete manner, the business of Aesthetics is one of the most important avenues and channels that practitioners will need to be successful in their practice careers.

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Grow your practice through effective marketing strategies: Empire has developed a curriculum in conjunction not only with the Physician instructors but also with recognized names in the marketing community, each of whom will present topics every evening to complement the medical portion of the programs. Each night you will participate in 30-minute segments of business pearls and marketing strategies as well as specific guidelines to social media marketing, and area of marketing that has changed so dynamically that what we used to know only a few years ago has become outdated.

Our Celebrity Status Physician Instructors: It’s not often we can come together in one place and learn from the very best in Aesthetics. In addition, there is no other place other than through Empire Medical Training where you will receive an Aesthetic curriculum taught by some of the best Physician Specialists in the world. We are all saddened and affected by the Health Crisis that has taken us out of our practices and, in many cases has affected our businesses. Many of our Physician entrepreneurs are utilizing this time to “ramp up” their individual practices so that when the crisis is over, they are ready to generate even more revenue and expand their practices more efficiently than ever before.

virtual training tj tsay

Aesthetics Curriculum

Date TBA

Week 1: Neurotoxin/ Dermal Fillers / Combo Therapies.

Week 2: Anatomy, Facial Aesthetics, Complication avoidance techniques, prevention, and treatment

Week 3: Advanced Neurotoxins / Dermal Fillers

Week 4: PRP, PDO Thread Lift & Other Combination Therapies.

‘5 Stars’ Celebrity Aesthetics Instructors

1. Dr. Shino Bay Aguilera, World Renowned Cosmetic Dermatologist and Surgeon,

2. Gregory Buford, MD, FACS, PCEO

3. Azza Halim, MD

4. Jonathan Sykes, MD

5. Tj Tsay, MD

Anti-Aging Curriculum

Date TBA

Week 1: Anti Aging Module 1 and 2

Week 2: Physician Prescribed Weight Loss

Week 3: IV Nutrition

Week 4: Hormone Pellet Training/ Sexual Dysfunction

‘5 Stars’ Celebrity Anti-Aging Instructors

1. Anne Roberts, MD

2. Tom Loube, MD

3. Betsy Greenleaf, MD

4. Raj Singh, MD

5. Nivedita Bijoor, MD

Interv. Pain Mgmt Curriculum

Date TBA

Week 1: The Pain Show (All Spinal Injections-Facet Blocks, SI, Joint, Trigger)

Week 2: The Pain Show (All Spinal Injections-Facet Blocks, SI, Joint, Trigger)

Week 3: Joint/ Extremities/ Non Spinal

Week 4: ACP Stem Cell Therapies.

‘5 Stars’ Celebrity Pain Management Instructors

1. David Rosenblum, MD

2. Ernest Roman, MD

3. Stefan Samuelson, MD

4. Glen Barnes, DO

5. TBA

Aesthetics Curriculum

Part I Dr. Jonathan Sykes Facial Anatomy for Botox/Fillers
Part II Dr. Shino Bay Aguilera Consultation, Creating an Aesthetic Plan, Mechanism of Action – Botox, Choosing the Correct Filler, - Strategic Partnership with the Various Aesthetic Companies
Part III Dr. Gregory Buford Botox Injections Review including Advanced Injections (i.e. jawline), Possible Complications, Pricing & Packaging
Part IV Dr. Azza Halim Complete Dermal Filler Review including multiple lip techniques (4), cheek augmentation (3), nasiolabial folds, jawline definition, and marionette lines
Part V Dr. TJ Tsay How to handle complications (Botox/Fillers), Touch-Ups and Combination Therapies (PRP, PDO Threads, etc. with Botox and Fillers) – Pearls for running an aesthetic practice(Product/Service Selection etc.)

'5 Stars' Celebrity Team Credentials

Aesthetics Instructors

Shino Bay
Gregory Buford
azza halim
jonathan sykes

Anti-Aging Instructors

Dr. Anne Roberts
Dr. Thom Lobe
Dr. Betsy Greenleaf
Dr. Raj Singh
Dr. Nivedita Bijoor

Pain Management Instructors

Dr. David Rosenblum

David Rosenblum, MD Dr. David Rosenblum is currently the director of Pain Medicine at Maimonides Medical Center, and sees outpatients in Brooklyn and Great Neck. He is dual board certified in Anesthesia and Pain Medicine. He completed a fellowship in interventional pain medicine at New York University, where he also underwent three years of training in Anesthesia.

Dr. Ernest Roman

Ernest Roman, MD Dr. Ernest Roman is a Board Certified Physician in Interventional Pain Management and Board Certified in Facial Aesthetics. Lead Instructor for Basic and Advanced Interventional Pain Management and Aesthetics for Empire Medical Center one of the largest CME’s providers in the USA.

Dr. Stefan Samuelson

Stefan Samuelson, MD Dr. Stefan Samuelson, MD is a board certified anesthesiologist in New York, New York. He is currently licensed to practice medicine in New York.

Dr. Glen Barnes

Glen Barnes, DO He attended University of Nevada – Las Vegas to obtain his Bachelor’s Degree in Pre-Professional Biology. Afterwards he obtained his Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree from Touro University Nevada in Henderson, NV.

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