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Please leave your reviews about Empire Medical Training. We value your opinions and continually aim to improve the quality of our programs. Thank you.

Kathy Ward, MD

Physician, New York

"I feel like I came away with it, not only with good fundementals... but good hands on experience. I feel like I got comfortable for myself...Empire Medical Training was excellent and thats why I wanted to write a review. I left yesterday with a feeling like it's something i can do, i have the confidence to do it... (due to multiple course options) Now I am actually thinking about things i haven't otherwise thought of. It's opened up the doors to other (procedures) in the future that I might try. I Specifically liked how the trainers are very hands-on, they are certainly willing to answer any questions no matter how late it gets. They are very accessible,they are very approachable, and certainly very knowledgable. I feel like the few classes I have taken I have learned a lot in a short amount of time. I feel like i can take the training I did here and take it out and get pretty proficient."

Dr Kristy-Anne Evelyn

Physician, Barbedos

"I’m Kristy-Anne Evelyn and I practice in Barbados. I've taken the sclerotherapy course with Empire Medical Training, I learned a lot about those techniques and also about laser techniques for getting rid of veins. The course was very informative and I liked it a lot."

Michael Santillanes, MD

Huntington Beach, CA

"Hi hello I'm Dr. Michael Santillanes I'm here at the Empire Medical Training program, I was there basically to learn more about the aesthetic business and today we took the laser course, it's been very spectacular we learned so much about IPLs, and about RF, and about all the different types of fractional lasers, we did some Botox training and filler training at our last conference and basically it has been a really great experience, the learning has been hands on the knowledge that we gained has been something the we just couldn't have gotten anywhere else that I've seen. We were also able to do a website with Empire. Our website has been spectacular, we've gotten great reviews and we are really really happy with the package the we've received."

Dr. Chug

New York, NY

"Hi, My name is Dr. Chug, I've been to an Empire Medical Training program and taken the course on Botox© and Fillers and I've got hands on experience and the lectures have been excellent. The instruct have also been very well trained and have taught us well. I recommend this course to their people who are interested in pursuing a cosmetic outlet to their practice."

Margaret Zachary. MD

Neurologist, New York

"I was originally attracted to (Empire Medical Training) for the Dermal Filler course, but i actually wound up signing up for a multitude of them considering they have the whole (Platinum) package deal. We got hands on training with a couple of patients, they took you step by step, and you got your own patient and we got to work with them - it was great. You got to see how these courses all start to link together, and really can build on your practice and (they) really educate you on how everything needs to work together well. It was a great program, and am looking forward to the next class as i have a few more to take."

Gustavo Laabes

"The course has been excellent. Easy to follow, with A+++ resources. I really appreciate it."

Neri Garcia, MD

"I'm really happy with Empire Medical, their courses are very comprehensive and I learned a lot from them. I'm now looking forward to my anti-aging course with them."